Which monster do you want to see Buffed 🥳

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Squinty had an awesome uraniumedhus buff idea the other day: make nuclear fusion apply radioactive fallout to all enemies :heart_eyes: I vote that!!!


yo tht would be cool

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Ooooh good call! I’d like to see some old monsters get a second passive.

Surely that’s too strong :sweat_smile:


Well then increase the tu slightly then if that is too strong

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Idk, he’s super weak as it is right now :joy: if you think about it, it’s a little like storm dolphin’s revenge, but gradual decline and the mons can be purified

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Honestly uranium just needs a bit of a speed buff to like 60 or so. Half the time it never gets a turn and it doesn’t have an op passive or any defense boosts like all the newer better mythics.

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Make it 49 speed :smirk::smirk:


Xyz-999L ,Deerdragon :sweat_smile:


Xyz: he needs thunderous rebirth.

uraniumdhus: he needs his SS to be instantaneous and his double poison catalyst to be 160/136tu
why: because it is a mythics and that even with that it will not be among the best.

iride: his SS has a different name but he has the same description and does the same thing as novablast , stop fooling us either change the name to novablast or reduce the waiting time to 200 seconds from the first turn.

mechaydra: needs quadruple poison catalyst

  • he also needs to reduce the tu of his scarlet sting to 100/85 tu.

scyberite: needs a piercing blow instead of powerslash.
of an instant SS and a double bloodlust

nightingale: need to reduce sedate tu.

Hawknight: needs that the allied guard does not give him the status of protectors.

prismegasus: need 50% speed

arachnodrake: it needs a double sneak attack.
and its SS instead of link change it solo it will be easier to use.


Yes!!! :partying_face:

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deviladus: She needs an unlimited death wish rather than unlimited sudden death.

Atlanachia: she needs her quick trigger to be 85tu

runconqueror: given hg rather than the sleep input, it fits better with his rune power passive.

majorie: instead of a sleep casters to to Need a powerful sleep fast

unicera: change power slash to raw double bloodfury

all legends that have these clone skills with stun revenge and attack boost need to be reworked, why are legends like epic.

same with want having stealth, waiting for the novablast, and those with their poison skills, and those having last bite tactics, they are too old and outdated they need to be upgraded.

I think I’ve done the trick

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Yeah understand that. I can just imagine a 50% drop in HP across all 4 mons becoming Nova AoE spam’s best friend. Would love to see it buffed though!

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Akane already does this upon entrance and it isn’t a problem with nova since literally nobody has her. Also uranium is slow af so it likely won’t get a turn before nova.


Valzareign. Double poison drain as it is is pointless.

A while ago I also created a list of the worst legendaries in the game, these guys really need something to spice them up:

-Apollorexus,Taloknight (just plain and boring)
-Kamiwyrm (Relic from the past)
-Seraphael (Can sacrifice himself I guess)
-Shadowyrm (Same as Kamiwyrm)
-Ziberius (Used to kill himself, says it all)
-Emeraldont (Slow, low damage, borderline useful passive. Just a tedious monster)
-Burnsalot (sluggish AF)
-Heavenswyrm (S) (really bad, needs link survivor+ badly)
-Mulasem (just an annoying monster with low damage. Extremely annoying when buffed though)


Don’t get carried away buddy


Would love that


let me think