Update dropped

yall congrats. cani got nerfed
fire can be used in the fl

but why no valentine gifts

link fire gonna rock this pvp



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They obliterated Sherloid too. Not gonna complain though honestly, doesnt change my teams lineup at all and actually makes my FL even better as Megalo doesnt have to use up its Sonic Strike on Sherloid anymore lol. The Cani thing I get and honestly I’m curious to see just how much more damage the Crescendo attacks do now. I was curious to see when and if Dolphreeze was going to get hit. That Entrance passive was just so damn strong. Also nice to see Scyberithe get a buff to get back into the game.

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finally (for cani) but they didn’t buff heavenwyrm so sad :\

u have cani and didnt want him to get nerfed?

Wow magma is basically a peice of garbage right now outside of link fire

Given that this is becoming the most ideal place to discuss the new update, I’m just going to go ahead and rename this thread if you don’t mind.

Now, ho boy… so, SO much to unpack here. Seems like the devs may have had enough of our whining and just went on a crusade against a lot of problematic monsters. And somehow Scorpio went untouched lol… but anyway. My thoughts.


  • Scyber getting a little bit of compensation for getting done dirty prior to his release. Approved.

  • My precious little pony got some love, so very much appreciated that my Pegacornie that’ll likely never get awakened can have a taste of Prismegasus’s superior option coverage.

  • Yukihime getting enormous TU decreases… very nice. Looking forward to seeing the shenanigans this gal can whip up.

  • dayum, the new Gloreonix is looking nasty. That’s potential for a total of 360 TU of stun! Bring plenty of chrono killers to keep the counters/converters away and that’s really gonna get you places.

  • Panda got done some solid justice. Nothing radical, just TU decreases and plenty of other quality of life changes to really improve his bang for buck. Faster moves is perfect for his theme of chaos.

  • Well well well, look who came crawling back. Chronozeros still ain’t fast by any means, but I think he’ll take whatever he can get at this point.

  • Little old dolphoenix getting some love? Nice. Stun immunity and stat buffs may go a very long way for his longevity.

  • Leogeist’s SS is far less strict now… good change for sure. It’s hardly so absurd compared to everything else that’s prowling around lol

  • Sweet dreams buff? Yea sure, I guess a trash heap-worthy move giving off less of a stench never hurt anybody :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Bundleblazer got… buffed? Maybe? New passive is intriguing to say the least. Guess he can provide legit value for whoever’s side he’s on, and perhaps can be used to troll dusicyon users. And I suppose the new gimmick regarding the passing move makes it nastier for the opposing team to get rid of their copy since they’re always gonna be the second owner… s’pose that’s a new benefit.

  • Another step forward for Making Epics Great Again(MEGA)(lol I apologize for that), giving the survivor epics unique revenge passives. Seems like it plays decently into their survivor game plan, Talo style, where they potentially put the opponent in a bad spot just for avoiding their survivor move. More than anything though, they seem like ideal fodder for backstabbing shenanigans… perhaps Mastogant can perform Bane’s job for a cheaper price? Intriguing prospect. There’ll surely be interesting things coming of Megavortex too.

  • Halle-frickin-lujah, Crescendo’s back with a vengeance :grin: I’m sure @Killerdog will be getting to the bottom of the exact change soon here, very much interested in dusting off my precious Leogeist again.


  • Finally, fire type strats can breathe easy again. I rather like this new plan, Canis is still a threat to the type that holds an inherent advantage against his, he just has to be more methodical about it now rather just “boop, you’re dead”.

  • Whew, that’s a swift end to Magma’s reign of terror. Of course, he’s now an even bigger menace as long as he’s surrounded by his fire type brethren(who, again, no longer have canis to worry about so much), but that’s far healthier than what he was before. I imagine he’ll be rather painful to use outside of link fire though, kinda feel sorry for that tbh.

  • I’m definitely a fan of the new Dolphfreeze. Some semblance of actual work is required in order to get 2 mini aegises in your team now. And this new SS… whew, that could get spicy. Perhaps now blizzard can be a real menace to confident strike mons heheh.

  • Leo’s second form got a considerable downgrade. Heard some people talk about how vastly superior he was to the full form, which definitely made sense to me. Anyway, far more reasonable now.

  • Yikes, Megalo’s gonna have a nasty time picking up his free kills now. No protectors or enemies up close, he’s gonna have no choice but to derp around and wait a full cycle for his next opportunity. I have full confidence that he’s going to retain his role in the frontline mind games, he’ll just be far less of a menace now.

  • Abyssraider’s lower forms are… pretty useless now by the looks of it. I guess a 7 cost detox blast was a bit too much? Sure, I suppose. That’ll sting for those who try to be as cost efficient as possible.

  • Wow… Sweettroll got shredded. I suppose that, again, it was an awful lot of value for a 7 cost, so I’ll accept it.

  • Ooh, bad news for Maggatsuoh. Those maggatoids did always seem pretty absurdly fast, 74% feels far more fair to me. He still very much seems like a strong option despite how niche he seems to have been.

  • :crab: SHERLOID IS GONE :crab: ok, he’s far from completely gone, but damn his FL game literally just got deleted. Still 100% useable later down the line, but very much a sigh relief from a ton of us I’m sure. Less oppressive with that purify too.

  • RAW blood moves no longer get bolstered TU… definitely a good idea since the ignoring protectors thing is quite compensation enough. Most notable victims would probably be Centaureon and Angelion, and pretty dang deserved imo.

  • Thlugs got quite the downgrade… they can still bring about the thlug themed revenges in rapid fire succession, but now they can’t immediately jump to their other options, which is certainly nice for everyone except for them.


  • There’s a lot of slick looking icons now lol. There seems to be a strong emphasis on the monsters’ actual faces, which I’m a fan of. Here’s a few of the best examples I have from my monster pool:

  • I’m still kinda sad that my shiny stormloch has to be stuck with his inferior bonus, but it’s nice that shinies are genuinely unique now. The differing elements is a super awesome touch :blush: Can I just say though, shiny taloknight looks TERRIFYING lmao

So yeah, good update. Very strong emphasis on just patching stuff out and caring for the meta, which is really awesome. Keeping the gameplay fresh and balanced is what convinces people to, well, actually continue playing the game after all. Overall, y’all really delivered here @Dev_VKC


Agree,they should have made it a 50 second restriction for it swift dual slayerbane

That update came in while I played showdown tower and lost my win streak. I don’t know if I really was happy about that :joy:

Same happened to me :sweat_smile:

Magma was kinda too versatile, no need to build around it. Just slap it in any team and it’ll work but now you at leas have to build around it


Um did this update unintentionally nerf Sobeking??? Bc I just was playing PvP and used Divine Rebirth after a Charge Slayerbane on an Ankoudragon and it only took 1/3 of its health where it normally one shots most things. Divine Rage also did a mere 1700 damage to Dusicyon after 2 charges earlier in the fight. Can someone explain??

ah lol and floccu then ?

O yeah the 2 best offense mons I have(Cani,Magma) were nerfed after I got them yay also I think sherloid nerf will have big impact on FL in Pvp because he was so good at his role: protecting without making assassinate possible. Now that he has no more stealth he’s pretty useless in FL. Also, he was a counter to sleep FL and some poison teams also now canishogun FL will get detroyed by megalodragon easily since cani alone= sonic strike and Cani+protector=assassinate.I really think sherloid nerf will change lots ofthings only by himself.

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@DRACARYS @MementoMori how do you feel about the cani nerf you so desperately wanted not to happen in that 300 message thread?


I didn’t even realize until now there was an update, need to look at it.

A lot to break down just for one post so I won’t bother going into the detail Lucrayzor did. I’ll update the tier list sometime next week where I’ll give my thoughts on stuff.

However, a few thoughts that come to mind when reading Lucrayzor’s breakdown:

  • Gloreonix - the problems here are the Moji it creates but you can see this as backstab food for anything that wants to kill teammates. This monster is right up there as one of the best shockers.

  • Pandamonium - important to note that poison immunity has been removed so it can now easily be turned into spamming 100TU 100% sleep if you poison it. It’s also able to sleep something at 60% speed, which is so much faster than other sleep monsters.

  • Megalodragon - probably not viable for top bracket PvP any more with the fact it can’t skip.

  • Abyssraider - the lower forms count as a 4* so people were using it with Canishogun for the one-shot detox blast… that’s why they had detox blast removed.

  • Sweetroll - similar story to Abyssraider I think, they figured the 4* form was too good with Canishogun I guess.

  • Maggatsuoh / Maggatoid - the bombs were sped up a while back when they made them have full speed rather than half speed. It was quite insane to be honest… so makes sense they have the speed nerfed to be more like they were originally designed.

Shinies: I don’t know about you guys but I think these look amazing. Each is definitely stronger than its original version and a few are definitely viable. Kamiwyrm and Tridrakhan look very strong for PvP.

RAW nerf: It needed to happen. RAW moves are now very good and there’s no reason for them to be faster. It’s definitely nerfed a few of my teams haha!

Crescendo buff: From my initial testing it seems like the first hit is the same but the amount the attacks increase by each time is tripled. Crescendo monsters now charge to one-shot in 5-10 hits. They are incredible sweepers if they have a bit of time to get charged.


Btw I’ve posted the update notes in the thread where they’re all collected. There was one bit missed in the notes:
Syberithe got its SS changed from deathmark (130TU) into swift deathmark (50TU)

KD’s Version update history

WTF dolphreeze and dolpheonix with dolphin bond passive is OP just put them both in FL and boop nothing can touch them cause of their gigantic stats I used flame eater of canishogun on dolpheonix and it did so small dmg it’s supposed to deal big dmg against fire but because of dolpin bond its impossible to kill it yay (ill add a screenshot later)

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Thanks for buffing my Dolphreeze lol
I started hating it’s entrance passive and the only thing those two Rockoids did was make my Dolphreeze stun food. So I’m glad they got removed. It’s not a Nerf for me it’s a buff so thanks:) I can start using that crap monster again :smile: