Timing Eggs Help

I need help in timing eggs, I really do not understand because I already used a lot of money on this game to buy eggs. But I have only spun 7/200 times of good arks. I would really like it if someone could give advice and help me, so that I am not actually wasting my money on getting the low stared arks.

Thanks for your help😀

Dont time eggs…

I feel your pain but I can’t share this information out of respect, plus anytime now the update will happen and that’s gonna remove timing for good.

Ok then thanks for the advice anyways, I’ll respect the rules. Sorry Jeanette I didn’t mean to disobey the rules, I didn’t realise that this is a new rule. I’m so sorry.

Its not a rule yet but i hate ppl who time because there are ppl who cant time and Thats just unfair

I do less timing now even though I stopped playing HI for awhile due to my school that started 2 weeks ago but I come to the game and the forums to catch up on whats going on 

Yes, Egg timing is a controversial subject so asking for help to do it is not something that anyone should be ask, lest the community backlash hit you.

I don’t condone egg timing one bit. My only advice would be to start a new game, rather than waste your money,

Like I said, community backlash

Don’t be sorry, Masterofgreen, I’m sure you didn’t mean any harm. :>

But it really is a tender subject, so it’s best to forgive and forget. AKA let’s not start a heated discussion please, there’s been too many already.

Ok, I am sorry to all again.

I’m sure that there are people who say that they don’t egg time when they actually do. It’s their way of getting more from the game.

Possibly but we don’t know for sure.

I can time but i dont do it , i practiced a few times on bronzeshells but Thats it.

I hate it that u can get it so easily and Thats Why i dont do it

I was going to learn how to, but when I heard about the update stopping it, I decided not to waste my time.

Yeah I have finally learnt that timing the eggs is just cheating. Now I regret asking the question.

Alright, alright guys. What has been said has been said, and what has been done has been done. I think it’s time to let this go.

Let’s just skedaddle along now