Monsters that need buffs (input needed)

Or just make it ignore barriers and shields

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Very few monsters have hold ground and a revenge passive, only really a few SEs and then various epics which you’ll never see used in UC. Also, excessive force would be nowhere near enough of a damage buff to impact UC because last bite does not scale on kills like bloodfury does. They’d actually be terrible in UC even if they one-shot everything because many people like to use death revenge monsters.

To be honest, the last biters still have their place in various content but cannot be built around as a reliable win condition for hard content like they could in the old days. I actually used to use the earth last biter a lot for Whale’s Treasure when I didn’t own good earth legendaries and built around it for the trainer battle there (usually took a couple of attempts to figure out how exactly to build it but it worked).

I don’t think they really need buffing, even though they’re hopeless in PvP and most top level PvE content. What they offer is very unique and strong in its own right.

Okay, fair enough

If they are hopeless, why not buff them? You realize they could be a major asset to the game that adds a lot of additional team building options with the right buff.

They are also a limited legendary, and really don’t live up to the others


But they are not angelion. Why would we want to buff terrible monsters so they can at least be gimmicky instead we need monsters like angelion be “a power house” but everything needs to be below sea level, IMO at least.

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