Showdown Tower Discussion

I thought it would be nice just to have a permanent thread for each ongoing event so that we can keep all the discussion for each event neatly in one place. Here you can seek or share any stories/tips/tricks/information regarding the Showdown Tower event. It will remained locked until the event is announced, and I’ll relock it after it ends.


Nice work @Lucrayzor :+1:

Anyone got any tips for this mode? I am able to sometimes shut the game down and still keep my badges if I am losing. But other times it doesn’t let me. What kinds of tips do you guys have?

Get good. Nah I’m joking. Some real advice would be to have mons that can deal with boosts. Like geartyrant or soulstealer. If that’s not possible a good protector and heavy sweeper

When it’s a trainer then you lose your badges if you lose the fight and closing the game will count as losing. If you lose against a wild encounter (not a trainer) then you don’t lose anything so no need to close the game.

you could just click run instead of closing the game. Also, love the free gem it was a nice touch … :wink:

You only ever et that once sadly. I was unable to claim it this time cus I’m still known as a pest. Half a year later

Well, somehow i made it to floor 12 . Maybe I’ll actaully finish it this time.
Was kind of worried on floor 11. Luckily only battle i lost was against wild animals. lol.
Did you know lector is their twice on floor 11? Kind of scary to fight him on door 12 in floor 11. he’s tough. poison is brutal especially when he has his protector saving those poison monsters from death.

Things i noted are that makissa and torus both open with assasinate monsters so dont have a protector up front if you want to beat them.

Unless you have drak. Ai is to stupid to notice most is up

ok, well im stuck… whats the strategy to beat abe & ben on F12?
i think i lost too many monsters to abe to beat ben. he has so many death revenge monsters and i dont have shield to protect me.

There’s 3 ways to thwart death revenge. Hold ground, shield, and getting them to kill themselves with recoil damage. Reckless/zealous attack, survivor, etc.

Don’t forget about desperate biters such as viridi and bitter

Have last biter in 2nd round, it can sweep the mons. Thats what I did. :joy:

That did it. I ended up loosing to lector after though. Trying it again. At door 8, somehow i managed to miss everyone so far this playthrough.

That’s hold ground

lost to lector again… cant manage to kill his autopoisons before my clone monsters come up…

Is there anyone else who have seen some new monsters in the actual Tower? I faced 2 dark SE i’ve never seen so far… both protect teamates One fluffy cat thing and an other weird guy

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