How egg timing has completely ruined this game

So matter how hard I try to time these eggs and I have never gotten anything better than an a low star monster of little value and never any gold. I hate this game so very much. It is so very messed up. How can someone like me who. Any afforded to spend tons if cash only to win lossy low ranked arks ment to compete in pvp much mess the weekly missions when I am going up agains players who have 100k to 500k gold each and every rare ark they could want. I mean unless I finds someone to hack my account and get banned what is the point in really try to progress furthered into the infinite dungeon much less attemp pvp where I would get instantly owned by all of these super rigged players. I have tried to follow the various guilds I have found in here and still never had any luck with any of them. Sure they plan to make egg timing impossible in the future. It what go will that do. You will still have all those players with a ungodly amount of gold and the rest of us with little to no gold and no great or special arks either. I think eggs have ruined this game big time turning it all into those uber powerful ones with everything and the rest if us with squat! I wish eggs just gave a random monster so no skill was could be involved at all. Just so long as one of the fusion mission eggs maybe the one when you get the recipe also gave you your first fusion monster and the rest you had to have good luck to find. If they did that I would hope they would also get rid of all those bloody 1 to 3 start monsters that fill them now. I never seams to get anything but a low ranked 1 or 2 start ark. Only exception to this has been that I did get a single fusion usable part for three of the online mission. I wish they would scrap eggs altogether or not allow egg only arks in pvp till the are normal arks everyone can catch and then what do you do with those eternally rigged as all get out players who have hundreds of thousands of gold and every egg and mission monster, all because they figured out how to cheat the egg system over and over again to the point that they have become godlike.

Bob the depressed

I dont think this thread was a smart thing to do, this will only rage up the past discussions about timing eggs and so on.

Its smart to just not talk about it and let the devs solve this ‘problem’

I totally agree Jeanette I vote no supporting comments past this one. =)

And will just say.
Dev’s working on it give them time.

Well all i could say the salt is HIGH lol, Anyways you are overreacting to the situation. I dont know if you practice egg timing on other save files, but I do see the your frustration. You were just unlucky and that is all some players that timed will say keep trying. The egg timing may ruin the game for you but it doesn’t ruin the game as a whole. Some arks that are egg only will be release in the wild eventually, so either wait until that happens or do what you feel is right i guess.

Thats my sauce on the topic

Edit: I totally agree with the above replies

i’m not the hacker person, but i think this guy is right. too many people hacked or were pushed to do so by seeing the huge amount of h44ckers in pvp, with no chance to win. I admire the fact that developers want to clean up the game, but i think that by doing so finding an opponent would be even harder, since many people will leave. And and last thing, i’m a decent (not good btw) app programmer, but i can’t figure out how they could find out who has h44cked or who hasn’t before the update. Maybe they created a REALLY cool code, but i doubt it! :slight_smile:
Hope my post doesn’t offend anyone or flame the thread, that wasn’t in my intentions!

Just bear with the developers as they try to fix issues.  Suggestions are all well and good, but it takes time to implement those changes to improve the game and we have to be patient.  The cheaters will be locked out of online play soon.

I suggest you simply catch all the catchable arks and level those up to 99.  That’s what I’ve done.  I don’t have an overwhelming egg team. I use Arks like the wyrms you can fuse, Arkwing, Stegotops, Narlance, Gremknight, Barricadus, Flamogun, Mechadino, Luxknight, Shadowlance, Angelon, don Penguini (if you have one), Fireheart, Voltiger, Pyroviper, Skullrex, Plasmorex, Skullwraith, Halopard, etc.  A team can be formed.

This thread should be locked. Everyone is aware of the cons of egg timing and it is being fixed.  In the mean time, relax and stick with offline play  :wink:

Lol, as an egg timer, i find this post very amusing… Listen up my friend, even before i knew how to time eggs, i had a VERY solid lineup and was in the masters league using the arks that i found in the campaign. I lost many matches yes, i could compete every match. After learning how to time eggs, it made my team stronger, but in all honesty, not by THAT much. You guys whining about how timing eggs has ruined the game are using these WEAK monsters and such thinking that they are going to get wins… How do you think you will fare if you go into PvP with a host of spookys and bite school ranked monsters? you are going to lose!!! Know how do you think you will fare with an Omegawyrm, Plasmorex, Angeleon, etc? you will have a fighting chance! 

So in other words you are upset because you are playing the game fair but you keep on running into people who hacked or abused certain things that were not meant to be in the game such as egg timing.

I understand how you are getting upset over this. The devs never intended for anyone to time eggs. As this is a offline game for the most part there is not much they can do about it either. There are some ways to fix egg timing which they are doing so in the upcoming updates. 

Almost all of the things in the eggs can be captured in the game itself which what was meant to happen. That is how it was intended for players to obtain arks.

The spin is simply a game of “chance” The fact that people found out it can be timed is unfortunate but it has happened and people took advantage of it. Now we have a ton of people with like 100000000+ gold. 

If you are playing the game properly and try to capture the arks at their locations than good job for doing so. That is actually playing the game and not just sitting around with a clock pressing a button to get everything in the game.

We would not have this problem if everyone just played the game like it is supposed to be played.

This post does bring up a valid point. Even after an update stops egg timing, the issues don’t end.

I will say, though, that if you can manage to win online mission monsters, you can start evening the playing field. Try to!

I do spend hours capturing and leveling arks, but I can’t compete with the speed that so many if these cheater and bug abusers are able to compete the online missisons. Sure the debs maybe working on a fix to the cheating bug abusers, but that will do nothing to prevent them from using their already ill gotten gains.

There’s only one sensible solution. These egg-exclusives need to no longer be mission monsters, and they need to become available out in the wild. Save the non-egg ones for missions.

It’s the only way to properly solve this issue, and I fully support it.

I fully agree with Ashley.

I think people needs to re-think about the problem or issue here… The issue here is not about egg timing. But it’s about people not being able to get the arks (OM/Gold Egg exclusive) easily as others.

Face it, if everyone can get these exclusive arks, do you really think people would complain? No

I timed when the egg stop, but I don’t have other earlier online mission like Destruction. Am I disappointed? Yes, but I don’t blame the game or others who have them knowing these will be available in the future

Fixing/removing egg timing will not stop people complaining about having access to these exclusive arks. There will always be other reasons why one person is better than others in a game.

Personally, I think

  1. Egg timing is a good thing… It’s a skill people developed or figured out over time, and may people have spent a lot of money through trial and error to figure out how timing works. If egg timing is removed, then there is no way to get these exclusive arks. Once people have figured out how to time eggs… they will not complain :slight_smile:

  2. If Egg timing is removed, then developers need to think of a way for users to have access to them by: (a) trading system or (b) make them available to catch, but make them as rare as catching the hatching or starters.   

A wheeel is suppose to be a gamble ^ your not suppose to get the arks easily at all smh . Gamble is a gamble & shouldnt be cheated or find ways around it .

But i do agree on letting the egg only arks release in wild and not have them in OM because you can easily get them in gold egg now , subzatops or whatever people was disappionted tht it was in OM mean while i didnt care because i wanted a S sub but other people didnt like it

Why not have the eggs give you a random ark no seeing what other arks are in the egg, no spinning wheel, just crack egg and you get what you get that happens to fall out of it. Also do away with prized of more than 100 gold.

Sounds good^

I support this to, that would work good so no more 9*+ that only people that take advantage of a weak link in the system can get and of course OMs are still good so they can make more arks for that

Dont you mean to say “eggsclusives need to no longer be mission monsters?” Yeah I’m a funny guy :slight_smile:

But yea, having these monsters available in the wild would even the playing field, even if their encounter rates were as low as the hatchlings and the starters.

Some Players have been considering eggs to be random, so we have to wait and see what the devs will do

I can agree to this, I believe arks that have pre evolutions and can evolve via leveling up should not be in OM, just the ones that need fusion IMO.

I totally disagree.
One egg costs a dollar (based on the first 3 gold offers iap), you have 1/100 chance to get the prize you want. Do you think is fair? 1$ for a 1/100 chance? i doubt it.
Not even hard to see honest people here, that did as you suggest, and wasted a whole 100$, for trash ARKs.
I like this game, but i can’t stand developers creating a game you have to pay for to get, and then asking money, even after the purchase.