What if there was no nerfs?

I’m making this topic to get some thoughts from the oldest (longest playing) players from the game.

the question is:- if all the Nerfs ever made in Neomonsters were reverted, what do you think the current Meta would be?

this is a tricky question because i feel like some would naturally cancel out others.

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Great question. I think Gazer FLs would be huge. And Team Turns like Mecha. Give turn loops etc

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i think poison fls will come out top .
titan retreat -->poison entrance–> pola and freeze lol

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Combined with Gazer yeah. Instant turns lol

Cani FL :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

When Scorpioghiest arrived, I was one the few players who had him. And if he was not nerfed I would have been in top 50 each PvP season atleast.

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This game would’ve died a long time ago if there wasn’t nerfs lol

Probably. but that wasn’t the question ducky! :duck:

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How can there be no nerfs if it’s Nerf of nothing?

Yeah ducky probably wouldve quit for an extra week or two each of the 9 times he quit if there weren’t nerfs


The dual give turn spam would be glad to be back.

Define “Nerf”

Directly altering a monster’s moves, passives, or stats to in order to make it less powerful

AP Spam, Dusci/Flocco, and Poison FLs would probably be the most buffed

Others have basically said it. It would be stuff like Gazer FL combos with poison (e.g. Scorpiogeist) and double TT or GT looping. Of course, big counters to that would be camouflage (or possibly even poison immunity) so we’d see some of that.

Scorpiogeist being 80% speed and toxic entrance not restricted from the start of the battle would be very hard to ignore. It would probably be very common. However, if there was any place for it I bet some people would go for Bastia with her instant win on the first turn (she’d also disable Gazer / toxic entrance).

We’d probably also have some cannibalise single stun revenge giving turn to stun counters stuff.

Basically, really fast front lines would be commonplace and there’s a few horrible things that were removed which enabled full control (e.g. Bastia original release, GT loops, double/triple TT possibly even the shocking entrance being 160s).

Final thing to note is one of the early nerfs to give turn that gave it a use limit of 5. If that never happened then someone who’s losing could infinitely give turn to their own monster to wait until the opponent disconnects.


surprised nobody mentioned Cynthia so far. i guess the nefariodon combo wasn’t as bad as i had assumed.

Sorry, what was that? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of the high speed deathgazer frontlines and give turn/team turn loops.

Yeah that wasn’t anywhere near as bad. You need to remove/kill enemies with Cynthia on the battlefield then have Nefariodon enter afterwards. Not anywhere near as easy to do and not as fast as the 80-90% speed TT looping.

Nerf into nothing ?
Yeet gazer team with first turn can do 8 vs 16 from beginning :joy:

I think you’re all forgetting the wonder combo that is Haniwel and Gallio :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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