The Hot Topic Of Timing

Hello! I’m Tiberius, one of the first egg-masters of the game. Since I was the first to bring up the topic of timing and to successfully master the wheel, I get a lot of fingers pointed at me. I get a lot of blame. I get a lot of envy. I get a lot of begging. I get a lot of hate.

I apologize if my methods go against your beliefs. I apologize if I’m wasting your time right now. However, this needs to be addressed. Too many people continue ranting about this without analyzing the situation from both perspectives. This is why I’m here.

I understand that many people are frustrated that they do not have all of the monsters that us timers do. I get that. I really do. It’s aggravating to know that other people have so many powerful monsters by doing something so “easy.”

I understand that you timers are frustrated that people are complaining and attacking you…well, I take most of the blame, so it might not be that bad…but still! I know that you don’t think timing should be prevented in the update, and I get where you’re coming from.

I understand that those who posted guides are simply trying to help out. It’s great that you’re providing assistance. However, realize that you aren’t helping the situation. Do not take this the wrong way. I’ll explain this shortly.

Now, the best way to do this would be to give you all an example. I’ll try to address each group…

Think of a Stock Market. Think of any Capitalist Economy. People act out of self-interest. Please realize that those who time are no different from them. What do stock traders do to make money? They trade. How do they do it successfully? They practice, they study, and they invest time. If they do it successfully, do they make large amounts of money? Of course they do. This is no different from timing eggs. It’s a steep learning curve…or at least…it was, until people posted guides. I’ll get to that later, though…basically, we study, invest time, and practice egg spins until we master it. Then we keep getting better and make money. Is this any different from a stock trader? No. Think of a man who comes up with a brilliant formula. This formula solves many unanswered questions, gaining him massive amounts of cash…he invested his time, his skill, and so on to develop something that would give him money. Is this different from timers? Again, it’s the same thing. We work hard to do what gives us benefits.

Now, there’s the matter of posting guides on the forums…really, isn’t it the same thing as letting everyone know the secret to winning the lottery? Isn’t it the same thing as telling people how to “beat” the stock market? Sure, you may be trying to be fair and increase balance…but the reality is that this will not work. Why do you think command markets…err…communist economies…always fail? Well, okay…never mind, that will lead into a lot of unnecessary discussion. The point is…true equality cannot exist. And if it did, would this game still be fun? If everyone had the same monsters? They would totally use the same strategies. Why? Because it works. Look at Charca+Stego. I used it a few times several weeks ago and it apparently caught on, causing a HUGE issue here. Now everyone is all hyper about stun…whatever, I’m getting off topic. The point is…people would always use the strategies that work if they have the monsters necessary. Ashley’s teams will sooo get copied when the monsters are released…GAH! Off topic again…the point is…it would be boring. Would you look in a mirror all day? Would you eat the same thing all the time? Would you wear the same clothes every day? Would you battle countless opponents that are exactly like you? No. It makes it boring. But that’s only less than a third of the issue. You’re ruining profits, really. Why would people pay if they can just time? Exactly, they wouldn’t. Why would the developers continue with the game if they aren’t making money? Exactly, they wouldn’t. I don’t believe that I need to explain that further. Last but not least…People should work towards it. It’s more rewarding. About 5 of us timers worked hard towards developing our own methods, giving hints here and there without ruining anything…it was rewarding. I was proud to have come up with a method that works. And I’m a fan of working hard. This is why I hate it when people call timing an easy and cheap method. It’s not…IF you made your own method and don’t use a stopwatch. How many of you can say that? Hardly any. Is it rewarding? Or was it just a way to be better than everyone else by following others? I worked hard to master timing. Countless hours. Other people spend hours and hours farming. Other people sacrifice sleep to do OM…really, are you going to hand it out to them? Help them! Give advice! Don’t ruin the experience by just giving them the answers. Someone doesn’t strive to work out more to get better if you give them steroids…you don’t give a starving man some fish, you teach him how to fish. Please don’t take this the wrong way, I respect you all and understand what you’re trying to do. But please, consider what I have said.

Now…I would like to go on to explain that people have no right to attack us at all. If you do, you’re attacking every person who made money by inventing something, every stock trader in the world, and so on. We all follow the same principles. We work hard and study hard to try to develop something that gives us a benefit. That is all. I try my very best to help this community. I answer every unanswered question to the best of my ability. I give advice to those who struggle. In regards to the game, I’ve talked with the higher-ups about some contests so that I can help give back a little, while making the community tighter and making the forums more active. I put forth any ideas I have to make this game better. I come on day after day to make bonds with some fantastic people. I respect you all, I love the game, and I do NOT appreciate ANY of the disrespectful comments that many people like myself receive. That is all.

In regards to timing itself…I have developed a method and have sent it to the administrators. I promised that I would waay back when I brought the initial issue up. After reviewing it, I highly doubt that the issue of timing would go unaddressed. If it does, I will strive towards modifications. Petitions if necessary. I have done my best to analyze the enigma of analyzing the analysis of eggs. And now, I am pushing for its end. It is what’s best.

I apologize to those who have been affected, and to those who will be. But if you are to gain anything from this…please realize that egg timers are not at fault, that the developers should not receive any blame or anger, that the people who feel that it is unfair have a right to be frustrated, and that everything that occurred would have happened no matter what. Self-interest, folks. That’s what humans do.

Thank you so much for your time.


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It probably would have been better for everyone if they tested it + the potential for hacking in beta and fixed it then.
But this actually a rather boring and pointless topic for drama.

We did test it, but there wasn’t a 5000 gold reward and the fever system was different in beta. They changed it last minute.

Also, if you think the topic is pointless, then don’t read it and don’t respond to it.

Sita - you may think it’s pointless and boring, but you’re not the one constantly getting PMs and rudeness. n.n

And is it drama? I personally don’t think so, considering the fact that this is such a huge topic along with stun.

The topic is not pointless. Causing drama over it is. Since the app update is not coming anytime soon, it serves no purpose for people to get worked up and yell at each other over timing.

Why not report the rude PMs? :confused: It’s harassment and deserves to be treated as such.

…this is a response to end the yelling about timing…I don’t see what you’re saying.

The rudeness is public. The begging is in private.

I get it, I think all the timers do, but this topic is a bit… over done, we understand the consequences to telling everyone the key, but only a portion of HI’s community use this form, only a portion of those read the guides, and only a portion of those get actual results with the guides. As far as all this talk about stock market… I won’t say my actual opinion about the extensive ramble but it’s just… A tad much. Also, there is no such thing as ‘Master Timers’ …that title makes it seem like we are above people, and we aren’t.

forgive me for being excessive, then. But the point remains.

If I see nobody doing any more than mentioning the topic of egg timing again, then I’ll be content. Because it really shouldn’t be talked about at all. That is pointless. The point of this is to make people realize that.

See things through my perspective a bit.

…and those who mastered timing are called timing masters, or masters of timing…just like those who fight fire are called firefighters. Not a title for pride. Simply a title.

yeah Tiberius people should not really get angry at master timers or timers they got theirs legit and fair they spent many hours,days and weeks perfecting their skills to get what they want in the game it makes them happy about it but some don’t believe this and call it hacks/cheats whatever give those timers mean and rude pms hey if you managed to actually get lucky and get a bloodclaw or another OP arkadion and someone says you hack or cheat to get it would you like it? I’m trying to be a timer myself many times I fail at getting the arkadion I want but I continue perfecting my own timings (I don’t use a stopwatch I use my own eyes) I successfully timed a minespider and vegitiger I do it either to get a good pvp team and risk being called a hacker myself or just to have fun nobody can enjoy a game if others call them hackers 

China called, they want their wall back :stuck_out_tongue:

Now…this is the first time I’m replying to you, Tiberius. It’s great to be able to converse with the first master timer himself. I feel as though this is a rather unnecessary topic as you said the admins will get rid of timing, which will only leave us with good memories and useless guides. The fact is, this will create a timeline, one period where timing eggs was possible and the other where it’s no longer done, leaving everyone with random chances. What we did cannot be undone, so the question is, do you really want to separate us from the newcomers in the second period? 

I’m indifferent to timing, I don’t do it because it sucks the fun out of ‘hoping for something good’. Your prerogative if you want to turn the reel into a monotonous game of timing seconds and milliseconds. I couldn’t care less if people do it though

However I have to agree that this was a rather pointless thread in terms of trying to defuse the heat towards egg timing. You don’t like being attacked, yet you’ve created a thread that is pretty much demanding people should stop hating, instead of ‘giving the other side’ as you originally intended. You’ve opened the door for people who don’t feel the same way to retaliate MORE

Such a topic like this would have been better if it wasn’t so personal and came from a player who wasnt directly in the firing line. Fair enough you’re frustrated and, I would assume, angry but I personally believe that this is stirring the pot

I mean really… 90% of that hate you revive, be it public or private, must stem from jealously.

Think about it this way Tiberius:

You are the prettiest girl at prom :wink:

Timers or no, even someone have all the best ark if they keep using same strategy over and over, some other will develop strategy to beat that strategy, with or without egg only monster, and tiberius just think as all harass or whenever it is a small squall, they are just to lazy to do much inside the game, or just venting that they didn’t get anything good and keep getting their a** handed in pvp either by hacker or other legit player

Its shame on them to vent their anger to one person, so just don’t care about them

Lastly, I never do the egg timing, tried to do it once or twice but I am just plain suck at it, the egg only monster. I have is mossgolem and subzeratops from OM all this so called -egg only- will be available after update, so just be patience, play other game, or lvl your single player team to full 99 while waiting, just be patient

The only thing I hate u for is Reading that very very long story

 But apart form that you gotta love Tiberius the Triphoon right :smiley:

man… You’ve made a horriblely long post…~~

After all, I agree with tmkhaled, don’t care too much about those mean guys with envy, then you will get a relief~~

Couldnt agree more… We put in the hard yards to figure it out and reaped the benefits… And the lazy people sit there and complain like its easy… If it was soooooo easy every player would be doing it…

And again i hate the misconception that people assume just because the best egg timing masters have alot of gold (im one of those masters) that every egg timer has this amount… Its tottaly false… I can only name 5 players (including yourself) who can time as efficiently as me… Like its not as bad as people think… Smh

Omg I really hate people who call themselves “master timers” etc. I mean all you’re doing is just enraging the other people who can’t time. I agree with your point there that people who just complain and think it’s so easy, but don’t you think you’re going a little too far calling yourself master? These people are gonna be angrier. I’m a timer myself, and I don’t think you should keep publicizing the fact that you can time. Of course, if the people out there are sending you hate mail and such, I have nothing to say but please don’t make the others more angry

Thats master to you!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Look they hate regardless of what we do… Most of us try to help the rest… None more so then tiberius he helps everyone with their pvp teams and they still want to hate!.. So i say its us timers vs the world :stuck_out_tongue: thats right they can all hate me as much as they want! Me and my half a mill of gold dont mind!!

I posted the same thing in another post, so sorry for reposting.

So, lets make the point: according to the first 3 gold offers iap (that are probably the most bought), 280 gold cost 1$ approximately. Now, lets consider that every egg has 100 ARKs, and 6 prizes. Lets say that i want a specific prize (i.e. Charcalynx). The chance of the prize i want to be in the “jackpot” is like 2/5. so I have 1/140 possibility to get the ARK i want for the medic price of 1$. Guys, lets face it: the price is too high, and the prize system is badly organized, especially for an online game.
I just want to say that i suck at timing and i don’t h4ck, BUT i wouldn’t be so surprised if someone h4cked or timed the eggs, since developers are asking people to pay if they want to be good in online, even tough they already bought the game. I’d prefer to buy the game for 3$, but with no In App Purchases.

No offense here, but the problem is clear: if you h4ck or time eggs, you get what you want without having to SPEND, and thats what producers don’t want to happen. They do know that if you spend 100$ and waste all of them on crappy ARKs, you’ll be likely to spend them again, trying to get them on 2nd round. Nice Game, but the system is wrong.

Hopefully no MOD will delete my post.