Monsters that need buffs (input needed)

she is the MOTHER OF DRAGONS it should count

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Lime dearly needs a buff, her TU in general is too high, she’s way too slow to be of much use. Secondly it will be nice if she has a bit more from her passive, either give her stun immunity so she’s not out of the game (consider how slow she is already) and/or Gaia Awakening also buffs other plants’ attack and defense by 30-50% or something.

Mechydra, can I just get a refund in 7 star tickets? xD Joking aside, I think he needs a total rework, it’s probably one of the worst mythics around. Accelerate Sting’s TU at 136 is way too high, and Triple Poison Eater post nerf is not usable. I rather we completely redesign him at this point, just can’t see where he would fit in any team…

While I understand not all mythics are born equal, those two are just born with severe handicap… xD


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Mechydra is unusable at this point. anyone who has it in second evo should keep it that way.

triple poison eater basically doesn’t kill anything without 3 poisoned target and sets you back a whopping 250tu. like yay says - Accelerate Sting is ridiculously high tu when you consider it only targets one monster and accelerate team is less tu. regular accelerate on a monster is 70 tu. i think Accelerate sting should also be 70 tu. it would at least give people a reason to use it.

having Purify, Stun bisector and purify are a good combination of support type moves however when you consider it has all of these in second form you realise it’s worth more as an 11 cost monster with double poison eater at lower tu.(arguably a better move too).

strong poison touch is ok.

its SS is a good move however when you consider that it makes him cost 17 its basically not worth your while.

Mechydra needs buffed. otherwise he is just a costly ineffective monster with the odd situational use.

give it quad poison eater, not poison massacre, but a move that deals damage to all 4 when only 1 is poisoned, lower poison sting tu and its good to go

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They should’ve given it the original moveset we came with in the Design Thread way back when.

What was the original design? I genuinely feel it’s best to redesign him at this point.


@Dev_VKC Rebuild medbie from 0, nothing in her just makes sense to me. And the ss makes it even worse in my opinion. There is no way of build around it to make it shine.

I remember this very well

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Some straight nostalgia right there lol

That’s at least fun and quite innovative, I feel mythics are mostly design to be built around or fill a specific niche. Mechydra really lacks an identity.


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If we had given Mechydra Boobs in it’s design it probably wouldve gotten a better moveset.


:joy: facts!

Anyone think Shiny Gnashjaw should have catapult next (100 or 130tu) instead of throw next?

its a shiny mon. it should have some value at least


SE (400sec Mega bomb) :
Basic attack > Zealous attack
Stealth > Purify mist
Passive > Holdground + Shield entrance.

Passive > Unmovable
Passive > Holdground
Purify stealh > Bloodfury
stun mortar > Stun Wave mortar (70sec)
Fastbreak mortar > (30sec)
Double sneak attack > Triple sneak attack :laughing:

Mistletorment :
Auto protect > Auto Protect+
Excalibur dragon :
Unmovable > Gravity field
Healing light > Purify light

Xyz-999L :
Can I choose monster that Will get stunned (so everytime opponent monster entrance it Will add button to stun or not) / double stun effect from Ally
Or Upgrade Stun absorber (cmon we already have thundering passive And xyz still have normal stun absorb :smiling_face_with_tear:)

Appolonis (Awakened) :
Deer smash (U can select the opponent)
Vainess (Awakened) :
Void powerslash (130sec)
Ritual VI (Purify + Recover Hp + Gain Shield)


dont break it, its actually good as it is


Idk , But double purify is kinda waste.

Maybe they should make new Monster like ogremaster with bloodfury/bloodcrave to counter specific waifu. Since we know ogremaster and "man Eater " monster is not efficient to use.

purify all and purify stealth have different situational uses, headhunter with roaring entrance is really good, also insomnia, so it counters any sleep locks and most of the mythcis which are humanoid type, it’s one of the most usefull support SE that can also one shot any awakened Waifu, no need to tweak it :slight_smile: