Post Buff Zhulong

How is everyone finding Zhulong now?

I’ve been running it ever since it got buffed in the FL and I’m really enjoying it. It’s certainly not the best team I’ve ever made, but it’s holding an 84% win rate, although that might be getting carried by the midgame.

At first I thought Double BT was hard to charge, but it’s actually quite easy thanks to protector conversion, which is also great for vineyes and the steroid boxjaws.

Anyone else’s opinion? @Dev_VKC thanks so much for listening to the community :blush: All we need now is a nice shadow stun protection with some sort of stealth :wink:


pretty sure its because of ur midgame honestly
but glad u enjoyed him

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I haven’t tried him out in PvP yet, probably won’t get around to it for a while. However, I use him a lot in PvE and it’s a nice addition. I agree that double bloodthirst is easy enough to charge and of course any setup which uses Zhulong will be trying to do link shadow stealth stuff, so it should work out. Zhulong feels like it’s in a really good place right now I think, fun and good enough but not overpowered. However, I’ll know better when I’ve played it in PvP. More decent shadow monsters for PvP will make it better.

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Its pretty solid now i have to say :+1:
Stealth still the weakest archetype of the game but it was a step on the right way
Stealth passives should get something like mark monsters got
Stealth entrance bypassing those cancer AP would be my choice how to buff stealth


Only idiots run stealth. I will die on this hill


Amen to that :face_holding_back_tears:

Tbh having stealth bypass AP makes sense. Like, if no one can see you, then they can’t protect from you. This would also nerf AP, so a two birds idea overall

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Exactly lets give stealt a litlle love and Nerf the cancerous archetype of poison

Ooh, focus baublebasher yes please :drooling_face:


Camo means it would be too strong

Stealth entrance should not be taken out by cancerous Auto poisoners
That or simple buff stealth entrance into something that avoids poison tick
Stealth should be usable even when the monster is poisoned
Right now 1 poison touch and most stealth strategy become a buch of crippled monsters

Stealth mons should be commonly resistant to poison like mark mons predominantly are.

On a side note is there a reason mark mons are poison immune, what is the logic there @Dev_VKC


I don’t think stealth mons should be resistant to poison, only that the tick doesn’t remove the stealth.


Stealth could be made similarly to Overwatch: as in Poison tick doesn’t remove it, but direct damage moves like Poison Touch do, and if a monster is poisoned you can’t apply Stealth on it (except for Purifying Stealth/Mist).

A minor change, but it would avoid Stealth monsters getting destroyed by Toxic Entrance/Auto Poison.




:wink: #greatminds

Also it doesn’t inadvertently buff Camo lol

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Why would it buff Camo :thinking:? It’s already unaffected by Poison

I just meant with other stealth buffs in general which have been suggested in the past.

I say, don’t let poison tick remove stealth and then undo the poison nerf with the timed restrictions :partying_face: That way it wouldn’t be so predictable seeing it at the end


Either make the stealth status more powerful(e.g. Stealthed monsters can’t have their moves redirected, stealthed monsters take 31.7% less damage when an attack reveals them), make stealth-based moves more powerful(e.g. abiloity that heals all stealthed monsters, or that allows stealthed monsters to be sent back for low TU), or at least reduce the massive counters to stealth(e.g. Make stealth unaffected by poison, nerf the damage of stealthbane)

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Ohhhh I see, I read “doesn’t it” instead of “it doesn’t” :skull:

Noooooo high speed Toxic Entrance meta was a nightmare