Okay so how much silver/gold & arks you have ?

Gold - 30,006
Silver - 5,282,396
Arks - 214 ( prolly not 100% accurate , but definitely 200 + )
Arks in Training - B’ Galey , S’Seaspine & Orbling



woo Amazing

What about you ?

I spent alot always on lvl boosters and golden eggs

Where can u see how many arks u have?


Gold: 191,136 (yeah, yeah, I know…I was one of the very first “master timers” …worry not, I’ve stopped. I just did it yesterday to test something. I’m done for now…probably. Lol.)

Silver: 79,107 (spent a ton on level boosters)

Arks: Approximately 600. Definitely over 550, too lazy to get an exact count.

Training: A Bluey and Gale atm.

You gotta count manualy lol sucks i know . Yea i save my silver

Nice nice, test what?

I dont save it lol, its worth nothing actually and u can easily grind for gold in infinite dungeon

how do you get so much gold?

Silver can be worth somthing on the feature updates lol…

Money do exist

And u didnt noticed ur spelling error in the Threads name: u Saïd sliver instead of Silver

There’s no misspelled vocabulary on my thread name :3

If this is the case:


On topic:

Gold -  319,846
Silver - 112,040
Arks - 500+ probably
Arks in Training - Orblings

Damn so many arks you and tib hold …

Gold: over 400,000

Silver: 70k

Arks: 135 (feed most of mine)

Arks in Trianing: none, almost all are 99 already

do you guys like to get all that gold?

Yes they do, they use timers or whatevs to time fever eggs and get 5000 gold over and over

That is indeed so very genius!

It is, but i think its unfair certain people *coughtiberiuscough* can cheat the system

Why thank you~

I certainly appreciate getting fingers pointed at me constantly. n.n

If I wanted to ruin the game, I’d post my guide.

If I wanted to ruin PvP, I’d run Charca+Stun.

If I wanted to ruin PvP, I’d play it frequently…but no, I private with betas. 

If I wanted to be selfish, I’d keep all my advice to myself.

If I wanted to take away the value of the game, I wouldn’t play it…I’ve restarted and beat the storyline several times.

If I wanted to be cheap and quick, I could…No, I spend hours and hours every day.

Thank you all for antagonizing us timers. I do my best to contribute to the economy while preventing the games’ profits from tanking drastically. I could easily crush nearly everyone at PvP all the time. That isn’t always the case, no? I could make the experience less enjoyable for you all. But. I. Do. Not.

As for what I was testing, I promised the higher-ups that I’d let them know when I found a more consistent method of timing. I have already sent the message, and it is waiting to be reviewed. Who do you think brought up the issue of timing in the first place? Me. If I wanted to be greedy and keep timing in the game, I could have easily stayed quiet instead of letting them know. So please…everyone…stop bullying timers. Actually, scratch that…I’m the only timer that constantly gets mentioned, because I was the first. So yeah…I do not appreciate any of this. At all. 

Thank you for your time~

Ok sorry that was harsh, but im just saying i wish i was as lucky but i dont time because, it just feels wrong to me, and i guess its fair but still, im just sad i spend alot of money and dont get much stuff at all, ive finally broke my record though :slight_smile: my best went up from an A stormfox to a C galey so i shouldnt complain