Update drop! (11/25/20)

Lots of changes to speak of! Lots of great stuff, some a little questionable in my eyes. My thoughts on each:

  • first off, shiny cyclo buff! Unfortunately I was hoping for a little more… 130 would’ve been perfect imo. Still wavering on whether I want to get im.
  • tons of mythic buffs, some veeeeeery dubious. Kurao and aether buffs make sense, but sepheris and satomi… seriously? Seph’s SS restriction may as well not exist now. She can just sit in 5th and immediately spoil the enemy’s entire strategic sequence… not cool. Just not cool.
  • one mythic in particular stands out… they absolutely went to town on exocross. Never met him in pvp and didn’t comparatively seem like THAT much of a threat, so I suppose it seems well deserved enough.
  • Ahuizard nerf! Precisely what was needed imo. 70 TU is strong but not nearly so absurd. 100 TU for a trio of rocks seems fair too.
  • tons of 2nd form nerfs, well warranted. Aegis, lavamane, horrorclaw and balancion, all definitely like they offered too much unevolved also lavamane got lava entrance, quite fitting and definitely the sort of utility that may get him more use in janky strats.
  • Quite a large push for element massacre! But surreal to see such a relic of the past return with a vengeance. Curious how much use Rexo/Kami and drakozord can put it to. Also kin slayer for thorhoof, stratustrike and Zephyrin, all of whom are notably storm element. Perhaps a sort of internal conflict among them is being promoted?
  • couple of legends and SEs got some treatment. Some standouts are Carapasca holding the honor of being the first SE with stun converter, Steamhawk with extra payback killer representation, Albakhan with what seems to be swift healing double poison eater, Capy with defensive mode(why), Katt with insomnia(whyyyy), and emeral and bullbrazen with counter strike.
  • TU decreases across the board for the spiky squad. I’m sure it’ll help their chances quite a bit, but I don’t know em nearly well enough to determine if it’ll be enough.
  • From the brink is instant now?? Jeeeeeez I don’t think I like that…
  • Defensive mode triples rather than doubles… oh CHRIST

So yeah, overall a decent update. Still a lot more that could be done, but every little bit helps ya know? Oh, and a bit of a shame nothing happened to bond quest. I still feel it could use a bit more to really spice it up, ya know?


Kinda wanted a buff for my boy Beetlebrute. He’s kinda awkward to use with crave + harden caparace.

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@Dev_VKC great defensive mode rework :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Worst. Update. Ever.


Oh take your lumps like a man.

Best Update ever. Emeraldues Got Buffed. All i care about


All I care about is auto play. Now I can grind EXP like hell.

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Now it was a super epic xd AHUIZAR until when we will continue to see nerf for monsters that only use f2p that with sweat and bravery fight every season to stay among the best players in the game. Think

F2Ps have more than enough opportunity to excel without being forced to lean on a single broken monster lol. If y’all really want to prove that you can compete, then keep on honing your strategy and resourcefulness, and working at it to get yourself more mons to work with. That way once you emerge victorious over a big spender the satisfaction will be even sweeter


Are we gonna ignore the fact that 2500 Epic Potions = 1 Legend Potion still


Yeah, quite disappointing that the only change they make to this particular mechanic after years is a minor convenience for hyper spenders. At the very least, a potential discount for bulk exchanges would’ve been promising…

He’ll be amazing as soon as more bug monsters are added to the game. Union strike is no joke!

I agree with a lot of what Lucrayzor wrote. Great update overall with a bunch of sensible 2nd form nerfs and some older classics getting minor upgrades. @Lucrayzor You wrote about Exocross and yeah it really needed something more to it. It threatened decent sweeping and set up other mark monsters but it didn’t quite have enough sweeping power or utility to make up for its low speed and defence. Now it’s got buffed utility and far more sweeping power. It makes it a decent option for mark in PvP and the 70TU “instant kill” move will be good for PvE in the right teams.

I reckon the two biggest things to come out from this in PvP will be:

  1. Hands down number 1… Albakhan. This has always been a criminally underplayed monster and if the SS has become decent enough damage to get a kill this has turned into a huge stun immune sweeper. Good speed, stun immunity, shield too and counters both stealth and protectors but can also get a kill or two on its first turn if enemies are poisoned already.

  2. Kattmmander was already starting to see more play and with the addition of insomnia that puts it in a great position for slotting into the meta.

Another curve ball that might make it is…
The Saintfeather now creates a Rudolfonzo that gets a turn in 45 seconds rather than 80 seconds. Buffs to this monster over the years have already made it playable and having a taunting DR stun absorber on demand like that may be desirable.


Wells done

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400 days played 60 legendary only. What do you say. The best player’s are f2p.

Cinthia and Lemon don’t touch

Yeah I guess, he’s hard to use now and by then his moveset might be obsolete, but yeah who knows whats coming next. I think he just needs a small tweak for now.

Who asked for changing milgons ss from megabomb to self mark.Devs pls revert it back it is the only option for it to remove itself as deadweight once used all of the moves

Imma be honest, I seriously struggle to parse out exactly what you’re trying to say most of the time… I’m assuming your argument is that you “only” got 60 legends in 400 days? When I was playing for 400 days I had like… 15 legends lmao. Seems like you have it just fine. Besides, it’s not just how many legends you get that counts. You end up with just the right monsters, you can potentially make waves in pvp even with limited options.

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Uploading: Screenshot_20201126-104625_Neo Monsters.jpg… help me tag Dev, i can’t update , i wait 1hour :rage::rage::rage:

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