Ultimate Challenge

So this will be my first Ultimate challenge

Can anyone explain what it is? How to prepare for it?

When it says choosing difficulty does that mean the enemy gets buffed? And as its ai controlled does unwanted friend work?

It is the most insane challenge with monsters super buffed higher then anything seen before

It says you choose the level, so you find the highest level you can beat them just do that level over and over?

Is it ticket based?

You get a score based on the level you complete as your first numbers and then the “strength” of the team you fought. So if you beat floor 40, and another person does the same… You will have a score of 40[###] the last three determine who has the higher rank of the two of you.

Thanks for the reply, so it’s not a cumulative thing.

It’s just based on the multiplier you get? Does that mean theoretically you fight level 30(100) and level 40(10) you would have a higher score from the level 30 one?

Obviously that’s not at all like how things would work out eventually but in theory it’s like that?

Or it’s just purely based on the level and who you fought at that level?

Read the info. You start at 0 and you can choose any level higher than you (20 more max). Once you beat that level, you don’t go back.

I’m having trouble with connection to the server where I am right now.

It is always a 3 digit number.

Ok then level 30(200) level 40 (100)

It’s the level*1000 and the floor difficulty multiplier is added as some value between 1-999. So no, you can’t pass someone on say floor 30 by beating a super hard floor 29. Lowest they will get is 30001 and highest you will get is 29999.

It works as in a score of like 1000 to say 999,000 at floor 999 so a tough team at level 30 can give you say 30,400 and an easy team at 40 would give you something like 40,100. The floor is the most important part. The enemy team strength is only for those on the same exact floor. The gatekeeper for example. If a lot of people can’t beat a gatekeeper at 200, then a lot will have a score of 199,[###] so the team strength that you beat will determine the rankings amoung all of those on the same floor.

And no it’s not cumulative. One lucky fight can jump you up 20 floors. You may lose 10 times but if you succeed the 11th time then you will start from there to try to get higher. Most people just jump 20 floors at s time and hope for some luck

Got it, thanks fellers

Hey, I can’t really get on right now, so could someone send me a screenshot, just of the news page for the challenge? I’d appreciate it.

The new monster is going to be sick when combined with sanctallion. Create dupe+ pull back over and over again.

I pretty much guarantee it’s a one time use

Yeah me too. If not it would break the game

Just beat the first gatekeeper at 200. Good luck folks. It starts with 3 death revengers and a stun bomber

So I’m guessing they’re at 2,4,6,8,999

this thing bears a striking resemblance to luxking btw

What’s the minimum level you need to get to in order to get within the top 3000? I missed out on gearcroc because my team was hot garbage and I’m feeling nervous again after starting ranked at 50 and falling down to 309. Also, how do you deal with all the insane buffs on the higher level monsters? I’m running a nightnight frontline, and desperate all gets tanked by just about everything starting on floor 51. Do you need a last biter to get much farther?

Theres no minimum level,As long as you active in the event Im sure you wont get down rank 3k below.As long as you have good rng(enemy has bad to easy compsition), decent lineup and strategy(doing counters,etc) you can go up.

200? Damn, I’m getting my ■■■ kicked getting to 80 and 90