Thinking About the Egg Wheel

So I haven’t really talked on the forums (AKA not at all), but I do notice discussion and debate over possible fixes to the egg wheel to prevent the “timing problem” that is readily apparent.

First some thoughts on timing in general. Of course one must consider the amount of people who actually play dragon island. I do not know the exact download number, but can readily assume that the majority do not even touch the forums or participate. Considering that this site is the only place on the internet that I have even heard of timing eggs, it must be said that the majority already do not know of the timing method to get large amounts of gold. Then there are the forum users. What I first saw was that there is a nice code of honor that many people seem to follow in regards to timing. I respect that. It also can be said that the casual browser of the forums goes straight to the “Where’s that Monster?” section, and ignores general topics and most other boards (This was me at first). As my thought process took this route I actually realized that timing gives a very large and very unfair advantage to players who do that, but that it is also true that compared to the entirety of the hunter island population, timers are very few.

Second, I do know that an update has already been sent to apple to be approved, so I can assume that many changes are soon to be put into effect. But, that got me thinking, and browsing.  (The Forums) Many suggested eggs be hidden (which would be the most likely solution to a problem like this), but in opposition, a valid point has been brought up. By not seeing what you are getting, it might actually take away some of the appeal of testing your luck. The visual enticement of possibly winning a powerful arkadion (that is displayed on the side) is a large part of what keeps people spinning even when they get junk, because they can clearly see that there is a chance of getting the eggsclusive arks (and or high stars, grades, etc). Take away that, and it removes the sense that if you keep spinning, you might win. 

I read many different methods that involved changing the system completely, such as Alexkid’s Suggestion Thread. I do like ideas like this, but from what I have observed (Keep in mind these are from my viewpoint) the devs are ready to make changes, but not overhaul the system completely. As such, what I expect of the update is a somewhat temporary fix that will hopefully fix the “timing problem”. Of course, they are probably including an assortment of other tweaks and fixes to fix other aspects, but I digress. 

So, that got me thinking, what would fix the problem? I’m not going to say I thought for hours on a system that would revolutionize the Egg Wheel. I thought for a couple minutes and my idea came to me. It probably has flaws that I have not seen but in regards to keeping most things the same, but fixing the timing problem, it would suffice.

The egg wheel (hypothetically) has 100 slots to put things in. In the current system, it cycles everytime it comes back to the beginning. What I thought of was what if when that loop near the 100 and 1 slot comes around, the next 100 are scrambled? And when the third cycle of 100 comes around, what if that one was scrambled too? This would allow all the arkadions and gold prizes to stay the same for each gold egg, but eliminate the problem of timing.***See Below So this would eliminate the ability to time a cycle and get what the timer desires and make it almost truly random! 

Something like what I proposed seems like a likely solution to the evident problem of timing, and who knows, it might be what the devs are implementing!

Again,these are just thoughts and observations I have noted - I felt the need to express them to the community. I hope that none of what I said disregards knowledge that I may not have at the present moment, and if this is a repeat of a proposed idea, oops!


*** I realize that I have no idea of the required effort to do something like that. It could be quite a lot, or not at all. I have no experience with programming anything, so my idea could be literally impossible to my knowledge with how the game is coded.

They are not taking away the visibility of the spin you can still see everything as it is now. They are adding something that will make timing impossible. 

I figured that would not be the route the devs would take. Of course, I can formulate theories left and right, but until the update is implemented, that is all that they are. Theories! Haha! I am glad that the timing problem will be fixed. I will say that it is quite a pleasure seeing the team take notice of issues that are brought up by the players (although the timing issue was also cutting into possible profits). It seems to me that this forum is quite a spectacular mesh of minds, creativity, and problem solving. So kudos to the team! :slight_smile:

Yep and its great news that They are taking down timing

About the egg wheel, I was trying to buy some gold and it would let me, I even made sure that I have a enough cash, and I can connect to the iTunes store, anyone know what the problem is?
Excuse me, I meant to say *wouldn’t* let me

Ah, good to hear. I wonder if it really is impossible though. Oh well, I’ll be sure to PM you guys if I find a way.

pm me aswell :wink:

Lol aeist not gonna happen

They’ll take out the 5,000 gold, though.

Thats a relief