Timing your eggs is not allowed...wait...what?

I’m not trying to start a revolution here but a moderator Rex9595 said this in another thread,

“Egg timing was not something that was suppose to be in the game. Although it is possible to do so it is not something that is allowed.”

He stated that he also removed some guides on timing eggs from the forum as well.

I have a strange feeling like the moderation team and the dev team are not in sync here.

If egg timing is not supposed to be in the game…then how the heck are you supposed to get a certain Arkadion?  You wait for it to pass, do some magical calculations in your head (sorry, not allowed to talk about it) until it passes again so you can time when that Arkadion comes around again and increase your chances of getting it.

If this isn’t supposed to be in the game, what is the purpose of the spin at all?  It seems pretty obvious that it’s completely intended as a partially random/partially skill-based mechanic otherwise, why would the devs bother with a spin at all instead of just straight up giving you a random Arkadion/prize?

It just doesn’t make sense to me that timing your eggs isn’t allowed because that completely defeats the purpose of the egg spin and not only that if eggs are supposedly to be completely random with a whole bunch of garbage Arkadions with terrible grades thrown in, then why does it cost almost $3 per egg if it’s not supposed to have some aspect of being skill-based to give you a chance to get something that isn’t actually junk?

Hmm… Maybe the developers didn’t realize the eggs could even be timed, maybe they thought that it was pretty unlikely that people would start timing them, or maybe they thought people would try to time the eggs but would very rarely succeed, idk, whatever the case is… It’s seems like a big enough deal that they are going to change the way eggs give rewards completely, BUT, my hopes are that with this new change, the chances of getting cruddy rewards is toned down. I hear about people blowing through 50 bucks worth of gold and only getting d ranked gustbats, so if they are going to change the egg system completely, I would at least like the chances of getting high grade egg only arks increased. That seems fair right?

well if some people know how to time eggs they have an advantage over other people that dont, so thats pretty much the reason why its not allowed i guess.

I agree with Kenpatrol Completely. arks from gold eggs should be at least rank B and above if not C and above at least and it should have a little more rare arks than the ones you can find.

Pretty much the only solution to this “egg timing problem” i guess is to change the eggs system, either random or something else.

That’s my sauce on the topic!!!

Well everything in the spin is obtainable throughout the game except for right now the OM arks which will be added into the game sooner or later. 

The spin is there for a “chance” to get something out of it. It is not meant as a hit the jackpot everytime sort of thing.

The gold coins are the main way the developers can make money off this game that they created. If people just time then why would anyone buy gold? therefore they won’t make any money in the game. 

Timing is in the game now because the developers did not think this was going to happen. Until it has occured.

Timing is not a bannable thing because it is not the players fault that it is in the game. But it is not something that should be in the game. 

That is why i said it is not exactly allowed but we won’t punish you or ban you for doing it because a lot of players are doing it and it is not the players fault that it exists. 

It is one of those things that is in the grey zone. 

Does it make sense now?

There is no super secret.  Once you see what you want on the spin, you count how long it takes for it to come around again, then on the next spin, you count again and stop the spin accounting for how long it takes the wheel to stop spinning.

It’s not an exploit and it’s not something that hasn’t occurred to practically everyone who plays HI.

It’s not so much that timers have an advantage as to why it’s not allowed(someone could theoretically spend plenty of money and get lucky enough times to get whatever ARK’s they are seeking), its just that timing was never supposed to be an option. The wheel should very much be a roulette of random happenstance, a “you get what you get” sort of thing, the fact that folks can get exactly what they want over and over hurt’s the design of the wheel. It’s meant to bring in revinue not give out copius amounts of gold.

You may not call it an exploit, but it isn’t working as intended currently. No sense in making a fuss over it, it will be gone, and that will be that.

If timing is in the game now but wasn’t intended by the developers then to “fix” that every time the wheel makes a revolution they would have to jumble up/change the order of the prizes.  If they do that, there’s really no point in having a spin at all.

Just have an egg, you open it, you get a random prize.  

If timing the spins wasn’t intentional then there’s absolutely no point of the spin.

Well, the thing is if they change the egg spin so it’s always changing, then it doesn’t matter when you press stop, because you have no way of estimating what the spinner will stop on because once you see something you want, you could push stop immediately but it would still go past that specific prize.

So, then there’s absolutely zero point in having a spin and buying an egg, should just give you a random prize.

The whole point of the spin, is that it’s partially random and partially skill-based.  If you take away the skill-based mechanic then the spin is pointless.

That’s what I’m saying.

I don’t know what the developers intended, but here’s my opinion:

  1. Timing should be allowed.

  2. Timing should be quite difficult.

  3. Timing should not be “masterable”. In other words, you should not be able to figure out a system and use it on each egg. You should have to re-master the spin with each egg.

  4. There should not be a 5,000 or 1,000 gold prize.

If those 4 rules exist, then we have no issues.

That’s just nonsen-actually that does make sense. :stuck_out_tongue:

I pretty much agree with all of that except #4.

I don’t think there should be a 500 in there either. if egg’s are 298, why not make the gold prize like 350. Make it to where gains are very minimall on the gold front, the main point should be the ARKs.

I don’t see what you mean about how the spin would be pointless if timing is not allowed. You would get a random ark. But you can get a really good ark too there’s a chance of that. There is however a chance to get a weak ark as well. 

If we go by timing and lets say everyone just times. In that case everyone can get every S rank Ark and everyone will be on the same playing field. The game would get quite boring that way if you can just have anything you want whenever. 

What is the point of even playing the game at that point? you already have everything what is there to achieve.

Maybe they made it spin to make it pretty and less boring.

I mean… what fun is it to just press a button and get an arkadion? Wouldn’t you rather see pretty colors? :o

If timing isn’t allowed, that would mean they would have to continually randomize what Arks/prizes appear on the wheel.  If that’s the case then it’s impossible to time what prize the spinner stops on because it’s continually random and you wouldn’t be able to see far enough ahead to stop on what you wanted.

If that’s the case, there’s zero point for the spinner.  The entire mechanic could be replaced by just giving the player a random Ark/prize.

Currently, with a little skill you can increase your chances of getting the Ark/prize you want and it should be partially skill based because it costs nearly 3 bucks for the 298g that an egg costs.

If the gold prizes are an issue, then just take out the larger amounts.  Problem solved.

I dont know why people complain so much because they cant time the eggs. Obviously you can, so try harder. I absolutely think timing should be possible or else people arent going to want to even buy eggs and try bcuz all they get is C grade gustbats and waste their money, so whats the point?

I do think it should be a little harder than it is now, and also i guess i agree with no 5000 gold. I mean i have over 50,000 gold and can get the 5000 within 10 attempts fairly easily. Im sure that wasnt intended. But i think 1000 gold for the main prize is fair.

People act like we can sit here and time eggs to get anything we want everytine. Not even close. Its not that easy. I probably land on what im going for about 20% of the time at best. I couldnt even tell you how many arks ive had to feed.

Maybe make it more difficult and lower the gold prize to 1000 (only on fever egg). No gold prize without fever. That seems more fair. But to eliminate the timing of eggs is rediculous and takes away any kind of excitement or reason to care. Oh, bought an egg, out pops B grade duskling. Wow, no fun at all!!

You seem to be stuck on that word mate.

Timing to the extent of Exact 100% of the time, was not the intention of the wheel. I do believe that being able to visually see when something is comming(timing via wheel turn) was part of the wheels design, and to be able to get close to your desired prize,(and with some luck land on it) not to garantee a hit each run you go.

this could be done by randomizing wheel speed(slowing and stopping in no distinguishable pattern) throughout the spin so that stopwatches cant be used, and try to hit stop a few spaces before your prize assuming you know how many spaces it will take to land on your desired prize(and that assumes the number of spaces the wheel moves when you hit stop is constant and not a variable as well)

EDIT: and although my suggestion could work I’m sure the dev’s will come up with something everyone(being majority, because you can’t please everyone 100% of the time) is in agreeance with.

I have a feeling the change will just be,

  1. You buy egg

  2. The egg bobs left and right starting to crack

  3. The egg opens and poof! You get a prize

That’s cute

Add sound effects and dramatic music and viola

But before the prize is shown:

::a siloutte of a cute chick wearing a top hat appears::

sounded by a tweet tweet

And then you get to see what you really got.

But before that a giant man eating lima bean shows up and punts the egg into a flaming salad bowel… Then you see what you get…

Lol…B grade duskling?  That’s better than most of the trash Arks in the spin.  I mean, why even have C and D grades of Arks in the egg spin that I can easily get a S grade of in the single player game?  It’s just…hateful. :stuck_out_tongue: