KD's Legendaries/Mythics listed + stats



There are 139 legendaries and 7 mythics in total. This guide lists them all for you so you can keep track of them more easily. It also lists some info that can be easily forgotten or is helpful for discussion on the forum. You may find this guide useful to refer to at times when you’re:

  • struggling to remember a particular legendary/mythic
  • looking for which ones might combo well with another
  • want to browse through the legendaries/mythics which are in the game

If you want to see specific details on any monster I highly recommend you search their name into the Neo Monsters wikia where community members kindly post the movesets of each monster. However, bear in mind that any changes to monsters may not have been updated on the Wikia (I will do my best to update things here).

If you want to know a bit about what each monster has to offer your team then check out my Every legendary/mythic reviewed guide. That talks about what each legendary/mythic does, while this one is more of a reference list.

I will be ordering the monsters in terms of their element and then alphabetical. Mythics will be listed after legendaries. To look for specific monsters you can also use the search function within this page. Here are links to particular posts:
Post 1 - Earth legendaries/mythics
Post 2 - Fire legendaries/mythics
Post 3 - Holy legendaries/mythics
Post 4 - Shadow legendaries/mythics
Post 5 - Storm legendaries/mythics
Post 6 - Water legendaries/mythics

Secret skills
An additional bit of information I’ve included in this guide is whether or not the secret skill is “very useful” to the moveset of the monster. It’s worth noting that most SS which only increase the monster cost by +1 (to 14) are great to have. It’s typically the +2 and +3 cost SS which you need to carefully consider. Bear this in mind when you read below, most 14 cost monsters will be “Y”. I have listed secret skills as the following:

  • Y (yes) = you definitely want the secret skill for almost all situations (think 80% or more)
  • S (situational) = you will find the secret skill very good in certain situations/teams
  • N (no) = while good, it’s not useful or required in most situations… better to go with 13 cost

For mythics I have done the same but bear in mind that their base cost when awakened is 15. Secret skills make them range in cost from 16-18.

For mythics, an additional bit of information I’ve included is whether or not awakening the monster is “very useful” for completing the moveset. Many mythics have a moveset that works very well before they have been awakened and awakening them doesn’t add much. Similar to secret skills, I’ve added a column with the following:

  • Y (yes) = the monster is much better when awakened
  • S (situational) = you might consider not awakening this monster depending on how you want to use it
  • N (no) = while stronger when awakened, this monster works better as a 12 cost monster

For mythics you can look at the “Awaken” column and “Cost Y/S/N” column to find out a bit of extra information about the monster. To elaborate…
Y awaken, Y secret skill = probably needs the secret skill
Y awaken, S/N secret skill = moveset is incomplete before awakening
S awaken, Y secret skill = there are two states the monster is viable and awakening is probably just for the secret skill
S awaken, S secret skill = the monster is useful in a number of different ways
S awaken, N secret skill = parts of the moveset or the stats boost are useful from awakening
N awaken, Y secret skill = annoying, where the monster is great at 12 cost but the secret skill is brilliant
N awaken, S secret skill = the secret skill is useful for some things but the monster works well at 12 cost
N awaken, N secret skill = the monster works best at 12 cost

For extra details on the differences between the awoken form of a mythic and the 2nd form go read my Mythic monster movesets guide.

Monster stats
Here are the stat arrangements legendaries can have:
Full attack - 5700 atk, 3350 def
Standard attack - 5150 atk, 3950 def
Rounded - 4600 atk, 4600 def
Standard defence - 4175 atk, 5225 def
Full defence - 3725 atk, 5850 def

While on this topic, here’s how health is calculated:
Health ≈ 4600 - 11*[speed stat]
e.g. 100% speed = 3500 health

Here are the stat arrangements mythics can have:
Full attack - 6900 atk, 4050 def
Standard attack - 6250 atk, 4800 def
Rounded - 5550 atk, 5550 def
Standard defence - 5050 atk, 6300 def
Full defence - 4500 atk, 7000 def

Their health is calculated as:
Health ≈ 5600 - 13*[speed stat]
e.g. 100% speed = 4300 health

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Earth legendaries

Legendary name Common nickname Stat arrangement Speed Cost Y/S/N
Bahamuzar Baha round 32% 15Y
Bazilogon Bazil round 52% 15Y
Dragaia earth last biter full atk 55% 16N
Dracorosa Rosa stan atk 71% 16S
Emeraldeus Emerald (not monster below) full atk 36% 14Y
Emeraldont Turt stan def 31% 15Y
Geomagnus Geo stan atk 56% 16S
Grovodeus Grovo full def 47% 16S
Megaiasloth Sloth full def 17% 15S
Oakthulhu Oak stan atk 29% 15Y
Sanctistag Sancti (different to Sancta) round 22% 15S
Sarcrosphinx Sarcro round 84% 14Y
Terragar Terra round 62% 16S
Tezcacoatl Tezca round 70% 15S
Tiamazus Tia / Tiamaz / earth AP full atk 38% -
Timberlord Timber stan atk 70% 14Y
Tricranium Tricra stan def 75% 15S

Earth mythics

Mythic name Common nickname Stat arrangement Speed Awaken Cost Y/S/N
Mistletorment Mistle stan def 48% Y 17S
Na’turgoul Na’tur full atk 50% S 17Y


Total FA SA Rn SD FD
19 4 4 6 3 2


Fire legendaries

Legendary name Common nickname Stat arrangement Speed Cost Y/S/N
Apollorexus Apollo round 97% 14Y
Ashterios Ash round 41% 16Y
Astrogolem Astro full atk 91% 15S
Bovolcus Bovo round 94% 14Y
Burnsalot Burns full atk 25% 15Y
Crimseias Crim stan atk 24% 15S
Deodragon Deo round 99% 16Y
Dolpheonix fire Dolph stan atk 71% 14Y
Doomengine Doom stan def 22% 15S
Flarevern fire AP full atk 38% -
Hellfox Hell / Fox stan atk 52% 16Y
Infernicorn Inferni full atk 63% 16Y
Jingledragon Jingle round 52% 15Y
Kamishogun Kami (not water wyrm) full atk 63% 14Y
Kattmmander Katt stan atk 99% 14Y
Lavaronix Lava / fire TT stan def 32% 16S
Magmarinus Magma stan atk 75% 16Y
Shivadragon Shiva full atk 97% -
Solariel - stan def 22% 16N
Solblaze - full atk 35% 15S
Tridrakhan Tridrak stan atk 62% 15Y
Vulcaroth Vulca (confused with SE Volca) round 60% 16S

Fire mythics

Mythic name Common nickname Stat arrangement Speed Awaken Cost Y/S/N
Dragulus Dragu / excessive TK full atk 75% S 16Y


Total FA SA Rn SD FD
23 8 6 6 3 0


Holy legendaries

Legendary name Common nickname Stat arrangement Speed Cost Y/S/N
Aegisdragon Aegis stan def 25% 15S
Angelion Angel stan def 51% 16S
Aurodragon Auro round 39% 15N
Blitzdyr Blitz (not SE Blitzdragon) full atk 58% 15S
Celestrion holy shocker full atk 68% -
Chronotitan - full atk 77% 15S
Chronozeros Zeros full atk 22% 15N
Dusicyon Dusic stan def 43% 16S
Gloreonix Glory full atk 67% 15N
Heavenswyrm Heavens round 81% 14Y
Jaguardian Jaguar stan atk 65% 15Y
Metatherion Meta round 25% 14Y
Midasdragon Midas full atk 51% 16S
Mojinator Moji (not Moji 1*) full def 29% 14Y
Nulltron Null stan atk 81% 16S
Omegasdragon Omegas / holy AP full atk 38% -
Pawpatrol Paw stan def 86% 14Y
Prismaryx Prisma stan atk 60% 15S
Regalion Regal stan def 58% 15Y
Sanctallion Sancta (different to Sancti) full atk 57% 14Y
Serapheon - stan def 22% 14Y
Shadowhunter holy sleeper full atk 28% -
Sweetfeather Sweet round 39% 15Y(?)
Tinkerclaus Tinker stan atk 39% 15S
Ultimadragon Ultima round 36% 15S
Utopion Uto full def 25% 16N
Valzareign Valza stan atk 46% 15S

Holy mythics

Mythic name Common nickname Stat arrangement Speed Awaken Cost Y/S/N
Voidress Void stan def 56% Y 18Y


Total FA SA Rn SD FD
28 9 5 5 7 2


Shadow legendaries

Legendary name Common nickname Stat arrangement Speed Cost Y/S/N
Ankoudragon Ankou full atk 47% 14Y
Atrahasis Atra stan atk 42% 16Y
Azrazel Azra full atk 77% 16S
Banedragon Bane full atk 34% -
Baublebasher Bauble round 76% 15Y
Deathgazer Gazer stan atk 37% 16Y
Delugazar Delu / Black beast / BB stan atk 68% 16Y
Galliodragon Gallio stan atk 96% 15S
Geartyrant Gear round 35% 15Y
Maggatsuoh Maggat stan atk 35% 14Y
Nightlord shadow shocker full atk 68% -
Nightrider - full atk 82% 14Y
Novadrake Nova stan atk 72% 15S
Noxdragon Nox stan atk 74% 14Y
Oniblade Oni (not monster below) full atk 86% 16Y
Onigeist Oni round 56% 16S
Pumpking Pump stan atk 58% 16S
Revenarchion Reven full atk 78% 15S
Rexotyrant Rexo full atk 63% 15S
Shadowyrm shadow TK full atk 93% 15Y
Skeleviathan Skele full def 90% 16S
Soulstealer SS (confused with secret skill) round 65% 14Y
Taloknight Talo round 97% 14Y
Tenebris Tene full atk 61% 16Y
Terrordragon Terror stan atk 39% 16S
Tortogeist Turtle / Torto stan def 28% 16N
Voodoom Voo full def 33% 15Y
Wraithhost - round 59% 15Y
Zhulong Zhu stan atk 67% 16Y

Shadow mythics

Mythic name Common nickname Stat arrangement Speed Awaken Cost Y/S/N
Onyxia Onyx stan atk 67% Y 17Y


Total FA SA Rn SD FD
30 10 11 6 1 2


Storm legendaries

Legendary name Common nickname Stat arrangement Speed Cost Y/S/N
Albakhan Alba stan atk 59% 15S
Bunkerbeast Bunker round 87% 16Y
Centaureon Centaur stan atk 58% 15S
Chromera Chrome stan atk 42% 16S
Cosmodragon Cosmo full atk 32% 15Y
Cybereon storm shocker full atk 68% -
Drakozord Z Drako stan def 82% 15S
Goldtail Gold full atk 25% -
Gryphking Gryph stan def 76% 16Y
Leogeist Leo round 99% 16S
Lunartic Luna round 23% 15S
Malwing - full atk 44% 16Y
Motordragon Motor full atk 30% 15Y
Raizen - round 66% 16Y
Shurikaizer Shuri stan atk 69% 14Y
Staticsphere Static stan def 48% 16Y
Stratustrike Stratu stan atk 82% 15Y
The Godfeather storm last biter full atk 55% 14Y
The Penguinator Peng stan atk 35% -
The Saintfeather Saint stan atk 52% 16S
Tygoron Tygo stan atk 60% 16S
Zephyrin Zeph stan def 82% 15Y
Zeuswyrm Zeus stan atk 99% 15S

Storm mythics

Mythic name Common nickname Stat arrangement Speed Awaken Cost Y/S/N
XYZ-999L XYZ stan atk 80% Y 17S


Total FA SA Rn SD FD
24 6 10 4 4 0


Water legendaries

Legendary name Common nickname Stat arrangement Speed Cost Y/S/N
Atlantyrant Atlan stan atk 47% 16S
Azuraidos Azura stan atk 71% 15Y
Celeshine - stan atk 39% 14Y
Cryokaizer Cryo full atk 57% 14Y
Cyclozar Cyclo full atk 86% 16S
Dolphreeze ice Dolph round 68% 14S
Gyomurai Gyo stan atk 63% 15Y
Icefang Ice stan atk 51% -
Jawshank Shank stan atk 37% 14Y
Kamiwyrm water TK full atk 93% 15Y
Mechaviathan Mecha / water TT stan def 32% 16N
Nebelronix Nebel full atk 32% 14N
Polaboss Pola (not monster below) stan atk 83% 15N
Polareon - stan atk 37% 14Y(?)
Sobeking Sobek round 83% 15S
Stormloch water sleeper full atk 28% -
Tagosenshi Tago round 38% 15S
Triviathan Trivia stan atk 67% 16S
Warca - round 52% 14Y
Wraithcaptain - full atk 38% -
Ziberius Zib round 81% 16S

Water mythics

Mythic name Common nickname Stat arrangement Speed Awaken Cost Y/S/N
Kuraokami Kurao stan def 74% N 17S


Total FA SA Rn SD FD
22 7 8 5 2 0


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