Pvp tiers?

Hi im wondering what tier im in? And how much to get to next tier

@Moking is that you?

I think you’re at the top? I mean starlord is very top tier

But i only have a 60+% win rate tho

Who are you ingame? I checked my recent history but cant find you :joy::joy:

Ign is freytic HAHA i think you play a little too much matches @Z19Kiwi

Oh its you that keeps hitting my monsters even with auto protect :joy:

Yep and i use soul exchange twice on the useless water sleeper HAHA @Z19Kiwi

I dont get it🤷‍♂️

Basically i used a oni sleep fl but he had a retribution team so i killed his angelion with my gyo through protect and i resurected his angelion to my side using soul exchange on my yeti

My auto protect never protect :joy:

To clarify a 60% win rate is very good if you play enough matches even with that you can take a top 10 spot

Oh good to know, thanks!

What tier am i, i have 80% winrate over 200 games and is there a way to drop my tier for easy points. Screenshot_20181213-172213_Neo%20Monsters

You cant go down a tier once you reach it… it’s set as default for future PvP seasons as well…

Weird flex, but ok @Mr.X


what he meant to say was " hey guys look how good I am"


Why lowering your tier for easier points where clearly every battle is easy for you :wink:

Well am just thinking if you lower your tier you will get matched agnist very easy opponents during ranked pvp you would go up the ladder alot faster.

And during pvp i miss most of my tickets due to work, so going for easy wins will gurante a good spot.

Last ranked pvp i ended up 5th were i could had easly been in top 3 if not 1 due to me missing most of my tickets.

If you look at the picture above you can tell am playing every 18 hours, so i lost most of the tickets that i get per day and within one hour or one hour and a half i only get to do 14 games-15 games. Am only top due to having high winrate

this post of his wasn’t asking how to drop it was to brag