Thoughts on Nyx ( New Mythic)

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Why all these new mythics have 90+ speed lol

not bad, but kattmander is faster he destroys it very easily

Wow, she looks really great :heart_eyes:

Ah, the DarkFairy makes her grand entrance. Fermata is pretty good. Wonder whether it will take into account bonuses or is it just the flat number in the monster stats?

I’m pretty sure it’s like how frozen wave on Fiona works or frozen heart on Yukihime.

where is Kohana Yuki??? who is this artist??? why does Nyx look like something out of Evertale ???(Alice+Aria=Nyx) and why does her initial form already look like a mythical ultra evolved???


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Very good monster
A/S- tier pvp
B (or higher) tier PvE
High potential monster . I am learn many stuff from Prem and I Will said this one is more easy to build then viona


Any accelerate overrides this fermata debuff… Is it an intended design? @Dev_VKC

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where are u getting these numbers?

lets look at it properly - everyone is excited because of this “fermata” move which is daft because it is just like fionas frozen wave only it has a restriction and it also hits your own team which most players will try to compensate for by removing strong fast monsters from thier team.
if she is killed first turn by something like megalodragon or Katt then u have wasted a space.

Crescendo timestrike is a nice gimmick but people who play crescendo usually have no brain cells and like to stun lock a player’s team - hitting one with timestrike removes the lock.
on top of that she doesn’t have Hg or a way to keep herself alive like polaboss or shivadragon therefore she will likely die before she can get going.

her SS is just a joke. 3 extra cost for a 110 tu accelerate team?

the only place i can potentially see her being useful is with OoO teams where in all honesty vulpink is still probably a better option for synergy as OoO mons generally have high speed and Vulpink offers better utility.

B Tier PvP
C Tier PvE


I didn’t know this now qualifies as “trash” :joy:
I guess Harle is trash too right?

KD ALWAYS underrates Harleking so thats a bad example.

btw I’m not saying that she is useless theres just better options to do everything she does.

I am not sure cattmander can one shot her. Sometimes even wraithost survive again darkbane. and megalo basically just hard counter for her.

I can use fermata like I did with combo ice Shield + rescuing give turn. Or just use it with fd maeve + fd iris.

Nearly all pvp meta have high speed ,at least 50%+ … so the user need think again to use high speed fl.

Cresenando timestrike basically unlimited Swift timestrike .
So imo ,she is far from trash and high potential for meta changer . A or S- is best for her

I place her pretty higher in pve since most of ai use aoe attack


You’re wrong in that it’s not like Fiona’s frozen wave. It’s like Yukihime frozen heart move, which does 100% deceleration and not 50%. That’s significantly more. Also your comment about the timestrike and stun spammers makes no sense because the crescendo move still functions like a crescendo move with the added effect of being timestrike as well. So they can just target the lowest tu Mon as it slowly stacks like they always do.

that WAS the comment i was trying to make. thats why i said the move was a gimmick.

get yourself a vulpink.

I have both and will use them together

tbh i was thinking the same XD

anyways good luck speeding up my stormloch

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I love how people either think this mythic is really good or is absolute trash. There’s no in between on opinions :rofl:

Doesn’t Wraithhost always survive against Dark Bane because it has Hold Ground?