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Quick Intro

Hey there, my name is Chris Marlow (aka KD or Killerdog) and I’ve been playing Neo Monsters since August 2016. I was looking for a game like Pokemon and ended up downloading this. I soon realised it wasn’t anything like Pokemon, it’s so much more! I’ve been a keen Magic the Gathering (card game) player since the age of 10 and feel that NM is very similar in many ways. What I love most about NM is the complicated, strategic combat that gets me thinking more intensely than any other game. I’m into hardcore, tough games but I’ve never come across a game that I can’t multi-task while playing… I can’t even hold a conversation while playing PvP in Neo Monsters!

Writing guides for the games I love has become a big hobby of mine these past years. I actually took up the position of moderator here for the sole purpose of gaining the extra forum abilities to more easily create guides. I’ve been around on the forum here for a while so you’ll probably know how much I like to analyse things and discuss them. These guides are the true product of my analysis, in a format which hopefully can help a lot of other players enjoy the game as much as I do. I also like to make YouTube videos for the games I enjoy, so if you’re interested in checking those out then subscribe to my channel. I don’t post all of them here in the forum.

I hope that there’s lots of information here that interests you. Some of my guides become out of date as time goes on since so many things change but I do my best to adapt them. This thread here is a catalogue of all the guides I’ve created here on the forum as well as particular ones I think are worth reading. If you have any suggestions for guides or want to propose alterations then please use my feedback thread linked at the bottom.

YouTube channel -

Useful Threads

These are various threads around the forum you may not find easily but may want to. Note: a lot of the community use the phone App called “Line”. If you want to participate in a clan or talk with people to get help then download the app and ask to join on the forum.

Neo Monsters Clan thread - (a thread used to advertise your clan or to ask to join one)
Team building help - (post your current team and view of your legendaries / super epics to get help)
Abbreviation Legend II - (a thread telling you all the commonly used abbreviations on this forum)

Core Game Aspects

These guides attempt to give you all the information you might want to know about particular parts of the game. They give the raw data rather than including lots of opinionated comments or advice.

Neo Monsters wikia - (details the movesets of the monsters if you search for them by name)
Legendaries/Mythics listed + stats - (details all the legendaries in the game with their stats, speed and cost)
Every legendary/mythic reviewed - (details what each legendary has to offer teams)
Mythic monster movesets - (details the moveset changes/additions to mythics when awoken)

Advice and opinionated topics

These guides go into details which are subjective or otherwise too complicated to define for certain. They’re hopefully a good source of information to base your own opinion on or otherwise blindly follow and be successful. If you have your own strong opinions I don’t expect you to agree with everything written and, depending on the thread, I may or may not be incorporating multiple opinions on the topic.

Neo Monsters current tier list - (a ranking of all the monsters in the game for both general PvE and PvP)
New Players Guide - (a guide for brand new players to help them navigate the game)

Efficiency tips

These guides are a breakdown of how you can use the resources in the game most efficiently. They contain a lot of opinionated statements that you may not agree with (we all play the game differently) but it’s good to hear another’s perspective sometimes in order to get the best possible strategy for yourself. I try to stick to mathematical analysis as best I can, while making it possible to read as a non-mathematical person (look for summary sections if that’s you)!

Bonus Potions and Entrance Speed guide - (a breakdown of the bonuses along with extra info and tips)
Egg drop rates analysis (with tips) - (a mathematical comparison between some of the best eggs available)

Content tips

These are places you can look for tips on how to play in different bits of content (ultimate challenge, dungeon challenge, island challenge etc.). Some of the stuff here can be really outdated but you can still pick up a lot from it which you can incorporate into your play-style or team building.

How to beat each event (+videos) - (detailed tips and videos for each event in the game)
Showdown tower map - (details of where all the trainers are)
Showdown at Old Corrolan battle 2 + Final battle - (videos showing how to do this event)

Random topics/trivia

A selection of threads that have interesting information or are a fun place to chat. Not important, but you might want to participate or have a read.

KD’s Recommendations for the game - (my personal radical ideas for how to improve the game)
Rare Gems - Unlucky Players - (the place people go to find a shoulder to cry on)
Meme Neo Thread - (the thread for sharing funny Neo Monsters memes)
What did you get from your Eggs? - (the place to share what you hatched recently)
Monster Skill/Suggestion Box - (a thread for sharing your wildest ideas for new monsters/skills)
Neo Monsters fan art gallery - (if you’re a digital/practical artist then add to this thread)
Craziest neo stuff / fun thread - (the place for sharing crazy screenshots)


For any feedback you may have to this thread please use the thread link below. This could be anything like:

  • Suggestions for improvement to current material
  • Suggestions for expansion
  • General discussion/questions

Feedback thread

Future planned additions (that I may never get around to)

  • Best legendaries in the game
  • Damage calculation guide
  • Game mechanics / strategies
  • Proposed changes to monsters (mine + community)

KD's Showdown Tower map
KD's Legendaries/Mythics listed + stats
KD's Every legendary/mythic reviewed
KD's How to beat each event (+videos)
KD's Egg drop rates analysis (with tips)
KD's Bonus Potions and Entrance Speed guide
Neomonsters Youtube
KD's New Players Guide
KD's Legendaries/Mythics listed + stats
KD's Recommendations for the game
KD's New Players Guide
KD's Mythic monster movesets
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