Thoughts on New Legendary and Mythic (Ammityrant and Coretta)

What you guys think?

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That legendary monster is straight ugly, but I do like his skills

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I agree he’s ugly

@Dev_VKC I like the new mythic but I don’t understand the point of her skillset.
“There can only be 1 monster with vow status in your team.” Doesn’t disavow make her useless unless her whole skillset depends on the team instead of battlefield or There can only be 1 monster with vow status in the battlefield?
Am I missing something?

Be your sword should at least ignore shields and hold ground

that mythical is already too strong, do not give him more things

Pretty sure it means a monster on the battlefield, similar to how “accelerate team” only accelerates the ones on the battlefield. I’m pretty sure the disavow removes the death sentence, but not sure of the vow status, (death sentence isn’t really a thing for reinforcements). 50% of your health just for a shield is kinda weird, but the TU is good, very good as long as you got a healing monster to back her up. The vow move looks like it’s a 110-120-ish TU move, which is around the same charging time for a mortar monster. Seems vulnerable to knockback; kick her back to the end of the team, murder everyone and she’ll be left with nothing. Not entirely sure how knockbacking a vowed monster would affect her. Wasted move, probably. More mantiferno food lol.

Funny crocolion mmm yes sin punishment very funny, hilarious, amazing move destroying your opponent’s control in an instant, provided it lasts until then. In the future I can see people panicking seeing this in the same way they see moku

She is cute
I like

Tf is it even?? A Lionator?? But it’s fat like a hippo :thinking:

All 3 apparently


are we srsly gonna ignore the fact that she kills who ever she vows with?
@Dev_VKC correct me if i am wrong but i am sure thats the opposite of what weddings are for.


Coretta is S+ for pvp because it can be used in the frontline to give a quick buff to half your lineup and then spam shields and deal critical damage for 85tu afterward. It has 11k defense, stun immunity, and camouflage when vow is active. Realistically, you need to kill the vowed monster, which has 50% higher defense, and then coretta soon after so it doesn’t usr vow again.

Ammityrant is S+ for pve because of it having several ways to instant kill buffed enemies and mirror revenge to provide guaranteed value.

Please don’t ask for buffs to S/S+ tier mythics

Now, I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger…


Yea let’s just give another offensive monster camouflage, defence boost and stun immunity.It feels like the devs are really running out of ideas for passives

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The SS sends the vowed monster to the back of the team (so they avoid dying to the death sentence and you can immediately vow a different monster). Note that all the moves have infinite use, they’re just restricted… “be your” moves need a teammated in vow status, “vow” can’t be used if something is already vow status (basically vow → be your → vow teammate dies → vow a new teammate → be your, with the SS letting you remove a vow teammate if you want and assisted hit all as a fail case).

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VowVow , she is a doggy person
I meant dogs as pets

Wait so does vow boost the dolphins with dolphin bond too🤔

Very glad somebody got the reference!

Legendary looks sick, very useful for PvE.

I would be fine with the Mythic if vow only targeted 6★ allies :thinking: giving Mythics a Dolphin Bond stat boost is gonna be a nightmare to deal with.

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Love the design for the legend; as someone interested in Egyptian mythology, it tickles my fancy a lot. As for the mythic, my one regret is that I don’t have a ring for her.


Why is this? His ability only gives her 100% attack, no defense.

Read again