Neo Monsters Beginners Megathread


It would surely be helpful for beginners!If I had known rerolling was quite worth it,I would have done it,but im way past that now.:sweat_smile:

First of all, great work and thanks for all the time and effort you invest in this guide. It surely will be helpful for Beginners. Two things i noticed is, that you get 1 ticket every 10 minutes, not every hour and the ingredient you need in order to evolve your starter is called moalith instead of monolith, at least thats the name of the one in my monster list :smiley:

Not monolith, moalith.

thanks for pointing that out… Still had to proof read haha

Edited already based on earlier comment

You forgot to mention assisted teams. They’re quite potent.

Getting there… I don’t think it’s worthy of mentioning as a “common” beginners thing to use since it would be hard to form an assist line early on in the game

Please keep to topic, this post is here to help form a guide for new and old players. Please post stuff relevant to the subject

Here are some pictures of ingredients that you could use.

cheers,  I can’t store these pictures on my work computer so I will store and add them when I get home.

EDIT: got back from spending a weekend with family. added the pictures. thanks a bunch

I’ll be getting to the PVP part now and start discussing team combo’s and strategies. please feel free to comment if you feel stuff needs to be added or I missed a part and you commonly use the strategy I am speaking of. I do not have every monster in the game and some strategies I can only judge from battling them.

You can run night night with an autopoisoner for more sweeping.

Also you forgot the assisted teams, and it’s probably worth mentioning sacrifice teams (Bahamuzar and co) since while they don’t dominate the front line they are solid in midgame.

You could mention emeraldeus in the counter for the SS frontline since death sentence all and sleep all don’t affect him plus death mark is faster than death sentence. 

Decided to come back from giving too many details and make a more general overview. chances new players will have something like emeraldeus etc are very low and its a beginners guide after all

This the exact rate of legendary in egg,
2x probability in festival is just advertisement

It never said 2x probability. Just a really high chance.

Keep it on topic please. And say something positive for once.

I’ve given up the idea that this guy will ever state something positive lol

Nope, not until hell freezes over :smiley: Just read the new parts and couldnt discover any mistakes. Amazing Work and even for an more experienced player a pleasure to read. Keep it up :slight_smile:

So far seems like its going to be a great beginners guide, you might also want to add a sub section on levelling up in part 4.3 and just state its easier to increase your hero rank and team cost by completing online story missions, ultra-evolve quests, rank up missions and super challenge battles. Then something about online chapter 4 hidden realm dungeon battle about having the best ticket to exp ratio.

Super challenge Battles:

Super challenge battle is a special event whereby the battles focus on new legendary’s, sometimes on a new legendary and/or super epic monster and at times on previously released limited time only legendary’s. It is worth noting that Super Challenge Battles precede limited time only Special or Festival egg offer where these featured/showcased monsters will be available to get from these eggs. You could consider these super challenge battles as a showcase/monster spotlight of what these monsters are capable of. 

There are three stages to these events, Expert (Challenge 1) , Master (Challenge 2) and Extreme (Challenge 3)

Expert - Challenge 1

This battle will see you face off against a team built with the first (initial) evolution form of these showcased monsters as well as other monsters which maybe in their second evolution form. The team consists of 16 monsters.

Rewards: 1 gem and 1,300 Exp points (need to check if this varies between super challenge battles)  

Master - Challenge 2

The second battle is slightly harder and will see you face off against the intermediate evolution line of the showcased monsters as well as other monsters which may also be ultra-evolved. This battle will see you battle vs 20 monsters.

Rewards - An ingredient item (usually a pyramid), 1 gem and 7,200 Exp points

Extreme - Challenge 3

This will be the hardest of the 3 challenges, whereby you’ll face off against the Ultra-evolved forms of these monsters as well as other monsters. Again, you face off against 20 monsters.

Rewards - An Omegamid, 2 gems and 30,000 Exp points. 

Disclaimer: Challenge 3 may be hard for newer lower hero ranked players to complete but does not necessarily mean its impossible. 

I tried to make this as brief as possible and at the same time give out the most important details, you could just re-word this to make it sound better if you want :slight_smile:

The dungeon challenge

As its name suggests, its a special event where you explore and complete and progress through several floors of the dungeon. These events will normally have a new super epic monster as an event reward after completing the 40th floor. The only exceptions are that the HP of your monsters will not recover and that there are checkpoints on certain floors where you can continue from in case your team gets defeated or if you just want to take a break. Whilst exploring each floor of the dungeon, you can encounter teams of monsters which you have to defeat in order to progress through the dungeon. After progressing through each floor of the dungeon, the monsters will get buffed up (NEED TO FIND OUT IF THIS IS AFTER EACH FLOOR OR AFTER EVERY CHECKPOINT)

Strategies commonly used.

One of the most commonly used strategies when completing the first 40 floors of the dungeons is to have 3 desperate double monsters (preferably at + 4 or +5, won’t go into to much details why, but its just to give your monsters a speed increase) + a team turn monster of a life flip all monster as your front 4.

Notable rewards:

Event Monster at Level 40

2x gems at level 50

2x Epic bonus potions at level 57

2x Super epic bonus potions at level 64

Legendary bonus potions at levels 72 and 80

3x gems at level 90

5x gems at level 100 

PS. Check points coincide with the floor rewards :slight_smile:

Gonna keep an update log in the comment section for my own reference:

Added Assisted thunder / (water?) Topic

Added Dungeon challenge & Super Challenge battle