Unconventional buffes

I wanna discuss about some monsters that i personally think should get a lil buffed. Im not talking about the known weak ones, like cryo, nebel, rexo, etc… but im talking about a powerfull monsters that just lake of a small tweak to do their job better. I also not talking about ank who got a whole topic about him.

Alot of you will disagree with me, but keep it calm.

On papers he seems strong, but in reality no one uses him. Alot have tried, including me, but the fact remains that he really doesnt works. Charging up his move take forever, and the reward is meh as well - a 130 tu move that heals a really small amount of hp, barley enough to keep him alive for the next 130 secs.

  • polarboss has a healing attack for 50 tu.
  • geo can charge a bloodmove for 60 tu.
    Azura is a worst part of both of them. 2 kills to charge, small heal for 130 tu. What i would suggest (options):
  1. 1 kill for a charge. Compare to geo for example, geo still got much more to offer.
  2. Make bloodlust heal ALOT of hp, make it worth charging to.

Vulca always was a solid monster. He is still kinda strong. My problem is, a new monster have came, named volc (the fire se plant eater thing), and he really outclass vulca imo. The only thing vulca is better at, is stat (he is a legendery after all), but volc’s moveset is just humiliate vulca’s. Let me explain:

Both got double poison eater, 1 is a link move at 100 tu and the other 200tu without link. The link is worth building, double poison eater at 100 tu is just amazingly usefull, and the damage is almost the same as vulc’s. Also, they have almost the same speed. So far volc (SE) is winning.
Let me just add the vulc is completly shut down by stag, while volc got a single poison eater in case he needs it (also elemental advantage on stag so its a 1 shot.
Also, stealth all / purify shut down vulc too. He can use 1 time poison all at 1 tu to counter purify but thats it. His 70 tu double poison touch makes him kinda useless at this situations. Volc on the other hand got a 50 tu poison gas that can counter stealth and purfy, with still time to act with a 2nd move. Vulc (legend) does have bloodthirst, which is good, but takes time to charge. (First double attack is 200 tu yea? Plus with all those holdgrounds around, poison makes it hard to be charged).
On top of that, volc (se) got a nice passive - chance to AP. Vulc really has a problem, as he rely on others to poison for him (except the 1 time use SS). Volc with chance to AP always got targets that are poisoned.
And accalarate teamate on vulc? Its nice, but rarley used, as you usually want to go for the kill first. Doesnt help him alot.

My point is, vulca is strong, but a SE that just does everything better is kinda absurd. I want vulca to earn his place over volc, thats why i believe (while many of you will dissagree) he should get some kind of a passive.

Great killer, always got targets, but really unreliable because of RNG. He really need a 5% damage boost, just so you can be sure that if you put him on your team - he will do his job, and wont leave stag/aegis/TT on low red. Those little things are game changing.

Super strong since his buffes, but for a poison monster he is easily countered. Beside double repulse, which is an amazing move for him, 1 purify completly shut him down. Almost every match i used him, i found my self passing time with double poison siphon on none poisoned monsters. Thats really bummer, because i really wanna use him more. You can say he should be played with other poison monsters, but i really think he has a better design to be in a none poisoned team.
So, i would love to see his AOE move changed to a single poison touch. That would fit him so well, and im sure wont be op. I really dont think a monster should be able to be countered for 300 sec with a single purify.

Well im done.
Alot of you will hate me for saying some of those, but thats my honest opinion, like it or not.
You are welcome to speak your mind.

Might as well add gloreonix to the list, the divine bird is not doing well enough, swap for moji sucks as moji is too slow I would suggest to replace it with mojimo

I agree with everything you said expect for vulc. leave him as he is because I’m not trying to live thru another zib vuclu stag TT era again. that been the most annoying era by far in my opinion.

Jawshank needs adding to this list. Would really benefit from a secret skill

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grovo and all PF SE’s need a tu redution on Protect focus move from 160tu-100tu
What about change is SS to step back? Dual GT
its way too risky
Also Sprigollo duo atack tu reduced from 160tu-130tu
And he is perfect
Gloreonix swap for moji on is 1st legendary version looks great buts still a legend sommoning another legend
Pull back would be more fair

I forgot about shark. you thinking of swift cannil for his SS?

Give a bite(50sec) SS to sharck
Deals critical damage to one monster and recovers 50% of damage dealth
Can be used only after 50sec on field

I agree with step back for grovo SS but I don’t agree with reduction on PF to 100 tu. PF add the monster attack to his defense, so you looking at a monster with over 7000 defense. you kno how hard it would be to kill that? even shadow would probably have to use protect killer move like 3 times to deal with that. keeping the sec to 160 give you a chance to kill it plus you can always pot your monster so PF is 130 tu. also sprigollo should stay at 160 as well. duo attack one shot everything and he come onto the field hell of fast.

Shark with a second wind would be nice. Nothing to op, and will fit well

Instant overwatch I think would be good for him or swift cannibalize

Dont touch Grovo’s SS, its very useful. -_-

grovo SS makes him worses. sear can one shot him

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Swift canibalize!

And take away HG too

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why take away HG?

HG handicaps Jawshank. If I could de-evolve mine to the middle stage I would

Finally got some time to tell my opinion on some of the legends mentioned:

  1. Glory - yep he needs a buff. The only reason i didnt put him in here, is because i consider him weaker the all of those above. Swap for mojinator first form will be amazing for him, but it super OP imo (free instant heal + reenter), so it will have to come with restrictions.

  2. Grovo - yea i understand what your are talking about. He can be nice, but never was so apealing. What i would do for him is change stun immue to stun absorder, and im sure he will be used alot more. He can be the first legendery protector absorder.

  3. Shark - roaring always make the monster usefull, i really like him. Dont have him, so if your saying he misses something i believe you. He does seems a little akward to use as a sweeper, but his roaring canibalaize is just worth it alone imo.

how is it a handicap. the only reason why I aint evolve mine is because I don’t see me sweeping with him

I like the idea of giving grovo stun absorbing. I would definely uses him more for that

Stun immun on grovo its awesome
stun absorv Will turn him as a common protector 1 timestrike and bye bye, shockers are too common
He just need a lower tu on PF 160sec its too much
And is SS changed to step back to create 2 sprigollos or combos with stun etc…

I agree with the original post about almost everything.

Azura - Buff ideas look good.
Vulca - I think the second passive should be chance auto-poison, like Volca
Cyclo - Agree about a tiny damage boost to the skills. Chrono killer actually does more damage and almost always guarantees 1HP on Aegis by the way… I always see people using protector killer instead.
Oak - I now have this monster to properly test but I’ve always considered this to be one of the best legendaries, I don’t believe it needs any single-hitting move or a way to poison… it needs this as a weakness.

Jawshank - I previously suggested Instant Overwatch which I think would be brilliant still for this weak monster.
Protect focus (Grovo) - I agree it needs a buff of sorts… I suggested make it 100/130TU and for it to apply a shield + unmovable on the user. I think this would make monsters with this skill far more viable.
Glory - I can’t say for certain on this one but Moji is very slow, especially with half stats. Maybe it could be changed to be “swap for healer” and they create a new token monster with higher speed and the three moves: lux, heal all and purify. E.g. It could be made with full stats and have 60% speed.

That’s my two cents!