Feedback thread for "Killerdog's guides"

After someone raised it on the forum I was able to go catch it. I can’t remember the exact location but I think it was the water island (tropical isles?) around the bottom in the middle. If you search in the forum you might find the post about it. Archeloth or Archelo would be the thing to search for.

The wikia mentions it was on the north of fendi (tropical isles). If it is actually the bottom in the middle, then it should be the east of fendi. I’ll try it from now.

Looking at the island maps again it might actually be the cursed island in the water area. Sorry I can’t remember exactly, got the monster a while back and searching on the forum I couldn’t find the info again.

That’s what it says on the wikia. Took a while for me but I got it to show up eventually.

Archeloth should be the one to get an evolution next.

Only if you tell us its exact location!

As per a request from a community member (can’t remember which now) I have added a new thread:

KD’s Version update history - A catalogue of all the update notes for as many version updates as I could find.

This took me MUCH longer than I expected as finding and piecing together the update notes was incredibly challenging. I’m fast with the re-formatting but for all the updates where the Devs hadn’t posted the exact notes it took me ages getting the information. I think it took about 7 hours in all.

I didn’t give credit to each of the people who shared information on the forum in relation to updates even when I directly quoted them or used their screenshots. In a couple of cases there would’ve been 10+ people I drew from for just one version update. Hopefully none of you mind (not that you know who you are anyway)!

I’ve also unpinned the very old and out of date update thread done by the Devs and I will pin this thread instead. I hope you all like it!


Sacrumega has FINALLY been released so now the KD's Player Icon previews includes every icon obtainable in the game so far! Sacrumega is #100 monster icon (page 4) if you want to see it.

Some of you may have also read my thread recently KD's Monsters designed after community members which is now complete with details on how exactly each monster is designed after each person. I hope you all enjoy reading it, I like to do my own designs of stuff.


Just added a video to my KD's How to beat each event (+videos) thread for Time Attack where I use a Novadrake + Enrage combo. This strategy proved even more consistent than using Captainwhiskers!

Also, I added a new monster to the KD's Monsters designed after community members thread…

Name: Ninjachan (Lily wielding a small hand cannon with katana on back/side, dressed as an attractive ninja and face mostly obscured)
Stats: Storm, 73%, 13-16, standard defence
(-) Load stealth mortar (130TU) [loads mortar and applies shield + stealth to the user]
(-) Sneak piercing mortar (50TU) [needs mortar + stealth applied to user, bypasses protectors]
(-) Mist mortar (50TU) [purifies and applies stealth to the whole team, requires and consumes loaded mortar]
(-) Slip into shadows (50TU) [loads mortar and applies stealth to the user but does not apply a shield, usable only if a teammate other than the user has the stealth status]
SS: Blush (100TU) [applies a shield to all teammates, removes stealth from the user, requires stealth status to use]
(-) Poison immunity
(-) Stealth gift

Designed after @Elizabethchan

  • Lily, the in-game waifu, after Elizabethchan’s known admiration for my voice
  • She’s a ninja because it’s cool but also because it’s Elizabethchan spying on me and that’s why the face is mostly obscured too, to cover the identity
  • Storm and mortar for the element and archetype Elizabethchan likes most of all plus stealth theme for cohesive design
  • Blush is something Lily does lots (and maybe Elizabethchan too) which is where her identity is uncovered despite the ninja costume, it shields the team from attacks as the enemy is taken aback by realising it is Lily but removes her stealth
  • The design is she’s hard to kill with the poison immunity making stealth + shield very effective. She does mist and piercing sweeping at good speed unless stealth gets removed from teammates, in which case she must load slower. She cannot do damage unless she has stealth, so can be shut down by fast hitting moves. Combos extremely well with camouflage monsters but slip into shadows does not apply a shield so she can be killed more easily when taking the speedy route
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Hey KD in the new player guide you mention we’ll need 9 of each epic starter. What am I missing because I only count 8. 4 of each to make leggy chronox and then 4 of each to have them as super epics, is there something else?

The 4* starters are feeling ashamed at your lack of respect for them :wink:

Ah okay I see, some death stunner bench units, cool cool thanks

Got it! They come in particular use with Canishogun with his SS “underdog” (triples the attack and defence of 0-4* monsters). Put him with any of the starters + others of that element and time the entrance speed to go just behind Canishogun then you can underdog -> assisted AoE to one-shot most things in PvP.

If you’re doing much PvP at the moment you’ve probably seen that around the place.

I don’t have Canishogun and I haven’t used those 4* starters for years but you’ll find out with time that you want to get every single monster you can get your hands on. The Devs are very giving us reasons to use some of the weaker monsters in certain scenarios.

Btw I applaud your ambition. I look forward to seeing you develop in this game. Hopefully you can be among the greats by the end of this year.

That’s really interesting I’ll have to look up canis in the dex that sounds potent. Thanks for the insight. Haven’t yet seen that in pvp arena but in the biweekly missions he seemed like a glass cannon and I didn’t pay attention to him much, but then again those teams are really stacked so its easy to miss

I just released KD’s Showdown Tower map 2.0 which is a new and better version of the old map. Now all trainers have a small description of what is in their team (almost all - still doing the last few).

I also changed the section in KD’s How to beat each event (+videos) with regards to Showdown Tower to keep that up to date (although the thread is not properly written yet).

I’ve updated KD’s Version update history with version 2.11, including an extra note that wasn’t added.

Added the section with links to my YouTube series which reviews all the monsters each year to KD's Every Monster Analysed.

These are the first of the series, 2019!

2019 (monsterdex #1500-1750)
Earth - Fire - Holy - Shadow - Storm - Water

(Please note, at my time posting this the water video is not out yet. It will be soon)

I’ve updated KD's Version update history with version 2.12, including a table showing the change to bonus potions on move TU.

Also, I forgot to write here to say that KD's Player Icon previews has been updated to include the 2 icons from events and the Valentine’s icon. Thanks again to the Devs for providing them!

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I’ve updated KD's Legendaries/Mythics listed + stats to now include the types of all the monsters. I’ve also expanded the summary sections to have a table for types and added the table below in the first post.

For anyone interested in the type distribution across elements here it is (so far). Some types are very focused in a certain element, while others are in two and others are split across them all. It should be interesting when we start getting some moves with regards to types.

Type \ Element Earth Fire Holy Shadow Storm Water Total
Angelic 1 9 1 1 12
Aquatic 1 10 11
Beast 7 2 4 5 4 22
Bird 1 3 2 2 5 3 16
Bug 5 1 1 2 1 1 11
Demon 2 7 9
Dragon 3 10 10 8 4 5 40
Humanoid 3 1 3 2 1 10
Phantom 2 2 10 3 1 18
Plant 7 1 8
Reptile 6 1 1 2 10
Robotic 3 6 3 10 4 26
Rock 6 6 1 13
Total 34 33 36 40 31 31 205

I also made a few improvements/fixes to KD's New Players Guide, particularly with regards to hero rank and farming exp.


I’ve updated KD's Player Icon previews with the April Fool’s Day and Survival of the Fittest icons. Thanks again to the Devs for providing them!
Icon227 Icon228 Icon229

I’ve also added a small section to KD's How to beat each event (+videos) with the buff levels of SotF. This guide is still a work in progress but has a bunch of info like this…

Survival of the Fittest

Enemy buff level:
Level 1-30 = 0.55x - 1x
Level 30-200 = 1x - 1.75x (increases by 0.043x every 10 levels)

Every 10th battle is buffed by an extra 10%, making the agents harder:
E.g. Level 101 = 1.33x buff but level 100 = 1.46x buff