I must have 0 luck....

I literally spent 10 bucks to get a bit of gold to try and get this ark…got 3 common catchable 0 rare arks…and I can’t get past the 20th floor of the dungeon so I’m sure they are all gone now… I seriously can’t believe that I just lost 10 dollars In this game…never doing that again. I only needed one more windra…now I leave with nothing.

Try level up your arks first. Maybe get omega first before everything. The OM was not too hard to be honest, because if you train your arks there should be no difficulty of finishing OM. It’s only a matter of time though.

The Windra’s in the mission eggs seem a lot rarer this week. 

By hitting the eggs randomly, I burnt through 20k gold before getting 3 Windra’s.

I’m sure they put less in to deal with the timing issue and those with tons of gold.

You must have timed the eggs before right?
I wish I’ve had that much gold…

I spent 2.1k gold and got absolute shit. I feel your pain

@Aman8912. Did you spend real money on these gold? Just curious because I saw you often on the forum. And from what I remembered you were not an egg timer lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s more to do with the fact that there’s only 3 arks in the fusion, and it still makes an 11 star ark.

I have yeah.

I googled egg timer and found one on Amazon.com. Could some explain how I should use it to get better Arks?

After trying for 1000 times you can get a S+ rank Yetigo. Tell me if you got it :stuck_out_tongue:

No discussion of how to egg time, please

Thats why I think things should change regarding OMs and gold eggs. Im a timer myself and would be really pissed if I had spent money for nothing.

There shouldnt be any catchable arks inside gold eggs. I could deal with the fact of getting some duplicates, as long as they were exclusive.

The way it sits now it seems more like a scam to make money from desperate players.

Many people will disagree but I strongly recommend timing eggs while they dont make it fair.
Btw i also had to spend around 3k in gold to get the third windra. For some reason i never got any prize from OM even though people seemed to get it even finishing hours after i did.

Is that some kind of bug?

If you’re a timer, first of all, you don’t get to complain about the amount of gold you spend, because the amount means nothing when you can make it back in a few minutes, tops.

No, they shouldn’t take the catchable arks out of the eggs. Read what I posted earlier in another thread:

You do realize this is just a video game right?

If I wanted to gamble I would play poker or got to the casino where my money could win me money back.

So basically you are saying that people who bought gold are stupid as chances are very small and the devs only introduced it with the sole purpose of making money. If thats not a scam I dont know what it is.
Way to defend the devs, huh?

There are hundreds of ways to make money without scamming the users.

I think you just made my point more valid as i believe that if you want any egg exclusives you HAVE to time eggs, otherwise be prepared to spend a huge fortune.

I have well over 100k in gold, and will keep making more until they fix the egg timing. Then i will use it until I run out, if the system continues the same i will just move onto another game.

I cant even get the OM monsters finishing before lots of other players who got it.

It’s not a scam. You’re well aware that  you may not win the arkadion you want from an egg when spending money for gold. That’s why they offer gold in-game as rewards for PvP, in the arena, for quests. You can get infinite amounts of golden eggs from the ID, because it never ends. There are ways around spending real life money to get the eggs.

They aren’t scamming you if you’re well aware that there is an overwhelming chance you won’t get what you want, let alone that  all arkadions will eventually be released outside eggs and OM’s.

So stop crying foul and complaining, especially when you are already at the advantage over a large portion of other players who aren’t as fortunate to be able to time like you (and don’t think I can’t, because I have much more gold than you).

Well, we are each entitled to our opinions.

I don’t think anyone here was complaining about the amount of gold they spent other than the original poster, who was not timing. If you meant me then I was merely stating how I believe the OM arkadian was rarer  in this weeks gold mission eggs.

When the update is implemented I agree that catchable arks should be taken out of the eggs though. Yes, the way it is now is a gamble, but that doesn’t mean it’s the way it should be. From a consumers point of view if you’re spending money then you want something for that money. You need to purchase £3 worth of gold for 1 egg spin (although you will have some left over) and there’s a good chance you won’t get anything useful from that money you spend. Infact there’s a good chance you’ll spend well north of £20 before getting anything remotely worthwhile. Now for me personally this isn’t an issue right now, but for people that don’t time it obviously doesn’t feel good.

If you make your customers feel bad or cheated when they spend their money then they aren’t likely to do it again.

Whereas if you were sure to get something good from the egg (ie. only exclusive arkadians in the egg) then in the long run people would be a lot happier spending money on those eggs, and would be much more likely to continue spending money buying eggs. I’m sure the developers could even raise the price for the eggs if they were to go down this road too.

In the long run they should make more money by doing it this way.

Btw, you are saying that you time eggs as well?

Your proposed business model is illogical, really.

To be guaranteed an exclusive, people would spend less, because they’d need less eggs. Even if the devs raise the price of eggs, they’d have to raise the price 4-5-fold in order to make up for the ~80% of Arkadions that would disappear from egg spins. Generally speaking for most OM’s, you’re guaranteed a 20% chance of the OM Ark in a mission egg without fever, along with about a 5% chance of the other “prize” arkadions. Do you think that this would get much positive feedback? I highly, HIGHLY doubt it. Most people only try to get what’s in the eggs to use the arks in PvP, anyways, and they only need a single one for it. There would need to be dozens and dozens of “exclusives” to make up for lost profits from removing the common, uncommon, and rare, but catchable, arks.

The point is that this is a gambling system. It’s not required to progress within the story, nor is it required post-game. It’s completely optional. Nobody is forcing you to spend money to gamble. The point of there being exclusives is that they aren’t guaranteed. They’re supposed to be rare. That’s why the other arkadions are in eggs, as well. The only reason the current exclusives aren’t rare is because of timing.

You havent said if you time eggs or not.