Emergency nerf needed for Prixie

I know in current meta speed is everything. Along
With few other exceptions.
Maybe I am too petty or is the Prixie just slaps everywhere.

It’s a good mythic for sure. But it’s just too broken.
It just makes no Damn sense. It basically slaps everywhere and kicks all synergy to ashes.

That’s not fair in whole totality.
Even a good mythic like Vixxenblade has a lot handicaps .
Still it’s good.
I hope people may agree with them.

It really is frustrating to see a broken mythic remian

It’s my first time posting ,
So if I do some mistake kindly see it as a mistake :pray:

Thanks for having time to read my post.


Dude she is kinda hard for fast lines but she was recently nerfed so i don’t think it’s good to nerf her more !:person_tipping_hand:

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Her nerf was like putting 100 ml of water in a magma .


Like killerdog suggested when she has fast focus she should be able to skip


Nerf SS Jurlungur @Dev_VKC :expressionless:

You gotta be serious :laughing: his ss restrictions are much harder than getting an anime waifus :skull:
Jokin XD

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Katmander needs a nerf more than prixis beliebe me

I agree she needs to be nerfed. Take away fast focus

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Was she? I didn’t see anything happen there. Do people skip turn and use slipstream or drift? Or do they actually just skip turn then sonic break?

In practice, if nothing is within 10s then by skipping turn you likely do now have something within 10s (all four monsters must be below that speed). Also, what you do is allow just one enemy at a time (from highest to lowest speed) the opportunity to deal with Prixis. If they can’t, it basically means Prixis can piercing kill one of the slower monsters. It also can force that monster to take a turn because if they skip back they’re available to sonic break.

Many years ago we got Megalodragon and it kind of broke the meta. The fix was to add frenzy. Prixis is Megalo but with piercing and focus. The game can handle stronger things now, but skipping turns to piercing kill anything from 84% speed or lower is a massive annoyance.

For the record, I don’t think Prixis is OP and I like the idea of countering fast front lines. I won’t cry if it’s not changed, but I think it’s not achieving what the design is meant to do. I also think the play pattern of skipping turns with sonic break is a horrible one.


Prixis was literally untouchable before the nerf but I played with her recently, doesn’t feel like before but still op. Only very fast fl with plum like katt+plum fl can counter her easily. But how many fls running those mons? @Nml_kabbo was kinda right there imo.

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I agree with this man

Im running unicera with plume and 2 monsters in prixis range

Not having that plume block chance on pr8x would have been devestating

Just ignore this guy and nerf every WAIFU out there. We want GODS. Make Chad mons and Chad moves. Like Nova, tric,cani,inferni,mal etc… also no more cheap copies of Motor.


Bruh hope everyone sees in current what monstrosity is prixie doing. Currently.

Anyway it will be limited next season.

Charybdia is in every 2nd team so Prix usually has targets. @Dev_VKC we need now even more high speed waifus, it will help solve the fast front meta, I promise :upside_down_face:.



This is my problem with it too.
It’s too oppressive for team building that isn’t S tier spam.