Egg Timing?

Hi all,

I have been reading a lot of posts and see a lot of the expert hunters and up talking about “egg timing”. I assume that is related to gold eggs and mission eggs, but what is its purpose and  how is it done? 

I have searched the FAQ pinned and the general search, but for some reason no posts on what and how to egg time :slight_smile:

Though it seems all the pros know about it :smiley:

It’s illegal to speak about egg timing on this forum, it’s probably why you found nothing about this here.

I see… Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s not “illegal,” per se. It’s just highly discouraged and frowned upon.

The majority of the ones that do know how to egg time fortunately are using those exploits for good, instead abusing the system.

That said, any topic that offers to teach you how to egg time should be reported to a mod IMMEDIATELY, so it can be deleted

It’s fortunately on the list of fixes in the update

In other words


No one should be giving advice on egg timing, lest they wish trouble upon themselves.

I hope they just give a better chance of winning the main prize

Post Edited by Moderator-Do not give tips on Egg timing as that breaks the rule about posting hacks or cheats on the forum.  

No one gave tips assassin. Ever read?

He gave a how-to. It was edited by a mod to delete what he said.

lol did you get to see it though? :stuck_out_tongue:

I find this oddly familiar. I think you did the same thing with another exploit… :slight_smile:

I let my six year old time them for me because he is lucky and I’m not! Works every time!