The ultimate challenge

So where have you guys got up to? I’m up to floor 50, also does beating the same floor multiple times actually do anything? Points wise?

Floor 80 and probs not going any higher
I only need the event mon and I can boost it myself

Floor 120 but I dont’t that I can get much further, maybe if i’m really lucky with the matchups

Also do you guys think floor 50 will make the top 3000

Don’t know about that. You should probably try for 70-80. It isn’t that hard to get. try to get kamiwyrm 2 kills and have a sacrificial frontline that benefits the rest of your team. Death revenge and death roulette. And with a little luch you should get there. Also try to avoid the fight using sleep and stun. Biter can clean up the rest.
Pm me with your team if you can’t manage to do it. Maybe I can help.

I can still probs manage 191. Never did figure out that gatekeeper.

how on earth do you get to 191

Currently at 140, so far it’s been easy. Not as many stun resistant teams as last time I feel like. But then I’m sure as I go up the teams will get smarter and bloodfury/blood thirst will get weaker. One of my favorite things if stunning the opponents team then killing one monster at a time and resurrecting them to my squad. Then using cannibalize to heal them up, even risky heal is worth it when the other monsters on higher levels get 40-50 thousand hp or more

40-50 thousand hp!!! O.o

Aiming for the top 10 it’s going to be around floor 700-800 bit of a grind comming up.

191 is manageable but the gatekeeper i dont think so with my crap team

I find the ultimate challenge the hardest thing idk how anyone gets past 60+ without nebel and atra

If you have the frost rider guy he can do it

level 61 right now, maybe get to 80 to 90 and stop there, waste of tickets :slight_smile:

I was top 50 (a crown) once without rex, nebel, atra and any dream hunters.

?? What do you mean / how?

You might get to 80 or so over 100 I doubt it without some stun/sleep strat getting it down to one monster at a time. Past 200 1 star monsters start one shotting my my aegis to HG (puff/ryhno) this was a challenge designed to be like a puzzle almost certainly isn’t meant to be easy I doubt in the beginning they expected anyone to make it past 100-120 floors tbh.

What would even the playing field is if they gave everyone the same set of mons, and we could rearrange and make adjustments to move further. That would take a bit more skill I think. This just takes patience really. I flee battles until I get a frontline I can work with, then stun stun stun, bloodfury/bloodthirst, rinse repeat.

I’m at 61…If my frontline doesn’t work the match is over…

level 81 :slight_smile: im done for the meanwhile,hope i stay in top 1000

161, it’s just such a drag because I know I’d need to get to 400 or so based off last event to be top 50, I don’t have the time to invest and probably won’t get to play much of the event beyond today. It is what it is, I’ll aim for top 100. Really not much difference from the top 50 anyway