Who Can Actually Time Eggs?

Hey everyone, with everyone freaking about about Golden Eggs Timing, i want to make a poll to see who can ACTUALLY time eggs lol… Please be honest, because i want to know if a majority can time eggs, or if only a few can. Again please be honest, if you get a random good monster by chance, that isnt considered timing… If you see what monster you want, and are able to do your technique, and get that monster CONSISTENTLY that is egg timing. So I leave the polls to you guys! 

Working towards a mill of gold, almost have 700k, I’d say I can time eggs pretty well

Sort of, not too well. But that’s because I don’t need to time eggs. It would only waste my time.

I used to time eggs when I started, but now I don’t want to because I want this game to actually be challenging. I would say I am ok at it, but I am not doing it anymore.

I should applaud you for this. It is indeed the whole point of the game, not to roll the wheel endlessly but to have fun and challenging fights. 

I try not to time eggs but if i see an ark that i actually want on my team I would make an attempt to time but i fail more than I succeed so yeah 

I cant time eggs haha, idunno why :stuck_out_tongue:

i AM A FAULIRE TIMER! (bows to everyone)

I dont even use a stopwatch haha , I just count till 27 but that always fails

What’s an egg?

^ troller

If I stare at the spinning wheel for too long I get a head ache.  Most of the time is spins too fast to clearly see what is on the wheel.

Same with me
I could try some of the methods like the online metronome one but it just feels wrong

Lol, downside to having a conscious right there :wink: … Really though, its just a game, you spent $1 on it anyways, why not learn the secrets to getting your moneys worth :stuck_out_tongue: :ph34r:  


when I time I usually stop at like 1 more ark to get the arkadion I want then I silent rage in my head for a few minutes lol or I feel like throwing my ipad on the floor …

Timing eggs is possible.
I suck at it.

I’ve done it twice, but I just don’t have the reflexes for it. For those who still think it can’t be done, believe me, I miss by 1 slot every single time.

This forum does not represent the whole community so the results of this pool can only be a reference.

Go to PVP, if most Arks of the opponent are S rank/egg exclusive, that person is likely to be an egg timer. For example, without timing eggs it is almost impossible to have S rank Angelon, Barricadus and Gremknight at the same time.

I have played a lot in the Expert league, and from experience there are not many egg timers.

Hey first snow. Just throwing this out there, my s rank Barry and grem I did farm for, and my angelon was a rank from farming before I upgraded it.

Yeah, i know that the majority of players do not time eggs since they do not know about it… I just want to see how many forum people can time eggs because the majority of people that visit the forum either learn how to time eggs, or know about it. For me personally, i had no clue what egg timing was until i came to the forum and now i am pretty good at it…