Showdown tower

Noticed no one asked about the new consolation prize. Can I ask what this is and how does the system understand if you’re getting trainers all the time. I swear the last time I got a trainer after tower 7 every other time I picked a door

Maybe a top 50 rank to players who have faced the most trainers,and they get some gems as consolation,JK

probably a chance you won’t go back to the start of the floor?maybe a new prize for battling a specific amount of trainers at the event

Not losing all your keys for that floor would be nice

Specially at 12th tower,but 26 gems are good enough,time to find some red messages

The consolation prize is actually better then the normal prize. I just going to farm trainers.

They have changed the way this event works,BTW anyone seen lily’s new dialog,I know I am not suppose to talk and what she said to me was a secret but seems like something is coming soon

same I’m probably not going to finish the tower instead search for the trainers

The new idea in best.but its too bad that still messenges are based on luck!! I faced red message twice but not a single trainer :frowning:

F2P Arash

Oh well, that is why there are 12 floors.

Seems those trainers will appear on higher floors where you cannot skip.

So you are lucky!

Yes, don’t hesitate to challenge Floor Masters B)

from 1st - 7th floor still no Legit Trainers but Trainees on Red Messages. . .

4th nd 6th floor master

What’s the best monsters to use on floor 11…

Soulstealer, Warca, Bazilogon.

Ah thank you very much! Looks like I have to create another team with these…

You know what doesn’t make sense to me? The fact that when you defeat a trainer you only get 1 badge, but when you get defeated you lose all of yours.

That is why they introduced consolation prizes 

It means that the enemy trainers are only giving you a small fraction of theirs. Instead of all of them.

Just a heads up guys, if you get text but don’t get a trainer, you can just leave the battle and try again until a trainer appears. Also if you got white text you can try a different door to try and get the red one.