Triviathan sucks

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Guys, you got to buff this poor guy. Its the worst monster design i saw in all sections - legendary / SE / epic.
Like what was the point?

He got stealth entrence with 40% speed and super low def, you really think it gonna last?? And even then, a 200 tu move for a double kill?? Everything else is faster, the only thing i can think of with that TU is double poison eater which is so much easier to pull off (there are attacks that kills 4 monsters that cost half of that).

And his double raw bloodcrave - it can be pulled off only without a protector. Now he need a water stun absorder that isnt a pritector, because he isnt stun immue - and the only one is cobra (plus a super restricted flutter), which SELF COUNTER IT STEALTH because he isnt poison immue.

His design is like a retarded zhu.

Devs, it really is the WORST monster you ever created, by far. Please fix him in the upcoming update.

Buff ideas:

  1. Lower double sneak attack TU.
  2. Change double raw bloodcrave to a normal double bloodcrave.
  3. Stun immue.

And overall, he need a def boost while lowering his atk (most of his attacks are 1 shots / support, why does he need 49 atk?? Thats the highest in game)


Why does it specifically need stun protection that isn’t a protector? Shadowyrm has declined in usage as a fl mon.

Stealth is already a weak option in general because of mons like cobra. The poison meta got out of hand as soon as that thing got released.

By that logic, everything that has sneak attack should get poison immune. Every mon has a counter and that 3 headed thing is no different.

It hasn’t been 24 hours and there is already a buff post. I’m not saying it doesn’t need a buff but give it a chance first.

Also, running mecha is irrelevant. There will be a crome to eat it, and as you can’t use protectors that mecha is most likely dead. This monster is super weak to everything possible or makes your lineup weaker to everything. I’d rather delete this monster than not use protectors.

(Might be “heavenly good” to those biweekly noobs who don’t know what protectors/absorbers are)


Because it has 2 unique moves:

  1. Double raw bloodcrave - the condition is no protector in field.
  2. Link stealth team - if you gonna pass on a protector for the 1st move, you will at least need an absorder - and cobra is like the only choice out there and it counter the stealth on your own team.

Its fine that monsters has counters. Thats the main thing that makes monsters less op, and reasonble to deal with.
But before thinking about counters, think about “in what situation the monster is actually good at?”. Well, at none. He absolutly sucks at all possibly team you can imagine. His conditions counters them self.

On both sides? I thought it was only the enemy side. If that’s the case then it’s dumb. This changes everything.

I’d say give it stun immune. Make it different to zhu.

Must be aimed towards me. Doesn’t make sense otherwise…

No no,
No protector on your side
Dont forget cobra poison your own team as well.

Actually not, but now that I think about it does look like

He need definetly a buff! The 2 other legendarys are great…but this one sucks …

Triviathan is definitely not the worst designed monster, it’s just not that great. You also don’t need a stun absorber on the field 24/7 nor does this monster require link to work. It could just as easily work in a link shadow team with Zhulong or next to monsters like Aurodragon or Drakozard that will often use their move to stealth the team.

I think this thread is taking things a bit too far. However, Trivia would benefit a lot from some tweaking. Personally these are the things I’d look at:

  • Increase the speed from 46% to 60-65%
  • Add another passive: stun immunity
  • Lower the TU of double sneak attack from 200 to 160 (when single is 130 then usually double is 160)

I don’t think any other changes would suit it. They’d either make it too much like Zhulong or go too far away from the original design. What I’d suggest is 1-3 of the above suggested changes, depending on how much of a buff it needs. Adding stun immunity would probably be the best thing to do because it removes the desire/need for people to have a stun absorber alongside it in the team. A stun immune sweeper that can double sweep at 100TU is pretty nice stuff, people can work with that.

EDIT: Just seen that others were also talking about stun immunity as a good way to buff and lowering TU of double sneak attack was mentioned. I was focusing too much on people talking about there being no water stun absorber which works with this guy when I wrote this post, sorry for the beginning.

Haha no problem KD.
And i cant agree with you about not needing a stun absorder on field. At PVP as soon you get stunned, especially a hard stun (bomb / shocker) - the match is pretty much over (there are comebacks sometimes but its a hard hit to get over). Thats why a good team need to make sure it protect it self from stun.

Now what is the common problem with double kills? Youbdont know what is the next monster to enter, and it can screw you up. So you got no absorder, and play a luck game called “shocker or not shocker”. See my point?

It should have poison immunity, another waste monster after ankoudragon.

Stun immunity and a TU decrease would be a perfect tweak. Compared to the other new legendaries Triviathan is a big disapointment.

i bet dev will never buff him, same as ankou
and if dev decide to buff him maybe it take 4-5 months

Well theres a big update comig next month hopefully they can tweak him in that one.

I know that’s a common way of thinking but in practice I’ve found you don’t need a stun absorber there 24/7. Most people use too many stun absorbers which is then very easy to punish. Also, when they stun your team they need charged sweepers and stuff on the field to actually make the most of it so probably the biggest part of PvP is to leave them with 4 monsters on the field that can’t do much to you, even when you get hit by shocking entrance. Simply using a few stun immune legendaries spaced out in your team and a stun absorber anywhere you have a few monsters in a row without stun immunity is then enough to handle whatever stun the opponent might throw at you. As long as you attack the right things in the enemy team they’ll never even be able to punish you if they do get to stun you lots.

So that’s why I don’t think you have to use a stun absorber with Triviathan. You just need one, or maybe two, stun immune monsters out with him and you shouldn’t have any problem facing stun.

For reference, here’s my PvP team. There is some form of stun immune/converter/absorber monster at least every 4 monsters. This gives me solid protection without needing to go crazily overboard protecting the monsters without stun immunity. The one bit with 4 monsters in a row without stun immunity has Nightlord who obviously does sendback so it doesn’t count. I practically never get beaten by stun, I lose either when:

  • their front line beats mine horribly and leaves them in a very strong position to face my mid-game
  • they have too many stun counter/converter/immune monsters that can get kills, rendering my stun ineffective and I’m unable to slow their rate of killing my team
  • they set up a sleep lock (rare they pull it off but if they have Geo and I can’t kill/knockback then if can happen)
  • they have a strong team of poison monsters and manage to start sweeping!

Give him Poisen Imunity…and make him faster

You only need 2 other water monsters kn the field for link. So just use choco.

@Dev_VKC give him
1)Poison Immunity
2)double sneak 200 tu to 160tu
3)remove link Stealth all add purifying mist if not adding posion immunity
4)nd only double crave not raw i guess.

Its still veeeery restricting. Overall i think raw bloodcrave ks a very bad idea for a move - its worse then a normal bloodcrave by far - so why make that move?
Right now there 2 others monsters with double bloodcrave:

  1. Reven - easy to charge, very hard to get rid off.
  2. Azra - charge with 50 tu canibalaize, super easy.

Now we got this new monster with a nerfed double bloodcrave (this raw â– â– â– â– ), which is much harder to set up (sneak attack is hard to pull off, very high TU attacks), and much easier to get rid off (low def, no revenge of anytype).

Comparing this guy to anything else which is a little simillar just show how this guy is a worse version of anything else. Nothing new, just worse version of things that are exists.

Raw should changed to double bloodcrave, or stun immue should be added - 1 of the 2. (And ofcourse lower TU on sneak attack).

About poison immue - hw should be different then zhu, so i would say no. He still got double zelouse for a 2nd attack.

I agree. This monster sucks

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