Monsters that need buffs (input needed)

deathgazer needs his attack buffed. if you poison massacre 4 monsters in PVP with an ultra-evolved attack-oriented legendary monster, all non-protect-focused monsters should be dead. period.

Deathgazer is insanely powerful with its passive, opening up some brutal combos and can either poison all enemy monsters or do high damage to them all if they’re poisoned already. It has enough going for it, doesn’t need any buffs. It actually had poison massacre buffed in the past, both damage increased and TU reduced from 250 to 200. Poison storm has also had TU reduced from 160 to 100. It’s now a much better functioning monster while still having an extremely powerful passive.


I don’t think he is aware of monsters with defense like angelion. Because he thought everything that is not a protecter should die to his massacre.
His massacre totally kills anything that is not a tanky monster which is fine (now that I think about it, angelion was a bad example but you what Im saying). Not only does he have an instant poison storm and also one of the most uncounterable passives (which I don’t it needs a counter neither a berf but certainly doesn’t need a buff)

Gazer’s poison storm isn’t instant. I believe only Pumpking, Vulcaroth and Atlantyrant have instant poison typhoon

I think what he means is it’s a way to poison all enemies at once. I often think of it in my head as “you instantly poison all enemy monsters” but of course it’s a move with TU.

Deathgazer helps poison teams get around purify nicely because it gets a turn in 20s then can poison all monsters at once for your sped up poison monsters (probably getting a turn very soon) to kill them. It’s this line of thinking that always makes me call it “instant poisoning” in my head.

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Atlantyrant’s Poison Typhoon isn’t instantaneous if I recall correctly.

Yeah that’s what I meant. It’s not like double poison touch which is slow for massacre or poison gas which is RnG based.

I know everybody says Motor needs a nerf, but here i got a buff and maybe a nerf in one little Change.
Give Motor Payback revenge.
Buff : he isnt totally useless on the field after his passive.
Nerf: it avoids that stupid entrance and Backstab abuse.

The epic clone monsters need elm healing not stealth

They are already exceptionally powerful with their high speed. They can get a turn in under 45s then clone. If the rest of the enemy team is possible to stun then you basically win the match.

Elem healing helps give the legendary stun revenge cloners a bit of an advantage over their higher speed 4* versions. They need it (plus the powerful attack moves) to help differentiate them.

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These are the legendaries that deserve buff in my opinion. I have specifically choosen from the limited time monsters.

1- wraithost.

Increase the damage of confident strike.
Change its SS to second wind.
Change life flip ultimate into 400 second novablast.
Survive into double survive. Or increase its damage and remove the recoil
Desperate bite into leech.

2- cyclozar

Change its secret skill to 14 and make it retreat instead of exit plan.
I also think this monster deserve some passives so i would reccomend

Insomnia, posion immune.


Bloodthrist into raw bloodfury
Gigablaze all into purify
Energey blast reduce its tu to 130 for all monsters.


Load all should be useable without load motar. And be reduced to 130 tu and applies shield to sarcospinx only

We already have botanic that literally does this why not sarcospinx and hes a legendary.

Load motar should be changed into (purify mist +shield) to all friendly alies useable 1 time only.
Hellfire motar double should be changed to tsunami mortar

Second passive


Insomnia into sleep entrance.


Into 15 tu with secret skill.

Not replying to all the bits, just three monsters which caught my eye.

With your suggestions it will be all about keeping its health at max for the confident strike. If it gets knocked down then it can’t do much (apart from the one-time second wind). It’ll basically be a Dusicyon but without the bit which makes Dusicyon amazing… shield field. I think desperate bite is crucial for the moveset and the only change it needs is lifeflip unlimited -> meditation. The lower attack is what keeps it balanced and the 80TU survivor is brilliant for it getting turns frequently in order to balance its survival. Having meditation would be a huge buff and make it an amazing monster again for sure.

Had this monster since its initial release and always found it to be very useful in PvP. Protect it from stun and it performs beautifully. I think making it immune to sleep and poison would make it a bit crazy to deal with because you’ll almost always run it with stun protection so that makes it hard to deal with sleep, poison AND stun while it has killer moves for two of those things. Exit plan being 14 cost is a great idea I could definitely get behind. It’s hard to rationalise adding 3 cost on for the entrance control, even if it is very useful.

You’ve gone waaaay overboard with the buffs here. Sarcro can do some really nasty combos with Gryphking using that load all and the move load all in general is extremely powerful. You’ve always got to consider the fact it has a fast SS that reduces TU by 25% for your mortar team, so if load all was 130TU that would be something like 85TU or less when potted and using the SS. Sarcro is a tanky support monster and does not need a shield from load all, that would make the combos it does ridiculously hard to break. I think Sarcro is perfect design for its uses and if it were to get a buff the place to do it would be granting it a second passive. Mortar combos are extremely powerful if built properly.

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He needs second wind as SS.

Double drain survive would fit him perfectly instead of survive.

Desperate bite could be changed to 60 or 50 tu and heal him for a good amount (something like dusc leech).

Unlimited life flip could be changed into 400sec novablast.

His Confident strike really needs a buff compared with other monsters.

As for Cyclozar
I definitely think he needs passives and those two are perfect for an all out attack monster. Your forgetting that cyclozar has very weak defensive stats. Another passive i think would be great on him is focus attack

Focus attack: this monster attack cant be blocked. Meaning he can bypass protectors when ever he wants.


Is definitely underwhelming and needs to be looked at.

Lets not forget hes the king of motar as he was introduced and should have powerful combos with other motar monsters.

1-We already have botanic which does exactly the same samething as load all and hes a super epic

2- purify mist+ shield one time use is totally balanced since you need to load all (130tu) then maybe (70) to cast the skill which is 200 tu sounds balanced to me i would also say heal too.

3- your forgetting that load all does not place shield on Gryphking which will put him at risk of chrono killer

4-Hellfire motar double into tsunami mortar is just the upgraded version of the skill. And it still a 200 tu move (unlike bloom where he has insta to perform it)

Tbh these are gonna be future monsters if anything . They have been power crept and no use buffing / altering them .

Wait for that mortar monster u suggested . It might be a reality in the future since it’s very op.

Sounds ridiculously OP for PvE content… skip then desperate bite. In PvP it could be used to pass time and make it insanely hard to kill as it keeps healing + you can’t get its health low + it keeps healing up to max quickly.

Kind of defeats the point of having protector killer on the monster. However, I get what you mean that being able to target and kill whatever it chooses rather than forcing it to hit the protector when there is one would be a nice benefit. I can see this being a nice little upgrade which could actually get added.

I get the comparison, but Sarcrosphinx has hold ground, load all rather than load double (for mortar teams and when Gryphking isn’t around this does make a big difference) plus it accelerates all mortar monsters by 25% at very little TU. The two monsters are built the same but Sarcro is a lot stronger.

As for load all being usable immediately, that’s INSANE considering Sarcro has high speed (higher than most mortar monsters). Even if it was restricted to not be used at the start of a battle it would make Sarcro ridiculously good when it enters the field.

I don’t think you’re giving mortar monsters enough credit. When put together properly they’re very powerful and the combos are ridiculously good. However, very few people in the game have the collection of mortar monsters to pull them off in PvP or they haven’t tried and been successful at the highest level. A few people have used them very effectively while they missed certain components. Sarcrosphinx is one of those components that makes them very powerful… even if it’s just to make their load mortar move low TU so they can spam shields on themselves. 130TU load all would be ridiculous, especially if it can be used on Sarcro’s first turn!

The focus attack is over the Top for cyclozar. It’s definitely no little upgrade.

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It would be cool if the devs made an old monster keep up with the new ones for once.


In this protect meta it looks good for sure, but I find that a lot of the time playing with Cyclozar you want to use it to get rid of the protectors. Focus is powerful but in reality I think it wouldn’t be an enormous upgrade to Cyclozar. However, it is hard to say for certain either way.

Add the new one…mulasem. Or at least boost its speed

Potential idea here, what if the last biters applied poison with their ‘last bite’ move? It might not make them popular again but it would make them much more viable for a pve team. I’ve been thinking about it and it seems like a better alternative to excessive force in my opinion, because it kills off the pesky HG monsters without triggering potentially passives, while also not making them able to solo high levels of UC like they might be able to with EF. Any thoughts on it?