No chance in Pvp

I don’t know if this came up once but when I searched for it in the forum I didn’t really find something, if you reach a certain ranking in Pvp you’ll get in a higher tier in the next event if I understood correctly. And for some people who get into a higher tier it’s super hard to even win three games, I had to fight against people who had five 9+ legends in their team and I got destroyed without having the smallest chance to do anything, my winrate lives in the basement now, so what can I do? I want the all the stuff you can get, especially the new monster, but if it goes on like this it’s impossible to do anything. O gosh, I sound really stupid.

Could you show your win/loss log so we can determine which bracket your playing in.

Also each bracket requires you to step up your game play in the top bracket each monster in your team must have a role and must be put in the right position a small mistake like mis-positioning could cost you the game or a ingame mistake could cost you the game aswell.

I recommend posting your team and list of monsters maybe someone will help build a team.

Ah it’s okey. You lose 10 or more then go back to easier opponents. I got 120 wins last pvp this way. I even got depressed in the beginning then I accepted the fact that you can’t win every match.


I think once you are in a higher bracket you can’t go back. That was stated somewhere already. So losing on purpose will not put you lower in a lower bracket. Fyi

True i tried that and each time i ended up losing somewhere either to disconnects or incredible rng on my opponent side or for those who sold there soul to just to make the perfect counter in the hopes they face me.

my highest winstreak was 120+ during one pvp.

Later on i did +40 and now am probably sitting at +40 but i really dont rember when i have lost. You just cant expect to win every game.

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I didn’t say on purpose but that is not true. I was top 52 and I fought against @LemonSqueezy and @squinty1880 and so many other top players who are not in this forum then went back again.

OK Mr. Clever. You forced me to look for Dev VKC post and here we go. You can go only higher. Is it enough to say you are wrong?

I would like to ask what lead you to your assumption that you went back. Just curious

I will take a picture of the people who I face alot. lol maybe then you stop believing everything these devs say lmao

What @eNjiin says is true. However its always a question of availability of the players of your PvP tier. I could name you a time slot in which it is much easier to become top 50 than when you are playing during other time slots. Also the number of players in a tier is very high I believe. So not facing your usual opponents doesnt mean your dropped down a tier. It can have several other reasons.

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What you actually saying is true.

I have been rank 1 for god knows how long and ive vs some players that just started the game and have unevolved legendaries.

Ive posted a screenshot somewhere in the forums but am not bothered to find it.

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Thats true aswell. I remember your screenshot. But as I said, it could also have been caused by a wide variety of other reasons.

The only reason i could think of is neo monsters wanted to humiliate that guy so badly.

Because the timing occurred during the start of pvp where everyone was searching.

was it during ranked?

It was unranked i think

I think it was right after my +120 winstreak. When i was doing the +40 screenshot

I could be wrong i really cant remember.

edit i found it i was right it was right after my 120+ winstreak pvp.

Well, I guess the system isnt flawless :joy:

Maybe there is something like a placement ranking system while starting with pvp. Means you will face different enemies from different brackets to estimate your placement like in many other games. This would explain it or if you have queued for more than 2-3 times with several time outs you might as well get any other random enemy outside your bracket. But it’s definitely not based on your winning or losing ratio

None of these freaking matters. The point is, keoz, it is okey. You will get your rewards and you will get the legendaries you want and also pot as many legendaries you want. Losing a couple of matches is okey, you will start winning again.

Also note this, do not take unranked seriously too much. People usually play random teams to test them that somehow is strong against your team but when ranked hits, you will start winning again if you were doing okey in ranked the last pvp.

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