Pvp tiers

I was reading some post and one comment was about pvp tier / tier brackets . My question is how can you tell the difference and how do you know which one your in ?

When you are facing teams of limited mythics and legends and getting destroyed and not having any fun, you’re in the top 50.

When you are winning and having fun and not getting your @$$ beat repeatedly, you aren’t in the top 50.

When you are beating other people’s @$$s and winning and having fun and not seeing many legends or myths, and asking this question, you’re in the lower tier.


Couldn’t have put it better than above!

Makes senses :sleepy: , Then I really don’t understand how match making works . Been getting matched with people like DLGZ Afterimage , N17 Asmat and my team couldn’t do jack all. And I’m defo not a top player

I think it also factors in who is online at the time, if there is no one in youre bracket it might match you with someone in another bracket.

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Asmat is a higher player. So you are in a higher bracket.

Sorry man. At this point you can only grind or pay or be a genius. I’m in the top 50 and I lose most of my matches. Makes it no fun at all. Thats why I don’t play much anymore.

I must be in the wrong bracket, 99%of the time I’m getting owned. At least other people are having a good time when they play against me. Sucker for punishment.

Played against Killerdog a couple of times, is that top 50?

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Yup, you can check top 50 in pvp ranking list

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What’s your IGN? :rofl:

Sometimes we play against top players even though we aren’t in top 50. It happened to me when I started. Played top players on many occasions. As warlord mentioned if nobody is playing in your tier then Impossible to be matched with them. I don’t know how the algorithm works but I presume it will match you in a higher tier from time to time. So that you can still play

Top bracket includes at least 200 players, probably more like 400 or maybe even more. Its not limited just to the absolute top people and if you play actively for long enough you’re bound to get into it.

Have the devs confirmed this? They said we had 5 brackets if I remember correctly. 200 in top bracket would a poor design. Because the gap in teams and skill is pretty big.

Does it matter what tier you in you either win or lose

To be fair, in cases such as mine, you lose or you lose.

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Nope, and I can’t remember if they ever said how many brackets there are exactly. 5 might make sense, but I reckon it’s probably more like 3-4.
Bracket 1 (maybe exists) = Brand new players
Bracket 2 = New players, up to the point they have 5+ legendaries or so
Bracket 3 = People with some legendaries but still can’t make synergistic, strong teams
Bracket 4 = People who beat all those below

Think of the brackets as new to the game, still gearing up and fully geared with the majority of players in bracket 3 and 4 while some are separated out into the lower bracket/s for a more fair experience. This is purely theorycrafting of course and generalising the tiers because it’s ultimately done by people’s win rate and a few other factors but above might be what they envision the brackets being. Maybe there are more brackets and we’re separated out into smaller groups but in a game like this which doesn’t have tens of thousands of players it needs to more roughly group so we don’t get really long matchmaking times.

P.S. 200 in the top bracket might sound a lot considering we see the same names quite a bit when playing PvP but if you look through the rankings you’ll see these top bracket people all over the top 200 positions and even further down. Remember how you were finding it hard to get into the top 100 while in the top bracket a while ago? If it was top 100 players in the bracket then surely you wouldn’t have really qualified to be in it for all that time.

Actually they mentioned 6 tiers/leagues. But Dev said “imagine” there are 6 so not certain if it’s a fact. I think it is though because he was pretty specific with the details and name for each tier:)

Interesting theory on those 4 Tiers you mentioned as an example.

I don’t think I stayed in the top bracket the whole time. I kept bouncing from one bracket to another. But because I played sooo much I would inevitably face top players every season. You make some good points though. Would love to get the facts…From the devs.

Alright yeah looks like there are probably 6 leagues. I wonder what the distribution of players are across the brackets and whether it’s designed to be top heavy or quite even. Whatever the case, people probably face others from different brackets when the game can’t find a good match for them and people in the top brackets most likely play more PvP so they’re available for matching far more.