Timing gold eggs. How to do it?

So, I’ve put a decent amount of time and money into timing gold eggs to increase the chance of getting better rewards, but have had little luck at cracking the code :stuck_out_tongue: I was wondering if those of you that HAVE cracked the code (I know your out there) could shine a little light on the subject to help even out PVP.

To be honest i would recomend searching the forum currently as it stands. There are some folks who have put out a little bit of information (enough to get oyu closer) but have recently been discouraged(there might be a better word than this) to give people the formula. I will let you know It has been mentioned that the current egg system is being looked at by the DEV’s so even if you do manage to get pretty consistent will will most likely be changing.

I will say this, there is no exact timing of eggs. There is extremely close , but you will always need some luck as the egg spin speed does change ever so slightly.

If you want a subzera for example(non fever) and it is on the blue spot, when it passes you count 32 blues and stop


Is anyone else having a pretty easy time hitting the 5000, but not able to get any good Arks with all that gold? It’s much easier to spot the big shiny 5000 than it is to nab that Vegitiger, Astroleon, or Stegospike…

I rolled about 30 gold eggs tonight, and the only egg-only I got was Bloodclaw, and that was one of the few times I WASN’T trying to time the eggs…

Have you been rolling the OM fever eggs? Because I swear the timing in OM fever eggs is different than normal fever eggs. I know this because I rolled alot of eggs today with Kenpatrol’s method, and while it works great (I had to adjust the timing a bit since it’s player dependent) even when I sometimes miss on normal fever or gold eggs it always lands like 1 space after or before what I want. In OM fever, I still press at the usual time but it lands nowhere near my target.   


I found the timer for OM eggs :slight_smile: for normal gold it was around 18 sec, for OM non fever seems to be around 18.5 for me

Hmm… Maybe they changed the timing a bit, I have timed OM fever eggs before but it’s always been the same as normal fever eggs…

But now I’ll try around 18 seconds next time, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


There really is no time difference between arks and the 5000 jackpot, it’s just that normally I can spot the jackpot easier and with arks I normally catch them right as they’re going out of the screen… Then adjust my timing to how far off the screen they were.


Timing the egg CAN be done. The jackpot occurs consistently at the same time. If it wasn’t so…then it would truly be random! Here’s proof (see attatchment), that’s over $800.00 in coins aquired with just $10.00. So you be the judge. 

Closing this thread as egg timing was not something that was suppose to be in the game. Although it is possible to do so it is not something that is allowed. The coins are in the game so the developers can make an income from working hard and creating the game so if everyone just starts timing they won’t be making any money. 

I also deleted some replies here that wrote guides on how to time for the reasons i mentioned above.