Feedback thread for "Killerdog's guides"

After someone raised it on the forum I was able to go catch it. I can’t remember the exact location but I think it was the water island (tropical isles?) around the bottom in the middle. If you search in the forum you might find the post about it. Archeloth or Archelo would be the thing to search for.

The wikia mentions it was on the north of fendi (tropical isles). If it is actually the bottom in the middle, then it should be the east of fendi. I’ll try it from now.

Looking at the island maps again it might actually be the cursed island in the water area. Sorry I can’t remember exactly, got the monster a while back and searching on the forum I couldn’t find the info again.

That’s what it says on the wikia. Took a while for me but I got it to show up eventually.

Archeloth should be the one to get an evolution next.

Only if you tell us its exact location!

As per a request from a community member (can’t remember which now) I have added a new thread:

KD’s Version update history - A catalogue of all the update notes for as many version updates as I could find.

This took me MUCH longer than I expected as finding and piecing together the update notes was incredibly challenging. I’m fast with the re-formatting but for all the updates where the Devs hadn’t posted the exact notes it took me ages getting the information. I think it took about 7 hours in all.

I didn’t give credit to each of the people who shared information on the forum in relation to updates even when I directly quoted them or used their screenshots. In a couple of cases there would’ve been 10+ people I drew from for just one version update. Hopefully none of you mind (not that you know who you are anyway)!

I’ve also unpinned the very old and out of date update thread done by the Devs and I will pin this thread instead. I hope you all like it!