Feedback thread for "Killerdog's guides"

This thread is for any discussion you may have about anything I detail in my guides. I want to keep my guide thread closed and clean so it’s easy for people to access and read. I’m open to any ideas for improvement of what I’ve written and if any corrections need to be made to my mistakes. Also, any suggestions you have for what to add would be greatly appreciated and I’ll see what I can do! :slight_smile:

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First of all i want to thank you for the all the work you’ve put in there and helping each other player with your input. Very appreciate this :ok_hand:


Thanks! It will take forever to achieve what I want to but you can hopefully see I’ve made a start. I was planning to finish the “every legendary reviewed” thread before making them all public but I promised to share the Showdown Tower map before ST came out again… ST arrived in the news this morning so I knew it was time to bring out what I’ve done so far.

I’ll be bringing out a guide on Bonus Potions probably tomorrow. I’ve got all the info, just need to throw it into a thread on the forum. I ran out of time today.

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No hurry on this, What i’ve learned from this game in the past 1.5 years is that you just need to be extremely patient ^^

Hahaha so true!

Great guides mate, very helpfull

Wow! Amazing… Devs need to throw some serious gems your way for compensation.



I’d like to say we call emeraldont turt

Being English I refuse to call a tortoise a turtle, but thanks I’ll add it :wink:

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Give him free 300 gems for his work please.

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But how can I continue to call myself a free player if I get gifted gems? I’ll be getting more gems than normally available :frowning:


No. You deserve 300 gems for this. Actually you deserve more gems than that. But 300 seems like a realistic number.




Just finished and released the guide! I hope you all like it. I threw in some extra bits of information and used it as a place to explain how potions should be used on the starters and Chronox. If you think there’s anything important which should be added then let me know!

You can find the guide by clicking this useful link here

I realised while writing this that I don’t have the exact values for 60TU skills being reduced by potions. I am pretty sure someone with Geomagnus told me a while ago but I have no idea where to look for that. If someone could tell me what happens in +6-9 I would be very grateful! I could estimate but might get one of the numbers wrong.

Next is slowly working through the legendaries reviewed guide. I’ve had a number of you show an interest in helping me out with it. Thanks very much for the eagerness to help but for now I’d like to get it done myself then I’ll be open to making alterations/additions based on what people say and am keen on the idea of people writing their own reviews which I’ll add at the bottom in a section called “community reviews”. There will be a link from my review down to yours and you’ll get full credit for what you’ve written. Having an alternate perspective on some of the monsters would be really good.

Good job on the potions guide… All your guides are very well organised and neatly arranged … learnt a lot…also learnt a new word - sped ! Dint know it even existed lol

You made me think I misspelled speed one time, I just went to check! I can’t say that was the purpose of the guide but I’ll celebrate all the successes :wink:

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I’m currently trying to improve my Showdown Tower map as I go through the event… filling in gaps, correcting door mappings and adding trainer names as I find out the information. Floor 7+ I believe are 100% accurate, but the earlier floors I skipped over a bit last time to save myself the tickets for the testing on the later floors.

If anyone spots anything that is wrong please do let me know, either in a PM or here. Otherwise, hope you find the guide useful for tracking down / avoiding those trainers!

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Thanks for the guides KD

So far the map has been 100% accurate for me! Thank you very much


Hey kd, can you post the monsters list of trainers in floor 11 and 12 if you have… it would save a lot of frustration when losing to battle 12 lol :joy::neutral_face: