KD's (Old) Showdown Tower 1.0 map

This guide is for an older version of this event. Please see the new guide here:

KD’s Showdown Tower map 2.0


This information is for the "Showdown Tower" limited-time event. In this event we work our way through floors by doing battles and earning badges. Each win gives us one badge and losses give us none. We need a certain amount of badges to progress to the next floor. While playing the event we may come across trainers. Beating them gives a badge, as normal, but losing against them will mean we lose all our badges for that floor and be reset to battle 1. The reason for this guide is to show which doors you should select to meet/avoid trainers as you please. It is still down to random chance, but by having this information you can help yourself get through this event more easily.

NOTE: The exact mapping of the trainers may change at any time. I will try my best to keep this as up-to-date as possible.

Two interesting things to know:

  1. If you want to change which door you’ve selected after you’ve entered the dungeon you may choose to go back up the stairs. This will have used the tickets but you will not be forced to do the fight.
  2. It’s possible to check whether a door is red/white/- by clicking on the door when you have fewer tickets than required to enter the dungeon. The message will display before it asks you to refill your tickets, to which you can just decline (this is how I found out the information for this guide).

Difficulty of the tower and rewards

As you go up the floors of the tower, the buff level of the enemies increases. The game also begins to pick tougher and tougher enemies. However, the buff level of the trainer battles is even higher and becomes incredibly significant by the final floors. Bear this in mind if you're planning to go for trainers... it's far easier to go for non-trainer battles.

Most of the early trainers are pointless to fight. They’re simply tougher battles! However, for some of the trainers you meet on the later floors there are gem rewards for beating them. Pay close attention to what the requirements are; many say “on different floors” so beating the same trainer twice on the same floor will not add two to the counter for the consolation prize.

Here are the requirements for the current consolation prizes and where you can meet the trainers…

Trainer name No. of defeats 12 floor? Places in the tower
Abe & Ben 3x - 7:2R, 9:2L, 12:5M
Garcia 3x - 7:8R, 10:2R, 12:3M
Black sun 2x Yes 8:6L, 9:6M, 10:10R, 12:6L
Thale 2x Yes 8:7R, 9:4M, 10:9L, 11:11M, 12:13R
Makisa 2x Yes 9:3L, 9:9R, 10:8R, 11:7L, 12:10M
Beritus 2x Yes 11:9R, 12:8R
Count Lector 2x - 11:3R, 11:12M, 12:12R
Grand four:
Torus (fire) 1x - 6:7M,10:3MR, 12:2LR
Maedel (water) 1x - 7:5M, 11:6LM
Uvestra (storm) 1x - 6:5R, 8:9LM, 11:10MR
Tardel (earth) 1x - 9:10LR, 12:9LR

Here’s how to read that table above…

  • No. of defeats = total times to defeat them (on different floors) to get all the consolation prizes.
  • 12th floor? = this trainer needs to be defeated on the 12th floor for a consolation prize.
  • Places in the tower = the format “X:X L/M/R” is used to indicate the “floor : battle number left/middle/right door is red”. Use this to work out which door you need to pick to get the highest chance of meeting the battle or where you need to avoid clicking if you want to avoid them! To know which battle number you’re on you must check how many badges you have at the time.
    E.g. If you are floor 8 with 5 badges then next battle is 8:6 and the left-hand door will be red and the most likely to have Black Sun behind it.

Note: Some trainers must be defeated exactly the number of times they appear in the tower. This means, in order to get all the consolation prizes for them, you must meet and defeat them in each place they can appear. If a trainer doesn’t appear the first time you go through the red door then you’ll have to retreat from the battle and try going in again. Each time you enter it is simply a chance for you to meet the trainer.

Garcia note: Garcia must be defeated three times in total for all the rewards. He appears on floor 7, 10 and 12 with a stronger team on the later floors. However, it you don’t fight him on floor 7 then he may appear in the final battle of floor 8 (8:10) with pattern wwr. This is unconfirmed and may be his old position before they changed the map, I have not tested it, so assume that it’s not true.

Here is a nice chart of the information above split by floors which you can use to find the important trainers if you prefer it to the full map below. This chart was made by @Lucrayzor and he kindly allowed me to add it to this guide:

Trainer teams (updated Nov 18)

Abe & Ben - random mixture of monsters, two battles so don’t rely on certain monsters or duplicating monsters.
Garcia - link shadow team, 4x Taloknight front line then 12th floor 4x Zhulong front line
Black sun - Lunartic+Solblaze front line, mainly stun later on with chrono killers
Thale - mainly shadow with stun right at the end
Makisa - Robinator front line and sleep end-game
Beritus - link water front, then poison then a random mixture of good stuff
Count Lector - Aegis, Leogeist, Emerald, Saint front line with heavy poison end-game
Torus - link fire team
Maedel - link water team
Uvestra - link storm team
Tardel - link earth team

The above details are to give you a rough idea of what each trainer team contains. The teams get changed fairly regularly so it is hard to be exact, but this will hopefully give you enough to prepare your team before you face the trainer. The trainers which appear on earlier floors (6-9) have upgraded teams on the later floors, with stronger monsters.

Full tower map

So here's the big bit... the full mapping of the tower! This is floor-by-floor what each battle will be. Any battle with simply "-" has no chance for it being a trainer. Any battle with a potential trainer has the name of the trainer and the door mapping with the following labelling system:
  • “-” = no message, lowest chance
  • “w” = white message, medium chance
  • “r” = red message, highest chance
  • x/x/x = left, middle then right door

(1) “wwr” means the left and middle doors have a white message and the right door has a red message.
(2) “r-r” means the left and right doors have a red message and the middle door has no message.

A * after a trainer’s name means it is part of a consolation prize
A ** after a trainer’s name means that battle MUST be done for a consolation prize

Optimum Path

The optimum path is for those players who are planning to get all the consolation prizes and simply want to know which trainers they need to fight so they can skip all the others. The assumptions:

  • You are skipping floor 6, to save on tickets.
  • You want to fight the trainers as early as possible, because the fights are easier on lower floors.
  • You plan to beat the trainers on floor 12 for those which have a consolation prize tied with that.

If you do not plan to beat the trainers on floor 12 (or you don’t think you can) then you should choose to do the battles marked “No 12th” so you can get the other consolation prize for no. of wins against those trainers.
Otherwise, the trainer battles are either marked “-” or “Yes”. The ones with “Yes” you do and the others you skip.

Floor 1

Battle no. Trainer name Door mapping Optimum path
1 -
2 Jansen rww
3 -
4 Sabrina wrw
5 Arvad -rr

Floor 2

Battle no. Trainer name Door mapping Optimum path
1 - - (Skip floor)
2 -
3 Yulina wwr
4 -
5 Sabrina rww

Floor 3

Battle no. Trainer name Door mapping Optimum path
1 Arvad rr-
2 -
3 Asha rww
4 Elian wrw
5 -
6 Yulina rr-

Floor 4

Battle no. Trainer name Door mapping Optimum path
1 - - (Skip floor)
2 Leigen wwr
3 -
4 Elian rww
5 Gloria wrw
6 -

Floor 5

Battle no. Trainer name Door mapping Optimum path
1 -
2 -
3 Gloria wwr
4 Sabrina rww
5 Elian wwr
6 Leigen wrw

Floor 6

Battle no. Trainer name Door mapping Optimum path
1 - - (Skip floor)
2 Leigen rww
3 Rishka wwr
4 -
5 Madame Uvestra* wwr
6 White Crescent rww
7 Torus* -rr

Floor 7

Battle no. Trainer name Door mapping Optimum path
1 -
2 Abe & Ben** wwr Yes
3 -
4 Rishka rww
5 Captain Maedel* wr- Yes
6 White Crescent wrw
7 Gloria wwr
8 Garcia** wwr Yes

Floor 8

Battle no. Trainer name Door mapping Optimum path
1 -
2 Rishka wwr
3 -
4 -
5 White Crescent wwr
6 Black Sun* rww Yes
7 Thale* wwr Yes
8 -
9 Madame Uvestra* rr- Yes
10 -

Floor 9

Battle no. Trainer name Door mapping Optimum path
1 -
2 Abe & Ben** rww Yes
3 Makisa* rww Yes
4 Thale* wrw No 12th
5 -
6 Black Sun* wrw No 12th
7 -
8 -
9 Makisa* wwr -
10 Lord Tardel* r-r Yes

Floor 10

Battle no. Trainer name Door mapping Optimum path
1 -
2 Garcia** wwr Yes
3 Torus* -rr Yes
4 -
5 -
6 Rishka wrw
7 -
8 Makisa* wwr No 12th
9 Thale* rww -
10 Black Sun* wwr -

Floor 11

Battle no. Trainer name Door mapping Optimum path
1 -
2 -
3 Count Lector* wwr Yes
4 -
5 -
6 Captain Maedel* rr- -
7 Makisa* rww -
8 -
9 Beritus** wwr Yes
10 Madame Uvestra* -rr -
11 Thale* wrw -
12 Count Lector* wrw -

Floor 12

Battle no. Trainer name Door mapping Optimum path
1 -
2 Torus* r-r -
3 Garcia** wrw Yes
4 -
5 Abe & Ben** wrw Yes
6 Black Sun** rww Yes
7 -
8 Beritus** wwr Yes
9 Lord Tardel* r-r -
10 Makisa** wrw Yes
11 -
12 Count Lector** wwr Yes
13 Thale** wwr Yes
14 -
15 Hector Finnegan -r-

[note: Hector Finnegan is currently removed]


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