No longer giving advice on eggs

It’s going away anyways. I don’t want to damage the game further.

I will be posting a thread to explain soon.

How exactly do u time it because I tried to and I never get it right


Haha because listing out what you have received totally proves that you have it and that you aren’t a cheat.

Sandi - you’re going to want to develop my own method, as everyone is different. I can give you pointers, though. First of all, never hesitate, get anxious, or slow down. Ever. That will mess you up. Be calm, and use a metronome if you can’t keep time. I normally count at 150 beats per minute, but you can start slower. You’re going to want to count how many beats it takes for it to reappear, and then stop it a couple beats before it appears again. Make sense? I can’t give you specifics or tell you exactly what to do, but that’s the general idea. Make sure you practice on a new file first! Good luck! :slight_smile:

Drfalsir - Ahahaha. Indeed.

iluveunc - I am going to be honest and say that I am slightly offended. You’re implying that I am making it up, and I do not appreciate the fact that you are willing to openly challenge my honesty. I have had my share of encounters where individuals have said that I have made up stuff, that I cheat, or that I am a rich spoiled brat who can buy thousands of dollars worth of eggs. I do not appreciate it at all. I spend about 30-35 hours a week on the game. Do you? You might think I have no life, as I’m a student who has an easy schedule, and most of my activities are in the spring. That’s fine. But do not question my legitimacy as a player. Also, do not claim that I’m making this up. Those that have battled me can verify that I do indeed have these egg-only monsters, although I only use some of them on my team. As for the multiple copies of dragons and starters, I did say that I had multiple save files. I have won many dragons through those eggs. Probably more than I listed. Anyways, please refrain from posting in this thread in the future. Thank you.

I would love to learn from you then.

Let’s say there are 5 blueys in a gold egg (but of course I won’t know there are 5).

When I see the first one (let’s call this Bluey 1), I start to count until I see the second one (Bluey 2). I am quite confident at doing this.

My problem is that I don’t know when Bluey 1 will come again. Sometimes Bluey 1 and Bluey 4 can have the same background colour. The spin is so quick and the list is so long that I easily lose track and can’t remember the Arks before Bluey 1. Sometimes I can recognise it but it takes me some time for me to recognise it is Bluey 1 and I would have lost some beats already.

How do you overcome this?

Gah…forgot about this. Not sure if they’d appreciate it if I give too much info out…don’t want to destroy profits, now…

I’m too lazy to update my list, too. Whatevs,

I guess I can answer some questions, as long as it isn’t too detailed.

There are never more than two blueys in an egg, if memory serves…ever. That’s with a fever egg. Normal gold eggs only have one. There are guidelines that people have mentioned in the past stating how long it takes for a “cycle” to be completed for eggs.

Gah. How do you do it? I’ve tried many times but I’m always a long shot even when using a stopwatch while pressing the button the moment it strikes the right time.

Bluey was just an example. OK maybe I have chosen a bad example. How about mission eggs then?

In the previous posts people have suggested using the gold coin slot to determine the cycle. But in mission eggs there are no coins.

But of course you have the right to keep it to yourself. Thanks anyway.

Its easy if you just look for patterns and remember them. Even if it takes 3-5 mins per egg its worth it when you get the ark you want. They said they are gonna take this away and just make gold eggs random. I dont know why they would randomize it. I like rewarding skill and patience. And its never a sure thing. Im usually one off most of the time. Randomizing the gold egg will make any kind of skill or brain power obsolete. Lets just all be mush brain babies and press buttons randomly. Why even fight matches in PvP? We might as well just flip a coin if we’re gonna make everything random.

IAMHIM not to pick a fight here but that is a terrible comparison. The idea of the golden egg roulette is not to reward skill and patience, the egg is meant to be random. Just because the current method of randomization is not by definition random doesnt mean that the intent by the developers was to make the eggs timeable. It is supposed to be an equal chance for everyone, and not have anything to do with skill or patience, it is supposed to be a mechanic of luck. If the developers want to tweak it so that is actually the case it is their right to do so. Your objection here is merely because it will make it so you cannot time eggs any longer, and reap the rewards that that brings. 

PVP is supposed to be entirely about skill and patience, farming for the S ranks and the Arks you want to use, knowing how to use them in an effective strategy, and counter strategies thrown against you. There is no comparison between the two.

It is an equal chance for everyone

It is not an equal chance for everyone because not everyone has the same skill level in timing eggs. Does it have the potential to be equal chance for everyone? Not necessarily, because different people have minds that work differently. And for some, timing may naturally be a harder task than it is for others. 

Lets just all be mush brain babies and press buttons randomly. Why even fight matches in PvP? We might as well just flip a coin if we’re gonna make everything random.

Since when does making one thing random generalize to making everything random? 

I respectfully disagree

For anyone that is wondering how long a full rotation takes here is a couple of the times.
Gold egg is 17 seconds
And fever eggs are about 20-21 seconds

All ppl have different times on their eggs do while it,may work for you it wont work for others

Ur crazy good at timing eggs is all i can say!

Ahahaha. Thank you. Make no mistake, it’s not perfect. I don’t zip through this and get tons of stuff quickly.

It’s hours and hours a day. Every day…which is why I get so upset when people make me seem like a bad guy. Oh well…

Hmm…I should update the list sometime…nah, too lazy.

I just hope for something good whenever I try my luck XD

Well, then I wish you the best of luck! n.n