No chance in Pvp

Just remove the word instead of the whole post. Jesus Christ. Do I need to tell every mod that deleting the whole post is not the cause for the flagging. Just remove the one word and keep the rest like it is.

Nope it works the other way round. Don’t use the word, then your post won’t be deleted. It’s as simple as that


Some people need to show how boosy they are

The problem with deleting a whole post is: you have no option to edit your previous post because you are not making of each post a Screenshot. So right now i lose my whole point What I have written before. It doesn’t make any sense to not being able to see what was written before. I have asked you for that reason to just remove the word. You are the newest addition of a mod but maybe you should see how killerdog as experienced moderator handles that instead of creating your own rules.

Ok let’s just quit with all the hostility. If you’re not a mod, don’t “warn” people, take it to us in private if there’s a problem. And not using the R word should go without saying. Will close if it goes any farther.


Yeah ladies and gentlemen, what @Lucrayzor said

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First of all, I was joking

Second of all, this thread was about helping @keoz feel better.

I don’t get why some mods here really don’t like me. (Don’t give a **** about it, sweety, but it really is something, is it not?)


Mod hatred order is:

  1. Lochi

  2. Gary

  3. Me

  4. Dragon :rofl:


Algo prob saw the Dusi AP spam and calculated Noob Move.

You forgot to add 0. Phantom00

I‘ve already built a team with help from the forum.image image And these are the guys I had to play against. And thanks to everyone who helps me here, I appreciate that.

Your definitely playing against some players that are in the top bracket.

But the team the forum has made you is completely doodoo

You already have dusc

You should evolve him as soon as possible since hes the best monster in your team.

Then you should play some auto protectors like saber-rocks etc to protect him you could even use 3 auto protectors along with dusc.

You shouldnt worry about stun or OoO since the opponent is forced to kill the protectors first.

Have mecha as 6th so when mecha enters the field he has good chance of surviving and is well protected.

From there your best sweeper the mythic and let him summon and give turns to him and he should carry you to victory.

Since you have limited good monsters its best to protect them and use them effectively this strategy foucs on that.


Agree with Mr X. I was playing with very limited sweepers for quite some time, so I focused on protecting and maximising the reliable 3 or 4 I had, and that was able to break top 20. Use protectors and GT to get the most out of your key guys

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Sadly it will last a few more days till I can evolve Dusc because I’m missing many ingredients. Here are the other Monsters I have( little bit outdated). I don’t have the Rockoids.

I’m sorry to say that and I didn’t wanted to say it because it sounds like I’m always just complaining but now this thing with pvp has reached a new level, now I’m not even able to play, I’m just watching how I’m getting sweeped, it makes no fun getting destroyed over and over again, it doesn’t matter what team of mine I use the enemy has monster to counter it completely, and if I do a single mistake I’m getting into a sweeprow I can’t escape, not with stun or anything else, at least I didn’t loose against all enemies, some single ones did not have superstrong teams, I’d like to play against people like them, cause we have the same skill and possibilities of team building. I hope its getting better soon.

You gotta be patient…be happy if you get top 500 when you first start playing… it takes a lot of time unless you get very lucky with you roles to get more wins. Don’t give up. Keep learning and grinding. You will improve.

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