Regarding some Buff and Nerf in the next update

Hey guys, how is going?

We are currently working on monster balancing.
Few monsters will receive proper buffs in order to fit in the current meta, including some “popular” names, such as Cryokaizer, Sanctallion, Kamishogun, Rexotyrant, Nebelronix and Cosmodragon, and more!

Cryokaizer and Sanctallion will get a brand new skill.
Kamishogun and Rexotyrant will be receiving 2 passive skills.
Nebelronix and Cosmodragon will get a new passive skill.
(sorry we cannot reveal these skills)

But there are some changes we would like to share with you for feedbacks.

Voodoom will lose its Unmovable, instead it will get Hold Ground.
It will also get a powerful secret skill called Voodoo Curse

  • Voodoo Curse: It targets an enemy monster, the monster will die after 100 secs no matter Voodoom is on the battlefield or not.

Leogeist will receive a new secret skill: Inspire.

  • Inspire: Overwatch an ally monster. Cannot be used on the monster with Team Turn.

Cyclozar: Replace Exit Plan with Toxic Killer. Replace secret skill Swift Toxic Skill with Stun Killer (once only).

Unfortunately, Captainwhiskers’ Neko Barrage will be nerf: 300 secs waiting time —> 400 secs :disappointed_relieved:



Love these news.

Cyc and leo doesnt relly need a buff / nerf, but i see what you did there and its a good idea imo.

As long as the passive doesn’t allow players to abuse dr then i’m fine with the nebel/cosmo buff.

Leo gets to choose what dies to chrome :+1:
Cyclo now kills pretty much everything :+1:
Any change to voodoom is a buff :+1:
Captainwhiskers is no longer fun to use :+1:

The rest i’m not bothered about.

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Cyc and Leo don’t need buff. But in the end of day, we would like to give secret skill to all the legendaries.

Inspire won’t make the teammate vulnerable to Chrono Killer.

I am personally wondering any Cyclozar users rely on its Exit Plan?
Because replace it with Killer skill matches its archetype more.

An overwatch that doesn’t make the mon weak to chrono. Well looks like leo is easily 15/16 cost depending on TU.

Some people use exit plan with cyclo, it’s not all that uncommon. However, replacing it with toxic killer gives it no reason to leave the field anymore. It loses utility for power.

Cyclozar buff is insane tbh, if it’s ss remained swift toxic killer and that was getting a little buff, it was olrite,

But this new one is pretty much insane.

YAS, you listen to me dev about voodoom
i quote my message to you 7 days ago

dev you think you can change the unmovable passive in voodoom?
so it can be pull back and reactivate voodoo entrance
we can do that in his 2nd form because he doesn’t have 2nd passive.
his token already stun and sleep immun so i think its not too much of an asking.
and also poison massa did not really good damage because of his low attack
he is already too restricted and slow.
maybe you can give him hold ground or stun immun for his 2nd passive

also his secret skill and how it works really fit with the monster characteristic and name,
but i got a suggestion, here it is

  • cursed shield
    When enemy attack it reflect 50% of the damage back to the enemy who attack (we still receive 100% damage from enemy)

hope you consider it

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Really glad to hear Nebel, Sact, Kami etc are getting buffs!! :slight_smile:

Inspire sounds like it could be OP in some combinations. With the 50 tu Crescendo strike it will be easy to time with a monster who has just pulled a big move. Will have to wait and see I guess.

Cyclozar seems like a good idea. I don’t know why it would even need to exit the field with a moveset like that. It would be great to have an egg event for and Leo.

Sudden death should be buffed slightly by not including the mon who uses it in the random spin.

Killing Voodoo should end the curse. Knockback, repulse etc should keep it going. Otherwise it’s just a free kill and too op.

Just my thoughts.

Ps I think we need another SE toxic killer. Bullbrazen is just too weak and the fact he’s a protector means he gets hammered in the frontline. Purify isn’t enough to beat poison anymore because of detox moves. Poison also beats HG, Overwatch, sleep, stealth, confidence. Pretty much anything.

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@Dev_VKC any indication as to when this update is released? Thanks

@Dev_VKC will skeleviathan get a buff?

Leo inspire will be very op imo, it’s basically if you don’t have chromera or searguard, it will rip your team apart, it’s a gt move along with leo capabilities.

And given leo drako combination it’s very deadly.

@Dev_VKC it will become something close to a broken op monster. Please reconsider it.

If giving ss is important , maybe give it attack boost ( can be only used after 150 seconds have passed since this monster came on field )

I think cyc change is great. Personally i always used him as a exit planner, but his moveset is a “all” killer without the bloodmoves. This change suits him very well, and he shouldnt really need an exit plan with all those options. A pro player will keep a backstabbing/canabalaizing monster nearby anyway. I also love the fact that stun killer is a SS and toxic will be multy used, there are alot of poison latley and it will keep it in check.

About leo, it will make him far more amazing then he is right now. He is 1 of the fastest things ever, and can make some op moves with this SS. Not sure about it being op tho.

And voodoo curse isnt op, even if its not counterable - deathwish does the same, but voodoo curse let the enemy get 1 turn at least before it dies.

finally, Cryokaizer, Sanctallion, Nebelronix and Cosmodrago will get a buff. Just don’t screw up. Also can Cryo and Sanct get the Clone Bond passive. What it does is that when a clone enters the battlefield, the OG monster and the clone immediately get a turn. this passive does not trigger if you have more than two same monsters on the battlefield.

As for Nebel and Cosmo why do I get the feeling that the passive is gonna be auto-protect. When is the update anyway???

Hmmm i agree with lemonsqueezy about Voodoom. Killing him should stop his curse, especially since his getting hold ground. While knockback shouldn’t affect it.

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I like the fact cycl has exit plan. It what makes him unquie. But giving him poison killer will make me uses him a lot more now. But i think y’all need to increase his tu on some of his moves because if potted he can kill everything in 59 sec with a speed of 86 i think. That’s fast

yes i forgot about this trash,
please give this poor whale some buff

and yes in title you said “regarding some buff and Nerf in the next update”
so someone also gonna get nerf too?
i think i knew who it is xD

i think since you said all legendaries need a secret skill, drak should get something like purify or instant purify (or maybe something better)

shiva should get repent all 50 tu. shockers should get swift stepback 150 sec after first turn

Wow hell no on shiva.
And what is swift stepback? Swift = 50 tu, and they are exiting the battlefield… so… why tu is matter? Anyway stepback is a big no no on them

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