💡 Monster Skill/Suggestion Box 💡

I thought that it would be helpful to the devs to make a topic where everybody can post any suggestions they have, that way they can read everything in one place and things would be more organized. It would also help to filter out too many individual posts with suggestions. Let me start.

I think it would be a good idea if everybody got one of each key every time they rank up, along with ticket refill. Maybe even a full refill (might be overkill). It might help to quell everybody’s anger about being locked behind a cooldown gate. Might not help with all of the complaints, but it’s a start.


1 of each key refilling upon leveling up. I like that idea.

When I first heard that we’d be able to transfer monsters from Hunter Island to Neo Monsters, I didn’t expect only being able to transfer one monster (which I should have seen coming). Maybe allow one more monster to be transferred at least, considering how difficult the game is, and bring the monster transfer feature back for those who missed it. So allowing a total of two monster transfers (at least) to all players.

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Thats good and plus change the refill time to 12 or 16 hours because 24 hours is too much

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great topic. thanks for making it. will look into every suggestion after we stabilize our servers. 

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Any chance the fever meter will make a return and say a full meter leaves the eggs with just super epics and the legendary? Or maybe a special egg that costs say 20 gems?


I’m dying to get another transfer monster from HI.  :frowning:


One suggestion I have is to add an offline dungeon that contains ingredients, silver, and fruit. That way players don’t have to wait for their stamina to recharge. Right now, I’m logging in once per day to do a few missions then that’s it. It would be fun to be able to pick up the game whenever and work on my monsters.


Add a way to see how much exp is needed to level up outside of missions. Right now the only way to see is after you complete a mission.

I saw someone say that there’s a max capacity to how many monsters you can have at the ranch. Maybe lift that limitation in the future?

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Boost the catch rate of 3* Evo meterials from 43% max to 60%

Obviously been mentioned, but ticket refresh rate

make poison not slow down the fight (not lag, just the actual animation cannot occur while other things happen)

Infinite dungeon again, we loved that.

I agree with many of the comments what I love about RPGS is the grind and as it is there is no reason to do so. Everything should be avaliable in game with online missions yeilding higher rewards.

It took less than a week to finish the offline portion and now I’m stuck waiting for keys and tickets.  Pacing is off, the game is unbalanced.  The theme of these suggestions are to extend offline play and give the player more to do.

  • Reduce cooldowns for keys and tickets

  • Slow down exp gains (I don’t want to max my creatures in <24h play time, its gratifying at first but then you get stuck)

  • Endless dungeon for continued offline fun

-More offline monsters, islands, etc. Offline play just runs out too fast.

-Bring recipe monsters back and make them difficult to find and/or catch.  

-It’s probably too late now but it was a mistake getting rid of card ranks/ getting an extra turn. This was a good way of extending gameplay.

-Have at least a couple super rare/ legend monsters obtainable from the wild.  Rare and difficult to catch. The game should not depend on spins. Throw in some common but difficult to find ones too and give them unique movesets- that you need to have the right strategy to make effective.

  • Ultraevolution ingredients and training SHOULD take long. I support that. But provide other stuff to do in the interim.

I have loved all your games but this one is losing my interest.  There is nothing to do but wait for keys and tickets. 

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The thing about lowering the cooldown time, is that if they lower it too much, they can’t raise it because a lot of people would get pissed.

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I can’t think of anyone who wants longer timers, really

Actually gain max cost for levelling. In another post, I commented that I got no max cost increase from levelling. I find it a bit insulting to level for nothing. Even just one would have been fine.

They do add max cost, it’s just not every level

I get that, I just thought it would be nice to get something every time you level, like most RPGs.

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That would be nice, would help the ticket problem a little as well, having better level up rewards

Make mysticorn better. Right now he fucking sucks dick. Bitch dies before ever does anything

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Said this before, but improve the log-in rewards. Give youth fruit instead of friend points, more than 1 gem every 10 days, and more than like 3000 silver, that isn’t even enough to feed a fruit to a monster.

A way to get more keys would be great. As it is I have to wait at least 24 hrs to progress my monsters, then use the gold key to either get fruit or enough silver to ultra-evolve. 

Highly agree that there should be some useful monsters available outside of gold eggs. Makes the islands completely useless once you complete them. Nothing to do except online missions or story challenges. 

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The levelling thing most times you get a cost increase and a ticket amount increase but sometimes you get either a larger cost increase or a ticket increase its not always both but you do get something each level