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As you may have noticed, recently we have introduced couple new monsters with a new type of skill called RAW. (TU is lower but you only can use it if there is no friendly protector on the battlefield)

We have read all the posts regarding either Nulltron or RAW skill. It seems the condition is too strict, and we have a proposal we would like to know your feedback. (Please note that this is for all the RAW skill in general not Nulltron buff, and we don’t think she needs a buff.)

  • Under the same condition, make RAW skill ignore Hold Ground and Shield, but with the same or higher TU than its original skill. (i.g Bloodcrave TU100; RAW Bloodcrave TU100 or 120)

Feel free to share your opinion but be nice and respect each other :hugs:


Oh my god. That sounds so broken :joy:. I love it and hate it at the same time. I can see the gt raw spam coming but I know Itll help me too

Nope, I disagree to it!!!

It’s meant to be a restriction for a reason, and if you can’t afford to make a team around raw then get good .

Raw is indeed a very restricted condition, and a 10% lowered TU is usually not enough to make it worth (especially if the user is stunable).

Making it ignore HG and shields will grant it a much more worthy outcome, making it “all out attack” which fits the none protector type of gameplay.

So i think its a good idea. About TU? Higher (120 for raw bloodcrave)

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Actually, I thought about it and I can see this going really really badly. First of all:
What about raw shield self?
Give turn will become a whole new pain?
And let’s be honest it’s only raw thirst people disliked. Fury and crave were fine as they’re easy to charge and faster. We really don’t need a raw meta @Dev_VKC

Imagine excessive force on Angelion, that sounds broken to me

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That’s what made me cringe.!

I use Zeus raw perfectly, and angelion will be :ok_hand::ok_hand:
Oh I’ll abuse that thing so much if they made raw ignore HG & shields !!

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Raw shield self is something else.
It’s about blood moves only.

Keep RAW moves TU low as they are rn and give RAW moves excessive force :ok_hand:

As of nulltron she got good moveset but at same time RAW is such a big restriction esp when monster is vulnerable to a killer move i.e chrono killer and you can’t even use a protector to protect it and even sear one shot null, So calling her a great / op monster by looking her moveset only is not smart.


Can’t believe you agree to it :joy::joy::joy:

It’s a fun idea but you know it will be abused like B.B. with a gt team. There’s the argument that the raw moves need to be charged in the first place but we all know once you have it setup it’s very hard to stop. So I suggest if you change raw to this you’ll need to rethink gt and tt

I think its good, makes the restriction worthwhile

Agree it’s not smart calling her OP just by looking at the moveset. I’ve been arguing all day about that LMAO. But I didn’t want RAW to be this powerful. This change will effect every raw monster. I think it’s over the top. Novadrake will be epic! Lol and Angelion!

It’s gonna be a case of be carful what you wish for. I just wish monsters with raw skills had passives that protect them or make them viable.

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You still need to charge the Raw moves without a protector. This gives youre oponent time to deal with them.

That gives me an idea! Raw moves should apply a shield! For regalion, give him raw survivor. Keep the tu the same but add a shield like mortar. This will make them much more viable but not op


Raw can be charged with protection. I charge Zeus to up to 4 kills with drak on field so he can tear the enemies apart

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All for it make my Zeus and lion super good :ok_hand: :joy:
You don’t have to buff anyone else’s raw monsters just mine :thinking:

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Personally I’m not fan of giving RAW moves to monsters vulnerable to killer moves but Angelion and Zeus are exceptions cuz only Cyclo one shot Angelion. Chrome (80% of time) and Sear not one shot Angelion and We only got one Stun killer in game for Zeus and Nova.

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Nulltron is a perfect example of what you are saying. Very susceptible to killer moves. I agree completely. I think RAW is ok, just give it to the right monsters.

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Yeah i thought about that after I sent it lol my bad