Ultimate challenge placings

Is being past lvl 220 good enough to guarantee a place in ultimate challenge? In the past I couldn’t pass 140 and I got within 3000 but ik the flutter drake is gonna be madness to get. Currently 315 so is that guaranteed (even if it’s the first day).

Get 400 to guaranteed your spot

Lvl? That’s a bit harsh

Well at least 300. I think i stop in high 300 last time and stop top 1000

Well I can’t get much further…
Ps do you know where gatekeepers are?

200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 1000, 1500 and 2000.

Around 400 might get you top 3000. But most players are more or less abusing the flutters so it might be a bit higher.

Well that is why I decided to ask

But that’s. Um. Steep to say the least

It’s not easy with 2 death sentence monsters. 1 of which never gets to shine

That’s the reality of ultimate challenge. If you don’t have the right mons at your disposal you can only go so far.

You don’t say. Mind you solblaze and lunartic are OP too

You won’t need lvl 400 to get in the top 3000… that sounds ridiculous to me. I can’t remember exactly what you need for top 3000 but it’s somewhere in the lvl 100-200 range I think. Like you said, lvl 140 got you top 3000 last time. Jamal said lvl 300 gave him top 1000 and I think that sounds about right.

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thank you… i stopped at 400 last time and was nearly in the ranking reward section of 100-200th place.

Ya 180 should get you in top 3000. 200+ should guarantee it. Bear in mind a lot of the people here are pros and so when you are at UC level 500 a day into you have no idea what it takes to be at the lower levels. I beat level 340 last time and finished top 365 in rankings once they weeded out those who were using illgotten advantages.

There’s a big jump in rank at level 200 and massive jump at 300. Once I got past 320 I went from high 400s to 395. Then I slipped back to ~410 but once I beat 340 I stayed solidly in the top 400.

My mistake, i meant 400 for around top 1000. 200 should get you top 3000 but that depends on the success of the flutters which most have access to.

Most ppl are more or less aware of the gk lineups from 200-500. It wasn’t unknown like last time. So players would be better prepared to climb higher. Thus, more ppl would do better now than last uc.

Why are the flutters so op tho. I get dream hunt is a buff destroyer but what about her the other 5

Becuase the sleeper got a 100% sleep single, not because of the dreamhunt

100% sleep is crazy. If you can set up a stun lock with Gear or Emerald and the keep sleeping the monsters who have a turn you can control the field and tempo of battle perfectly with 100% sleep.

level 250 or under can fix your rank in 3000 beacuse buff is so high after reward update

Damn, good job on 3rd.