Monsters that need buffs (input needed)

Okay ,thx for Information and the Tips.
Maybe I should Think again to use him :smile:instead lava entrance, someday.

This definitely should do something more, mean, what u said is good, not how it is now

Yes its Shame we have exocross with “Shield backbite” very good moveset + passive
but voidress have more restriction and its just backstab :laughing:

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Agreed 100%! I think XYZ-999L should have Thundering Rebirth too

Yeah Voidress having a 50sec but hyper-restricted Backstab doesn’t make much sense!! It should at least apply a Shield for extra durability. Voidress already gets wrecked by Repulse/Knockback


plus the more lolis they make the more useful he becomes

Yes everytime he die, he Will use knockback next. That very exelent idea. The bad side is it Will more hard we use survivor.

Yes exactly, maybe instead we change the skill. We need new monster that have similiar skill like ogremaster but More agresif moveset

Thundering Recombination - every time XYZ is stunned past 200 seconds, reduces seconds to 0, fully heals itself and increases defence + attack by 25%


This is quite cool! Since XYZ is fast, you may as well remove the “reduce seconds to 0” since it would just give it a Chrono weakness. But the concept is damn nice!

Auraleus Stun counter
Increase Energy Accelerator from 30 to 50 or 100

What are u saying , Auraleus need nerf rn

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