thread about improvements (2022)

I make this thread to propose improvements to weak or little used monsters, feel free to make your proposals but, it is forbidden in this thread to talk about the nerf or monsters of level A or higher (if you want to talk about this feel free to create a new topic about it) having said this, I await your suggestions

I’m going to start with ziberius which was quite used in recent times but, after they removed cannibalize in second form it lost its best attribute, and I’m not criticizing that nerf which I consider necessary but if they left the monster a bit useless, his revenge his single stun exposes him to flo glazing or against paralysis, his dual revenge doesn’t have the punch to kill most things, his roulette is totally reliant on luck, and his cannibalize is easily substituted for a lower cost epic, I suggest changing simple stun revenge to hold ground, make a one time use rule with a time restriction capable of killing only a random enemy, something like gobble but random, buff his ss damage to remove or leave on terrain most things, remove or don’t cannibalize to prevent them from using it only for this (don’t know how much necessary)


Give everything that is weak death revenge

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Disclose who the bear monsters are who boost prismpaw because “bear” isn’t a type filter to sort.


Ziberius gets used by lots of players. It clearly therefore doesn’t need buffing. If you don’t think it’s strong enough for your team then use something else

who’s talking about my team?, I just made my suggestion, don’t put words in my mouth or on my keyboard in this case, rather give us a suggestion to improve some monsters, that would be more useful

I wasn’t talking about your team. I was saying that if you personally don’t think it’s good enough then don’t use it, but many other people think it’s good enough to play in their teams.

A monster I’d like to see buffed is Vixian. It’s embarrassing how many monsters are better. Shield entrance is not enough to make it unique compared to alternatives. I and others have made suggestions for how to buff it. I can’t remember the best ones right now

Please can someone with enough monsters in their collection support this, maybe I’m wrong?

Totally agree, what do you recommend?

buff to Sivanna → remove the penalty from void protector killer and void stun killer (100 TU → 70 TU),
it´s not really needed and it would let her do her job MUCH better