Thoughts on Prixis ( New Mythic)


FL meta but idk if she is worth pulling when Kuraokami exists

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Fantastic design :heart_eyes: great job :ok_hand:

Probably one of the worst mythics around, very situational.
The opponent can just work into putting a monster between her and an ally before she attacks and she will be forced to use bloodthirst or sonic break.


She can use that 8 tu move

Its far from trash, very good speed combined with those moves. Counters lots of high speed monsters. Breaker move and can skip unlike Megalo. Very good damage on the Slipstream. Even with that 50tu restritcion I still find her perfect for frontline (after playing 12 pvp so far).


5 times than she is locked.

Not to say that instant mark is been added probably just not to make her being played with Cynthia but is enough to deactivate the SS and can be played so basically this monster has not a proper SS

They put 50tu so she wont fit into frontlines → everyone plays her in the front because fast teams are everywhere so she has targets anyway. I agree that ss is dumb but that way you have 14cost myth with 3 killing moves.

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Her ss combos well with another famous FL meta unit and counters FL that use gravity field to stop her from repulsing. I feel like DonT89’s having a very narrow mind with her right now.

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Cynthia wont be able to sweep if you have ss unlocked

To make her viable you need 2 things.

  1. No limit on drift so she can be a constant threat and can be played in various teams.

  2. Sonic crush that overkill monsters in 20 TU.

I am probably just skeptical and I will change my mind at some point, but I see her as a mythic able to grab a kill and go, I was probably too harsh saying she is one of the worst around, but I don’t see her shining.


With Hu Shin and now Formula One girl, I feel like “Mark Protection” is starting to lose its meaning a bit :thinking:


I totally forgot how she is “nerfed” to be anti mark-archetype unit… huh

Cynthia has always had that restriction on quick draw

My personal take is she’s nothing special. Basically a situational Suikenshi. Ultimately you probably need a low speed teammate for her to work properly, which I think is a really interesting design. The reason is otherwise you’re heavily restricted to killing a particular enemy with drift → sonic break. Slipstream gives you the flexibility of attacking anything. But maybe I’m being too critical and drifting into sonic break twice will feel good enough that you can be happy doing that and simply continue with bloodthirst.

The things that make me hesitant to like it are:

  1. No controlling moves
  2. No multi-target moves (might suffer from being too low impact)
  3. Some situational aspects that may make it unable to do what you need it to do

So overall I think it’s about average.

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A very beautiful monster, his speed can restrain a lot of high speed

she looks like she is wiping her a$$ in awakened form.

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I agree with @DonT89 I think this Mythic is very underwhelming, at least for a Mythic. She is currently a better version of Megalodragon right now but on release Megalodragon was far superior. It would be nice if there was a monster that had a passive or active ability that negates monsters Passive effects on the field (we already have an Entrance negating one with Bastia so it makes sense.)

Just gonna add.

Megalo one shots her :joy:

Megalo for LIFE!


Try change him for snowball guy
And check ur friends req!
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