Weekly Mission Too Hard?

Is there any way to actually get through these weekly missions without having level 99 everythings? Granted i just started the playing the game recently but if they give u a level requirement of level 20 to even participate, shouldn’t u make it so lower ranked players can also reap the rewards of the online missions? For example, in this week’s mission i’ve gotten to level 9 with the second prize boss and 80 percent of my line up is dead before i can even attack… I can’t believe that anyone actually gets through to the 28th floor!

I have no other advice other then level up more, get higher star arks. What’s your lineups & their levels currently?

If you can only get to lvl 9 boss, your arks are still to weak.

Majority of players find this week’s OM to be harder than usual but either way, don’t think you can complete.

& In case you don’t know, you can also get OM arks from gold mission eggs.

Yea i figured. I’m only in like the 6th town but i’ve been level boosting like crazy so my arka range from about level 30-60. It’d be nice if they somehow matched up the difficulty of the OM’s to each players individual levels but that might be alot to ask from an iPhone game. I’ll just keep leveling on lower floors to try and get some of the prizes and buy the mission egg before the mission ends.

Yes I think it’s too much to ask. There will be a lot of coding & they’ve already given us too much out of a 99c game.

And don’t worry, once this season ends, OM arks will be available somewhere else & I’m sure some time in the future, there will be OM with them as prizes.

I feel you because I didn’t get Meowzard because my arks weren’t strong enough. 

All you can do is train and Taj is right, the arks will be released at the end of the season, which I think is in line with the update

I know its frustrating but you have to realize the games been out for over two months now and most are high leveled.

Gotta keep up with them, otherwise it’s too easy and they get bored but the OM does give disgusting amounts of XP

It shouldn’t be unobtainable though. The missions the last 2 weeks have been hard enough that it could scare off a lot of newer players that will feel like they’ll never be able to compete. This week unless you have an all lvl 99 team you didn’t get anything other than one or maybe 2 level ups.

I disagree that’s its unobtainable, just a challenge to the inexperienced

And not necessarily an all lvl 99 team. An all water team would work just as well

Yeah as this was an all fire OM

Let’s drop these two ideas:

  1. there’s a such thing as “asking too much” from an iPhone game (assuming the same wouldn’t be asking too much on a non-iPhone game).

  2. they’ve given us too much for a 99 cent game.

Both of those should be eliminated from the thought process.

Sorry I don’t understand what you’re trying to say here. Both ideas are contrary to each other. So you are saying you are supporting all of these demands of enhancements or ??

You don’t understand. His arks are lvl 30-60, there’s NO way he or anyone can complete it, even with the best strategy. I had the same problem when I started playing, it cost me Minoblast because I just couldn’t level my arks high enough before the mission ended. His arks are actually decent level, floor 9 is good achievement, as I remember I tried when my party was from 20-25 and only got to like floor 3.

I completed the mission with 30 level 99 arks in my lineup and a few under level 50 arks. I didn’t use more than half of them.

As long as you get to a checkpoint, you can come out to heal your arks, then jump back in at the checkpoint.

For point #1 that I made, I understand that mobile devices are more limited than, say, a powerful desktop computer. With that being said, you can get some crazy games on these devices.

I’m not sure if saying “we’re asking too much” from an iPhone game means the iPhone can’t handle the performance or if it means iPhone games should be inherently simple. For performance, there are an enormous amount of tricks that can be used to get high-end games on mobile devices. Grand theft auto and infinity blade 3 are two examples.

If we’re saying iPhone games should be inherently simple, then I disagree completely. Why would that be?

For point #2, I don’t think that price necessarily correlates with value of the game. For example, a high-end game could be sold for a dollar under the assumption that so many people will download it that the developers still make enormous profit off of it. It being a dollar doesn’t necessarily mean that we shouldn’t ask much from it.

I don’t think the OP meant that iPhone games can’t be stellar.  I have always been amazed how Arcane Legends and others of that ilk keep real time mutliplayer dungeons relatively lag free.  I think it’s too much to ask for this to change any time soon with everything else the developers have on their plate at the moment.  NO GAME that uses software can have instant feature addons. 

The game was not initially designed to balance to the player’s level.  If it was hard for beginners, it was too easy for the veterans.  And like it’s been said, there are a lot more veterans nowadays wanting more of a challenge.  Just hang in there and you’ll finish the game and be finishing the OM missions as well. 

In another game, it took a lot of leveling before I was able to beat the weekly boss and get his drops.  As in, weeks/months of playing daily.

Yes, I understand all too well how much effort is required to get new features added. I was speaking for the future in general :).

If I had the wrong idea, I apologize.

I do know the developers are working on improving the missions, though. We just need to have some patience.

I understood it completely

Where’s he at right now, he can’t do it so he needs to train and that happens. There’s not really a middle ground that can be worked out on this

That said, Ashley is right. They’re working on fixing the missions so all we can do is wait

Haha didn’t mean to start an argument here guys. The fact is the mission is tough. I understand OM arks will be available later. I actually don’t care too much about those as much as the level boosters and especially the rank booster. I mean i can’t complain… For two tickets i’m xp boostin like no other. I mean i have level 60 arks and i’m 2 percent through the game lol.

There are a lot of games I’ve played on my iPhone that give you troops to battle that are matched to your level.

Yeah but how many people have a high level all water team, or an all anything team ready to go at the drop of a hat.

I agree an iPhone 5s is  more powerful than computers of just a few years ago, and they made great games back then. Hardware performance should have impact on gameplay these days. As far as the price 99 cents just gets you in the door. You also have to take in app purchases into account. There has been a lot of money spent on gold in this and other games. That’s why that model is so popular right now.

It’s all about coding it, and with a small dev team it takes time for things like this to get done. I’m sure it’s not an easy process to code either and make it so it’s hard to game the system. For instance you could go in with a bunch of level 1 or 2 arks to keep your average low and tack on a lvl 99 omegawyrm at the end that would easily slaughter the low level arks the game generated to match your “average” ark.

When its easy ur all like ahh I got it aah i got 2 

When its hard and u didn’t got it then ur like ‘making topic weekly mission too hard’ didn’t got one :frowning: :( 

Why do you only complain when it affects u :stuck_out_tongue:

Im not meaning the person who made this thread but everyone is like this :stuck_out_tongue:

This mission was exactly good, hard enough and fun!