DEV, please do something about this monster. There only two things that make him OP. increase the tu of sealth all to 70 sec. and limit the use of his protector making move ( Cant think of the name of the move) to a one time uses. Do anybody else agree on this?

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He’s not OP but really strong. Combined with Azra and Tenebris he’s a pain but not OP

Zhu is a hard one. I don’t think he’s OP because you need the right monsters to set him up but if someone does have them all it is crazy strong. I feel that azarazel is the biggest problem being as fast as he is and being able to charge double bloodcrave as easy as he can and the instant kbn and bringing in tenebris

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zhu the problem. you don’t need tenebris or any other stealth all monster to charge him. The fact that you can sealth all with a 35 sec TU is to fast. leo and shiva potted to +5 are the only monsters in the game that can keep his stealth off of him. plus he can use that protector move more than once so you cant even stun to get back in the game. they need to adjust his moveset

I been playing against zhu FL all pvp. the only way I beat it is if I get lucky with a DR or run a sleep FL. RNG shouldn’t be the only way I can beat a team, especially when I’m a good player

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Some ppl said azra is the main problem… Some said shu… And some said the combination talok, azra, and zhu is the problem…
I suggest to decrease the speed of azra becomes 62. It will weaken the combination of azra-zhu…

Instan kbn, 34tu cannibalise, death revenge, acceleration, shield, double bloodcrave charge and entrance at 80 something speed. Zhu isn’t really the problem here, azra talo is.

Azar without zhu never give me problems. It’s a RNG battle when it’s just him. But zhu tu is just to fast. 35 sec stealth all move is to fast than he has link sneak attack for 42 sec. that’s ridiculous to me. Honestly the only FL that can win that battle is a OOO

A lucky poison gas from the water auto poisoner is also a good counter to that combo, but this is still rng.

I’ve seen 3 varieties of zhu combination, 1 is the famous zhu azra tene combo, another one that I’ve encountered is zhu bitter talo and drako and the last one is zhu azra bitter into moji. Just remove zhu hg and lower speed and were all good.

Let me guess: none of you have Zhulong.

Best zhu line is obvious to all

But zhu with moji 5th or drako still works amazing.

Azra bother me much more than zhu, still haven’t lost to a single one.

Zhu is immune to poison so that don’t work and as you said it’s RNG. You shouldn’t have to get lucky to beat something

It’s not about if we have him or not. If something is broken than it’s broken. A +9 zhu with azar mean he guaranteed his stealth all move. The fact u are force to run OOO just to beat it is dumb.

Zhulong alone is not that powerful. The gas can remove its stealth. The RNG part is poisoning the chocolate in the combo to quickly kill it in order to stun the zhu team. However, zib+poison revenge can guarantee this. Actually, zib fl is more OP than Zhu fl, though I hate both.

zhu is poison immunity so no posion gas cannot remove its stealth. you have to attack zhu and there not no FL monster in the game that can attack him after azar cannil into tenebis. I’m gone tell you like I tell everybody else. play iconoclasm team and I bet you cant get past his 8 monster.

Azra is also problem for the most ppl…
Instant knock back next breaks the strategy of enemy…
Got shield and accelerated…
Charge Double bloodcrave with low tu
death revenge for random enemy also breaks strategy of enemy…
Since the Devs changed the poison revenge became stun revenge, Azra dont have weakness at all…

The act of using poison gas actually does remove stealth, even when poison immune.

Stealth prevents the targeting of poison gas, so it doesn’t matter whether poison immune is there or not.

azra is a handful but its a RNG battle so I don’t consider him a problem since RNG has to be on your side for him to punish you. You can run fox to counter him, zib/lavamane. galv/raizen. and many more but with zhu with him only a Sleep FL can beat that FL battle