RAW Underdog yes or no?

  • Yes
  • No

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Needs RAW Enlist lvl 4

If it is going to be nerfed, that is fine but underdog should be increased to +3 cost instead of just +1 and megalodragon should be given RAW sonic strike.


Megalodragon has already RAW Assassinate

If goldoids are the issue, then remove the rng when targeting auto protectors instead.

Goldoids + Auro + Dusic are the issue lol

Yes well there’s this pos that exists called stag so RAW sonic strike would make megalo a hard counter to cani aoe.

@DM_Katatafish let’s remain on topic.

Yes yes yes.

Is too Harsh on Megalo

I thought no one ran megalo with protectors anyways because of RAW assassinate. Wouldn’t giving sonic strike RAW be a buff?

I would think so

Yes and no.
RAW Underdog instead would avoid Cani buffing 4S protectors (so making them super tanky), and Stag.

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And even if they buff it by giving it RAW, it still wouldn’t be as powerful before it had frenzy so it should be all good.

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To be fair I dont think I’ve ever seen anyone buff a 4 star protector with Cani. Maybe it’s more common but I’ve never seen it

I did many

I think tnc memento mori used a 4 star protector and tnc dracarys uses stag. Giving canishogun RAW underdog wouldn’t hurt my strategy so I’d be fine with it. I just think it is more fair (raw underdog is basically a direct nerf to tnc members lol) to increase the cost and make megalo able to hard counter it.


No. Other protectors can be buffed, much more dangerous.

So much for leaving the forum. But let’s make it solo link underdog. That way you have to have 2 prismegasus to use it.

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