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I cannot find back the thread where Killerdog posts the game log.

Please help me find it, I like to check, when they did a change, that the payback revenge will be triggered even when the killing monster dies (like bomb or Yuki). I think I remember it wasn’t triggered if the killing monster died before.


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Thank you for the link, very interesting to read the changes done in the past.

But I’m too blind to find what I was searching for, I guess it was never like I thought in the first place, sorry, my bad.

As far as I remember, it’s always been like that!

The only cases I remember that DOES apply are revenges that summon monsters (Mirror Revenge, Spirit Possession, Petrify Revenge, Unwanted Revenge, Haunt, Eternal Rebirth etc.)

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I think I mixed it up with mirror revenge and revive skills, thanks :pray:

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yep sorry :pray: haha nursing internship is all. i won’t stop until one is on the game maybe jk sometimes patient load is low so i just visit here in neo :smiling_face_with_tear:



Leftover Barrier / Leftover Coat
the user applies stealth and/or shield upon itself, depending on what has been used AND removed on the battlefield, before the skill is actively casted by the user.

Poison Recycle / Poison Sniff / Poison Inhale / Venom Quench
the user will heal all the HP that has been removed due to poison effects.

Brain Control / Conscious Hypnosis / Fall To Submission / Mind Abduction
the user will raise the time of an enemy depending on how many seconds that the last sleeping monster was unable to wake up.

converts all token monsters on the battlefield into a rockoid.

Underground Training / Enlist To Army / Mind And Grind / Workout / Development / Progression / Bulk Up
the user will convert token monsters into a better version? bronzeshell to supershell. boxjaw to bigger boxjaw. rockoid to a rockoid lvl (x)

Soul Barricade
same as soul shield but also stealths

Candy Wrapper / Trick or Treat / Christmas Present / Gift of Balls
adds a random level of rockoid at the end of the team. rockoid, alum, bronzi, goldy, diamo.

Spirit Break / Cycle Break / Loop Cut / Orbital Stop / Calm Down
deals critical damage to a cloner.

Perfectionist / Perfect Punish
same mechanics as element massacre, but damages hard when the enemy team have different elements.

Rank Enforcer
same as element massacre, but damages other enemies that are not the same star as the chosen target

Star Kill / Star Hunt / Star Fire / Star Massacre / Star Explosion / Star Blast
same as element massacre, but for stars.

Star Pump / Star Burst / Overstar
higher damage to a single target for each enemy that is the same star of the target.

LINK Attack
same level as union attack.

RAW Attack
same level as union attack.

SOLO Attack
same level as union attack.


Passive: Ultimate Illusion / Forbidden Illusion / Ancient Illusion / Secret Magic / True Name of Magic

this allows the user to appear as a completely different monster, both from reinforcements and battlefield. its active and passive skills will not be changed but the screen will show the passive of the imitated monster.

for example, the user have a catapult skill and it imitates an angelion for its illusion. the user will then appear as angelion in reinforcement, battlefield and when clicked on the turn order. screen also shows the stun counter and insomnia passives too. only the owner (the player) of the user (the monster) can view its real skills. its 2nd real passive may be randomized too, a drawback of the user’s illusion. only magic from that witch lady with 2 eye colors can bypass this skill or maybe harleking too.

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Delaying Field

Prevent monsters from using skills that has a time requirement👀

:seedling: (Legendary, Earth, Plant) :seedling:
tropical island monster with a gigantic leaf as a shield and a branch stalk adorned with assorted flowers or sharp thorns, as its scepter or blade. its lower limbs are planted on the soil ground. the soil where it sprouts is circled by pebbles with engraved markings or island offerings.

Flower Power (100s)
adds teammate’s defense to attack. if the skill is casted on the same target again, the attribute changes will be reverted.

Flower Fortress (100s)
adds teammate’s attack to defense. if the skill is casted on the same target again, the attribute changes will be reverted.

Season Overdrive (160s)
raises a teammate attack by 400%. the target is then given a death sentence of 400s.

Season Overcoat (160s)
raises a teammate defense by 400%. the target is then given a death sentence of 400s.

SS: Island Sacrifice (-)
a piercing ultimate sacrifice. RAW skill.

Passive: Anti-Invasion
the user prevents the enemy team in adding monsters upon the user’s team. it also bans replacing/exchanging of user’s teammates
by the enemy team. it will not be triggered when the user team will also invade enemy team by adding or by replacing enemies.

Passive: Herbal Medicine / Herbal Technique / Herbal Expertise
the user absorbs stun, sleep, poison, mark and death sentences casted against its teammates by the enemy team.


Killer Killer - 70tu - Deals critical damage to one enemy who is currently weak to any “Killer” move.


  • Crescendo Shift / Round Crescendo

continues all damage done by any crescendo used in battle. its power will base on damage dealt, not how many times crescendo is used.
(reindeer strike included or excluded, enemies in shield that is striked by crescendo strikes will not add on its damage, except excaliburdragon)

  • Broken Juncture / Body Mapping / Frozen Alliance / Fractal Fusion

fuses 2 token monsters sent by entities against the opposing team, into a frostmoroz. it affects ally and enemies, battlefield and reinforcement.
(2 rockoids, 2 boxjaw, 2 bronzeshell, 2 voodoo)
elephantom summoning 2 bronzeshells on the enemy team, it becomes an enemy frosmoroz. enemy gnashjaw summoning 2 bronzeshells against the user’s team, it becomes teammate frosmoroz. these summoned frosmoroz will die after exhausting its “call for vengeance”.



  • Wormholes / Portal Create / Spatial Distortion / Galactic Teleportation / Gravity Warping

the user will permit displacement of allies even when gravity field is strong. insert restriction

  • Sudden Paralysis / Lost Concentrate / Memory Lapse / Overwork / Oblivion /Muscle Cramps / Amnesia / Dementia / Blinding Lights / Vision Destitute

one random monster on the battlefield will be unable to attack on its turn. each monster can only be affected once per battle. It affects both teammates and enemies. insert limit then this monster will just die or explode or immediately kill an enemy or immediately kill a teammate

  • Mirrored Pestilence / Parallel Scourge / Dead Ringer / Speculum / Analogous

if an enemy summoned a monster upon the user’s team, the same effect will be casted upon their own team. the skill mirrors every positions between teammates and enemies, battlefield and reinforcements.
(example, teammate leira in position 3 replacing an enemy in position 3 to create moogong, leira will become that seal too. enemy motordragon created 2 bronzeshells in teammate position 8 and 12, enemy team will also have bronzeshells in those positions)

  • Passive: Hypnagogic Jerk / Hypnic Jerk

instantly wakes up the user when put into sleep. (it’s when you wake up from sleep because you felt “falling” from somewhere)

  • Passive: Betwixt and Between

the user’s defense will be equivalent to the numerical average of all the combined defenses, of all teammates and enemies.

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Active Skills

  • deplete / decrement / de-escalate
    the user brings an enemy’s health to 50% HP. it can only target monsters possessing skills that benefit from having 70% HP and above, but it cannot be used on other monsters. it is a RAW skill. enemies that do not have such skills shall never be affected, targeted or damaged.

  • elevate / increment / escalate
    the user brings an enemy’s health to full HP. it can only target monsters possessing skills that benefit from having 70% HP and below, but it cannot be used on other monsters. it is a RAW skill. enemies that do not have such skills shall never be affected, targeted or damaged.

  • eviscerate / debilitate / feebler / debaser
    the user deals critical damage to an enemy who benefits from having skills that depends on HP.
    (confident strike, desperate double, fatal chant, vigor, defensive mode, harden carapace)

Lady in religious attire, looking dry and dead. She sits in an altar with green-flamed candles or candelabra/chandelier on her back that emanates green souls/hexes. She’s maybe a killed bride too, but her marriage veil have chains or thorned crown dripping in blood.


Skill 1: Blood Sacrifice

  • death roulette but the death count is given to a random enemy… or a teammate?

Skill 2: Blood Vessel

  • if one of the user’s teammates have made a kill using a blood move, all allies will receive 1 kill count. and/or if enemies made the kill using a blood skill, their team will receive kill counts.

Skill 3: Blood Pressure

  • does something to an enemy with a kill or used a blood move. some kind of restriction (sleep, stun, immobility). cannot be redirected

Skill 4: Blood Feast

  • bloodfury of the user. but it counts all kill, of teammates and enemies, by using blood moves only.

SS: Blood Pact [1] (100s)

  • the user will make a devilish deal with a chosen enemy. chosen enemy will be fully healed, purified, applied stealth and shield. but when anyone on their team makes a kill, the dead twin will replace the chosen enemy.

Passive: Blood Drink

  • every time a kill is made using blood moves, the user will restore the exact health lost by the soul before dying.

Passive: Blood Altar

  • within the user’s presence, all kill counts made by the user’s team are given to a random enemy instead… or enemy kill count is on the user’s team instead?

The dead twin looks exactly like the user, but different skills and summoned in enemy’s team

Skill 1: Bad Blood

  • the user immediately kills a teammate. can only be used again once other blood skill is casted by the user.

Skill 2: Blood Offering

  • summon the teammate killed by bad blood to the enemy’s team at 100% HP.

Skill 3: Blood Ritual

  • summon the monster killed by blood sacrifice, to the enemy team at 50% HP.

Skill 4: Blood Rule

  • immediately kills the user but randomly gives one of its ally on the reinforcements to the enemy’s team. it can only be used after the other 3 blood skill is used.

Passive: Blood Clot

  • when the user is attacked by an enemy using a blood move, the user will not die but gives 1 kill count to that enemy. the user cannot also skip any of its turn.

Passive: Blood Poisoning

  • when the user is killed by a teammate, the user will explode, dealing damage to all of its current teammates.

bro literally gone for a year creating a book of skills and sharing it everyday until the devs gets a idea from one.

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nooo haha i list during my lunch. nothing to do. sorry if it’s annoying already :sweat_smile::pray: