5 Legends - 20 S. Epics.......But still no clue

I feel I have been lucky in Neo monsters with eggs, but I’m not sure I’m building my team to the best of it’s abilities. I feel like I have only skimmed the surface with tactical playing and still just play a blunt force trauma game rather than playing the game in a particularly clever way. Sure I can rinse through AI teams (up to about 56 on online dungeons) but then I just get smashed. I’m hoping someone might be able to see why on both my teams I can’t get past this rut. I can’t find a better way of building them. Some of the monsters have (#) next to them, this means the are not fully evolved. I recently got Gearwolf a knock back/team turn and I would like to see if I can get it involved. I haven’t listed the epics I have but I probably I have some in every category. 



Warca, Solariel, Icefang, Chronzar (5), The Godfeather, Rexotyrant

Super Epics

Tanks - Flaredon  (4), Mossgolieth, Barricazor, Frostgant (4)

Sweeper / Time strikers / Sleep / Death Sentence - Lunaverios**, Dreadwolf (4)**, Luxknight(4), Magmaraptor, Snowja(4), Torrentide

Poison - Arkdragon

Sleep Killers / Protect Kill - Demolitron, Mechadin

Sleep / Dreamhunt - Shinobidragon(4), Diredemon

Other S. Epics

Virabbit, Heal all, Timestrike, Overwatch

Gaiawyrm (4) Survivor/purify/Desperate Bite

Oniscar(4) Survivor/Stunflash

Snowfiend (4) Reckless/Desperate Strike/ Zealous Attack

Gearwolf (4) TeamTurn / Knockback / Bloodcrave

Total Team Cost 138

First Team

 First line (Sleep) - (Nilodeus,Dreadwolf,Lunaverios,Mossgolieth,Diredemon),

Second Line (Sweep) Warca,Icefang,Solariel,Torrentide,Magmaraptor, Chronoza,Rexo, 

Third Line (Throws, End Heals, Sleep all and Last Bite) The Godfeather, Moji, Humboss, Shrubtooth

Second Team

 First Line (Poison, Heal, Assist AOE and Retreat ) - Oniscar, Arkdragon, Virarabbit, Godfeather.

Second Line (Sweep Protect and Heal) Icefang, Mossgolieth,Warca, Torrentide, Rexo, Solariel, Dreadfish (stun), Chronozar, Magmaraptor

Third Line (Throws, Sleep All and Heal, Last Bite) -  Godfeather, Sanctolamb, Moji, Scaldhorn 

well i had a look at your teams the first one has a major weakness to stun the only protection you have is moss once he is gone its game i would try to implement a bit more protection the new choco monster is great for that

I missed the new choco monster. Thanks for the advice, Ill evolve my Flaredon and make a more rigid team. Do you think the order the sweepers come in is correct?

im not sure why you have dire 5, icefang or a stunner would be better suited for 5 spot also might be a good idea to re fasion the whole lead galv and kong are always great leads also im not sure what the meta for pvp for you is so try to build something that counters what you are normally facing 

try a fl of one on one, diredemon and 2 survivors. 1st goes one on one, and as you know diredemon is sleep immune so dream hunt away but before you do that use protect teammates to be a tank and just dream hunt. once you wake up then survivors are raeady to go. :slight_smile:

Using this I would recommend:

Diredemon - Protect
Snowja - One On One/Timestrike
Oniscar - Stun Flash/Survivor
Warca - 400 Second Novablast

Start off with Stunflash or protect, I forgot which monster is faster. Now you can either one on one with Magmaraptor or Timestrike, just be sure that your one on one can be activated if you choose to destroy an enemy. Stealth Warca or not, it doesn’t matter. One on one. You can dreamhunt now. Warca should eventually get Novablast charged and Oniscar should get survivor.

I recommend putting Solariel in five to gain use of his stunning entrance just in case one of your monsters kicks the bucket too early. It will offer up more time for Warca to charge.

The Godfeather is great at the end but put a useless mon after it so when you Novablast, it doesn’t sacrifice him.

There’s a frontline idea for you, the rest of your team you’ll have to experiment with.

Stun flashers and snowja are too slow i would recommend use galvane and epic one on one to make it more efficient