Monsters that need buffs (input needed)

Or just make it ignore barriers and shields


Very few monsters have hold ground and a revenge passive, only really a few SEs and then various epics which you’ll never see used in UC. Also, excessive force would be nowhere near enough of a damage buff to impact UC because last bite does not scale on kills like bloodfury does. They’d actually be terrible in UC even if they one-shot everything because many people like to use death revenge monsters.

To be honest, the last biters still have their place in various content but cannot be built around as a reliable win condition for hard content like they could in the old days. I actually used to use the earth last biter a lot for Whale’s Treasure when I didn’t own good earth legendaries and built around it for the trainer battle there (usually took a couple of attempts to figure out how exactly to build it but it worked).

I don’t think they really need buffing, even though they’re hopeless in PvP and most top level PvE content. What they offer is very unique and strong in its own right.

Okay, fair enough

If they are hopeless, why not buff them? You realize they could be a major asset to the game that adds a lot of additional team building options with the right buff.

They are also a limited legendary, and really don’t live up to the others


But they are not angelion. Why would we want to buff terrible monsters so they can at least be gimmicky instead we need monsters like angelion be “a power house” but everything needs to be below sea level, IMO at least.

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The Godfeather and Dragaia are not limited??

Well I won’t stand in the way of anyone who loves them offering buff ideas. Personally, I find the last bite strategy very dull as it all hinges on getting one monster to work and do its thing… which is spamming one move over and over. We’ve had too many Count Lector Shadow Arena battles built around getting your last biter set up I really find it boring.

Please stop bringing this irrelevant personal dislike of me up in threads. I think that’s three times in one week (including the comment you made on my YouTube video). I even suggested nerfs for Angelion in that thread so I have no clue why you’re being like this. Go have a read of various buff/nerf threads and you’ll see I’m consistent… almost all I say no changes are needed but most I offer suggestions anyway and then a few I truly agree with. I just don’t like all the unnecessary changes being made. If the community always had its way we’d have roughly 5 monsters altered each week… with an update every ~2 months that would be 40 monsters buffed or nerfed each time. How would that ever create a stable game we could enjoy??

Maybe when angel does get his nerf, would he finally shut up about it.

Now onto the topic at hand, a monster that could benefit from a minor buff would be Prismpaw. In my opinion, giving it Poison Immunity would be a suitable buff.

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I feel like it was left out on purpose because it’s an obvious counter to the monster and with low TU moves it could be challenging to kill otherwise. However, with the monster being nothing special it’s unfair having a crippling weakness.

Personally, I think the move “Blue Mood” (set HP to 80% and stealth) should purify Prismpaw too. This way it can deal with poison but it is still a way to kill it off more easily. Someday it should definitely get a second passive though.

I can work with that.

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Do you even play any other game? They literally update the game every 2 weeks or, the latest, every month.

Nerfs? Please, all you did was vaguely agree about its tankiness to be removed out the occasion, nothing else.

I also don’t care enough about you to personally dislike you but I do personally hate hypocrites so I will not be afraid to call you out on that. Sorry but not really.

What exactly makes you think the term hypocrite is appropriate here?

Because, fellow mod, he said that angelion should stay as strong as he is because it is good for the game but when it comes to terrible monsters that desperately need a buff (onyxia, blood bite monsters, etc…) he objects the terrible buff (onyxia’s buff: instead of reducing every enemy monster by 20% of the current HP, it reduces max HP. Also the TU was asked to be between 100-70. He then said that it can only be 160 TU if it is still AoE or 130 TU if it is changed to single) and the blood bite:

Emphesis on “strong”

I’m not sure if this is said in sarcasm. The last game update was in July. They tried to get on track with monthly updates but they’ve been slipping more towards 2-3 months as it was before.

That’s not true. I suggested multiple nerfs and I later came up with the idea of changing retribution into another move so Angelion doesn’t have its killing potential on its first turn (wrote about that in Line and then to the Devs - the Angelion nerf thread was less active at this point and didn’t want to fuel it more).

“Objects” is so far from the truth. I was the first person to suggest that it should be max HP and that the TU should be lower, literally on the day of the update when the move was introduced. I strongly agree with this suggestion but when someone asked for the TU to be as low as 70/100 for single/all I said that would be broken and a more balanced TU for the skills would be 130/160.

“Strong” referring to how powerful the move last bite is in a vacuum. 50TU one-shot damage to many monsters which heals the user. The move is “unique and strong”… the monster is not strong.

Please don’t nitpick what I write and let your opinion of me lead you to write sarcastic, pointless posts (your post starting “But they are not angelion”). I am not a hypocrite and only try to speak constructively in all discussions to improve this game for everyone.


Last I checked they are only obtainable in limited featured eggs, and the rare egg. Like dusicyon, goldtail. They are very much limited monsters.

Seriously, stop picking on the moderators. I’ve seen you try and read into many of killerdog’s posts looking for some corrupted motive that isn’t there. KD is entitled to his own opinion. He’s not forcing his opinion on anyone quite like you are.


I didn’t realise, thought one was in the normal egg (Dragaia) and the other in the rare egg. Being in the rare egg alone means that technically they’re not limited but in reality it’s like they’re limited. I know what you mean.

Motor Dragon .his passiveness will take effect after 100tu of battle.change bloodthirst to bloodfury


I wonder how much it would change the game if all entrance passives didn’t trigger for the first 100s of the battle. Not saying I’m suggesting it, but the post above just made me think of it.

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What about a passive that disables all passives on the field

I just said motor. I have been thinking about how to stop the motor and ziberius teams from giving opponents shellshells. However, I have not got the answer until now, but this formula has been there two years ago.